David “Dino” Wells Jr. Reinvents Himself through Music

The best way to live is by constantly working on the best version of oneself; this is something that David Wells Jr. deeply resonates with. More popularly known as Dino Wells, he has established a prolific career in the entertainment industry for more than twenty years. Despite already achieving a great deal of success, the Chicago native shows no signs of slowing down. At fifty years old, he acknowledges that time waits for no one, which is why he is constantly looking for ways to evolve and broaden his horizons even more.

As an actor, Dino Wells has starred in the New Orleans Film Festival award-winning documentary When the Bell Rings, as well as appeared on a few episodes of the famous TV show Prison Break. He has also worked behind the scenes in some productions as a writer and director. Aside from that, he is an entrepreneur and owns Ambient Path Entertainment LLC together with his beautiful and loving wife, Trish Wells.

As part of his goal of stepping up and elevating his craft, he is reinventing himself as rapper extraordinaire Sm00v3$in. Taking inspiration from fellow musicians Rakim, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, L.L. Cool J, and Scarface, to name a few, the artist and visionary wishes to share his life’s journey and origin story with the help of music. His mission is to bring great stories to his generation through rap and hip-hop. As Sm00v3$in, he has impressively managed to release eight songs in a span of just four months and is slated to release more in the coming weeks.

Using his podcast The Dino Wells Show as a platform to motivate others, he interviews different individuals and personalities with inspiring stories to share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs. The podcast has already aired thirteen episodes, and so far, the uplifting and encouraging conversations have been well received.

What makes him stand out is his tenacity and diligence, which were strengthened by his experiences and a fair share of struggles. He is aware that he still has a lot of things left to accomplish, yet he is also not getting any younger. These realizations gave him the fuel and fire to work twice as hard to achieve his goals.  

Fans and supporters should be on the lookout as the rising artist has a lot of projects lined up. His latest track, “Been Around the Block,” is set to debut on June 18. Resurrection Media and producers S.K.Dayne and Ehrich Van Lowe are also in the process of putting together a story based on his life which will most likely come out sometime in 2022.

Over fifteen years ago, Dino Wells dreamt big and declared that his brand would become a household name. Through his hard work, perseverance, and the motivation of his supportive family, this vision is gradually coming to fruition, with more people starting to take notice of his work. 

You can learn more about Dino Wells’s latest project as Sm00v3$in, by visiting its official website. You can also listen to his podcast here.