To Finding Inner Peace and Happiness in Life

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding – Albert Einstein

Inner peace is a soothing feeling that each individual in this world craves. A person with internal peace is calm and happy, both spiritually and physically. Surrounded by pessimistic ideologies, many people believe that the notion of inner peace is flawed as it is impossible to feel happy in chaos. Still, it is quite the opposite in reality. The problem here is that human beings usually rely on different circumstances to find their inner peace, only to feel disappointed later. Individuals such as the Armenian pastor, Ara Torosian, managed to find their inner peace and happiness amidst a chaotic time when the Iranian Revolution was at its peak.

The state where fear and restlessness exist, experiencing inner peace, might sound unrealistic and too good to be true, but it is possible to find inner peace and satisfaction in life. Born in January 1979 in Tehran, Ara believes that inner peace comes from within. It is not about the circumstances or different situations that can provide one with peace, but it is more about how they self-reflect and connect with their deepest feelings and emotions. Once they learn how to tap into it, they will be opening doors to peacefulness and tranquility. While growing up at the time of the Islamic Revolution, this Armenian from Iran not only experienced the eight-year-long Iraq-Iran wall, but in 2001, his father also passed away in an explosion. As any human being would react in a situation like this, there was a time in Torosian’s life when his fears started to haunt him. He would wonder why life was so unfair to him or why he was born in a country going through a devastating situation. Questions like these helped Ara realize that the answer for each problem exists in the Farsi Bible. Dedicating his whole life to Jesus, Ara found out that the Holy book was helping him find his purpose, joy, and salvation in life. In a stressful and chaotic situation like the Iranian Revolution, one might break, but Ara Torosian is not one of those individuals. Instead of letting his fears get the best of him, this pastor delved into his deepest feelings to find the reason for each situation as he believes self-awareness is the way to find inner peace.

Spreading love and kindness in the world can also bless one with inner peace. Torosian learned the act of compassion from his mother, who was an elementary school teacher. Amidst the pain and discomfort in the society around him, he observed how his mother was gleaming with positivity, evoking a sense of hope in the children. Learning greatly from his mother, he decided to help others by being kind. He says, “I am a Child of God who has vision and passion for people. I want to carry forward a legacy for the next generation to follow. I want to spread the love of God, instill hope within individuals and motivate them to trust and love God.” 

During a lifetime, it is possible to encounter situations and meet different people who can have a long-lasting effect on someone during a lifetime. Ara always knew that God was looking out for him. He was sure about the fact that he had a greater purpose in life, a purpose to serve humanity. Taking this ideology forward, the 18-year-old Ara decided to attend a small Church in Iran, ready to pursue his career as a pastor. Following that, he moved to England to study theology to understand religion even more deeply. Ara was struggling greatly during this period, but he overcame each obstacle and fear. Manifesting change and holding onto his faith in God, in 2001, Ara was called to be a pastor and worked among refugees living in Turkey. Dealing with loving and talented children made him feel empowered and even more humbled to realize that God was finally showing Ara the ultimate purpose of his life.

Finding his inner peace and happiness, the loving pastor also introduced a Farsi Christian Music album in 2002 to guide the children towards God. While he always wished Farsi Christian programs and Music videos were of better quality and productions, his dream was to see Christian Music videos and Art programs to get global recognition. Not letting go of his ambitions, he arrived as a refugee in Los Angeles with his wife and soon started his YouTube career. As an executive producer and pastor, his only goal is to spread Jesus Christ’s message and help followers spread love, hope, faith, and peace in society.

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