How Norma McLauchlin Empowered Others When She Stopped Resisting God’s Calling

Denying one’s calling can often lead to an unfulfilled life. Norma McLauchlin has lived through a life where she unconsciously tugged and pulled herself away from God’s calling for her life until she could no longer resist.

Award-winning Christian author Norma McLauchlin shared that she heard the calling when she was younger, but her mind has been shrouded by the patterns of the world that she forgot such clear callings from the creator were possible, and so she resisted. The calling wanted her to live an extraordinary life where she could serve as an instrument to empower others. But instead of following her calling, she worked to live a “normal” life, following the world’s patterns for success and fell under the stereotype of what others would call an accomplished woman. She graduated with various degrees, became a counselor and a pastor, worked alongside abused women, and organized conferences. But despite leading a somewhat meaningful life, Norma felt that there was still something missing.

“I’m inspired by a mandate from God to help heal the brokenhearted through stories that others have overcome,” shared Norma McLauchlin. The founder calls her stories the ‘Job experiences,’ after the story of Job in the bible. “If biblical Job can make it through, so can you!–that’s my mantra. No matter the situation, someone has overcome it, therefore, you can too.”

The calling she tried so long to resist led her to a much more rewarding life where she has uplifted women from all walks of life. Norma knew that God’s calling is telling her to carve her own path and help people find their purpose and tell their stories. Thus, her calling led her to build a publishing company like no other–Chosen Pen. “Once I stepped fully into my God-given purpose and accepted the clear and direct guidance of the Holy Spirit, the path became clear. Suddenly, I realized that the path had always been available to me, right at my feet. It was simply a matter of making a choice,” shared Norma. 

Chosen Pen is a company dedicated to women who want to heal by sharing their pain and trauma, treating what once was their breaking point to narratives of hope. The company aims to break old pain cycles and create new cycles of healing, strength, and support, leading women to grow in their relationship with God and pursue the path the almighty has laid out for them.

Chosen Pen also helps writers develop their gifts and talents to gain multiple income streams. The company has been instrumental in ensuring that talented writers from all walks of life are assisted in their career journey. Chosen Pen has welcomed and uplifted many writers, regardless of their background, color, creed, etc. Norma McLauchlin and her team strive to nurture writers’ callings by helping them strengthen relationships with their families, in their careers, and their spiritual lives. 

“I work with my clients to feel their pain in order for them to give voice to it so they can get that pain down on paper and turn it into a story,” explained Norma McLauchlin. “I believe everyone has a story and finding that story can be incredibly traumatic. But telling that story, releasing it from within, is cathartic–the most artistic healing process there is. It’s like fire shut up in their bones begging to be released. In this case, release can be through writing the story,” she added further. 

Furthermore, Norma McLauchlin has a unique way of connecting with women and has been dedicated to helping them develop a sense of self-esteem and self-worth by amplifying their narratives. In five years, the visionary aims to shed light on at least 1,000 individuals and their stories through writing, poetry, song, or whatever gift they can use to aid in their journey to spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical healing.