Entrepreneur Chris Choi Shares Tips for Financial Freedom

Everyone knows the story: go to school, college, live paycheck-to-paycheck for 50 years until you retire, then head to wherever we go after we pass. This is the story of far too many people across our population, for it is unfulfilling and puts people in a fixed mindset for their entire lives. There must be a way to break this cycle and obtain financial freedom so that people can live how they want to live, not how corporations want them to “live.” Chris Choi, entrepreneur and mentor, is here to become that change for society. With over 1.6 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, Choi is showing his followers, and the world, how to set themselves financially free.

Chris Choi was born on July 31st of 1991 in South Korea. With the intent of finishing a dental program to anchor his career in serving others, Choi graduated from college with a stunning double major in Human Biology and Psychology. However, once he entered the dental school he had worked his whole life for, Choi made the bold decision to drop out and find his own financial freedom. He told us that “[it was] taboo to talk about finances as a kid,” yet even at a young age, he was able to recognize “how so many people spend 12-15 years, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and…still struggle with finances.” Choi knew that this wasn’t the life for him, so after dropping out he put together $8,000 to rent out his first Airbnb, which he sub-rented for a profit. This small investment catalyzed his success, and now, at 30 years old and with more than one hundred Airbnb properties across 7 major cities, Choi has earned his financial freedom.

On top of his Airbnb properties (which are projected to hit 10 million dollars in revenue by the fourth quarter of 2022), Chris Choi has a multitude of other investments and future business plans. To name a few, he is building a tech company to solve huge problems in the real estate industry, a golf business, a luxury car-rental business, and a premium concierge service. As well, he is taking time to personally mentor 10-15 dedicated mentees a month on how to start their own Airbnb tycoons to earn them passive income. Choi actually regards mentorship as a core principle for success, since “it’s 100% possible to be born with nothing and still become financially free at a young age if you find a right career with a right mentor.” Finding a mentor allows one to eliminate many of the “rookie mistakes” on the path to success. As such, Choi has multiple mentors- a spiritual mentor, a relationship mentor, a business mentor, and a health mentor.

For more tips on how to become financially free by 30, follow Chris Choi on his Tik Tok or Instagram.

Fusing Entertainment with Business: The Journey of the Young Wolf Stack Pack, an Ambitious Creator

The possibilities in the creative world are unlimited, and entertainers are finding ways to leverage those opportunities to grow their brands. Stack Pack is a musician and entrepreneur channeling his passions into life-changing projects.

As a global serial entrepreneur, Stack Pack has dipped his hand into many jars and has spent years building careers in music, fashion, and business. Now, he’s switching into the digital world to leverage all the opportunities it has to offer. He has launched a new record label called Digital Domination Group while seeking other ways to build his dream life. He’s also the founder of the digital marketing agency Internet Traffic LLC, which specializes in social media campaigns and digital billboard placements across the world to reach millions of people.  Under the Internet Traffic LLC umbrella, Stack Pack established Internet TrafficMag, a digital magazine company.

With all these companies and the impact they’ve made for years attached to his name, Stack Pack has established himself as an entrepreneur to look out for. He plans to relaunch his digital magazine business this year and extend the company’s services to reach more brands and companies. He has also worked with Preview Models in Hollywood as an artist and fashion model. His extensive reach in the entertainment industry has helped him excel as the head of digital marketing for Afra Flix in North America.

Having such an extensive resume in the entertainment and showbiz business has made Stack Pack a force to reckon with. He also made waves on the audio-chat application, Clubhouse. Stack Pack’s work ethic and existence revolve around building the right connections and making everyday work count. He believes in honesty, transparency, and being straightforward when dealing with people.

In addition to all he’s been building in the business world, Stack Pack still has his music career on lock and has described his new music projects as exciting. The projects he worked on with his brother are being distributed through Intercept Music in California.

Stack Pack’s journey as an entertainer and entrepreneur has been filled with different experiences, and he has used them to propel himself into the authority figure he is today. He believes staying relevant, fresh, and on top of everything new and trendy are the strategies to survive in the cutthroat industry. Also, staying determined over the years has helped him navigate different obstacles. “Don’t ever give up, and if they ever try to put you in a box, break the box and do what you want to do. You are your journey, and you own it,” he said.

How Norma McLauchlin Empowered Others When She Stopped Resisting God’s Calling

Denying one’s calling can often lead to an unfulfilled life. Norma McLauchlin has lived through a life where she unconsciously tugged and pulled herself away from God’s calling for her life until she could no longer resist.

Award-winning Christian author Norma McLauchlin shared that she heard the calling when she was younger, but her mind has been shrouded by the patterns of the world that she forgot such clear callings from the creator were possible, and so she resisted. The calling wanted her to live an extraordinary life where she could serve as an instrument to empower others. But instead of following her calling, she worked to live a “normal” life, following the world’s patterns for success and fell under the stereotype of what others would call an accomplished woman. She graduated with various degrees, became a counselor and a pastor, worked alongside abused women, and organized conferences. But despite leading a somewhat meaningful life, Norma felt that there was still something missing.

“I’m inspired by a mandate from God to help heal the brokenhearted through stories that others have overcome,” shared Norma McLauchlin. The founder calls her stories the ‘Job experiences,’ after the story of Job in the bible. “If biblical Job can make it through, so can you!–that’s my mantra. No matter the situation, someone has overcome it, therefore, you can too.”

The calling she tried so long to resist led her to a much more rewarding life where she has uplifted women from all walks of life. Norma knew that God’s calling is telling her to carve her own path and help people find their purpose and tell their stories. Thus, her calling led her to build a publishing company like no other–Chosen Pen. “Once I stepped fully into my God-given purpose and accepted the clear and direct guidance of the Holy Spirit, the path became clear. Suddenly, I realized that the path had always been available to me, right at my feet. It was simply a matter of making a choice,” shared Norma. 

Chosen Pen is a company dedicated to women who want to heal by sharing their pain and trauma, treating what once was their breaking point to narratives of hope. The company aims to break old pain cycles and create new cycles of healing, strength, and support, leading women to grow in their relationship with God and pursue the path the almighty has laid out for them.

Chosen Pen also helps writers develop their gifts and talents to gain multiple income streams. The company has been instrumental in ensuring that talented writers from all walks of life are assisted in their career journey. Chosen Pen has welcomed and uplifted many writers, regardless of their background, color, creed, etc. Norma McLauchlin and her team strive to nurture writers’ callings by helping them strengthen relationships with their families, in their careers, and their spiritual lives. 

“I work with my clients to feel their pain in order for them to give voice to it so they can get that pain down on paper and turn it into a story,” explained Norma McLauchlin. “I believe everyone has a story and finding that story can be incredibly traumatic. But telling that story, releasing it from within, is cathartic–the most artistic healing process there is. It’s like fire shut up in their bones begging to be released. In this case, release can be through writing the story,” she added further. 

Furthermore, Norma McLauchlin has a unique way of connecting with women and has been dedicated to helping them develop a sense of self-esteem and self-worth by amplifying their narratives. In five years, the visionary aims to shed light on at least 1,000 individuals and their stories through writing, poetry, song, or whatever gift they can use to aid in their journey to spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical healing.

What Makes Hire Slow, Fire Fast Work for Businesses?

A lot of businesses subscribe to a hire slow, fire fast maxim.  This means that they want to take their time in hiring the correct candidate and, if they make a mistake, they will fix their error by termination.  Ideally, a business that follows the first rule won’t have to make good on the second.

But how does the maxim apply in today’s labor market?  The Great Resignation that saw 4.5 million workers voluntarily leave their jobs was only a few months ago.  The recent pandemic has convinced a lot of workers to reevaluate their priorities in life.  Many are leaving their current position in search of a better life balance or more remote options.  When a company has an urgent vacancy, they may feel rushed to secure a replacement.  Due in part to these pressures, almost 3 in every 4 employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a job before.  When a hiring mistake happens, fixing it by firing someone is unpleasant for all parties. 

It’s time for businesses to do a little reevaluation of their own.  How can your company follow hire slow, fire fast principles in today’s workforce?  What does that phrase really mean in 2022?  To start, it might be easier to cover what it doesn’t mean.  Hiring slow doesn’t mean waiting for the perfect candidate to apply to your company.  Most employees that fit your criteria will still need training in order to excel in their role.  Hiring slow means considering your options before making a decision.  Don’t just hire a candidate because they applied early.

On a similar note, new hires can’t be expected to perform perfectly right away.  Firing fast is not the same as firing on a whim.  Termination is no substitute for training, coaching, or potential role changes to prop up a troubled, but good employee.  The real question is about fit: how well does the new hire fit in with their team?  Do they fall in line with the company’s values?  If a new hire truly is a bad fit, they won’t be happy staying.  Their presence may cause an entire team to suffer.  When that becomes the case, firing should be done directly and with compassion.  Firing may never be easy, but it doesn’t have to be extreme either.  Better.com received major backlash when it fired 900 employees on a Zoom call. Other companies can learn from their mistakes.

Another thing to think about in the hiring process is the candidate’s point of view.  Selective hiring is a luxury not every business can afford.  If your business wants to be able to demand a lot of employees, it needs to be a place where people want to work.  Sometimes that means getting your company’s name out there.  Other times it means examining your work environment.  What benefits do employees receive from working there?  What is the company culture like?  An important aspect of hiring with care and firing when necessary is maintaining a positive corporate culture.