Demiere Cosmetics Brings Beauty and Confidence to Women in Much More Personal Ways

The beauty industry is filled with a wide variety of options that often feels daunting for the average consumer. The choices can feel overwhelming at times, forcing consumers to purchase things in a frenzy without giving them some extra thought. Once a purchase is complete, the application is a whole other story. This puts women in a difficult position to express their beauty and confidence to the world. 

Fortunately, the esteemed “Beauty Industry Expert” Demi Howell is here to help women with all their cosmetic needs. Her company, Demiere Cosmetics, helps women understand the better way of purchasing cosmetics right down to the application.

She established Demiere Cosmetics to revolutionize the cosmetics industry by simplifying the process from beginning to end. Demi is able to do this by making the cosmetic process more up close and personal. Demiere Cosmetics creates custom looks for its consumers, giving them looks that they truly deserve without having too many products that they don’t actually need.

Demiere Cosmetics offers its customers with custom kits that will suit all their beauty needs. Gone are the days when a woman has to inconvenience herself just to look beautiful; Demi Howell has made sure of that.

Demiere Cosmetics caters to a plethora of different looks and styles. The brand takes an entirely minimalistic approach to the purchasing and application process of makeup, putting it a cut above the rest.

All Demiere Cosmetics products are multi-functional, which means that too many cosmetic products would no longer be necessary.

With Demi Howell and her brand, everything her customers need is in arm’s reach to have that perfect look. 

The renowned cosmetic brand also has a subscription tutorial platform where customers can go to learn how to apply their makeup. All of the tutorials are explicitly geared to the Demiere Cosmetics line, so customers won’t feel intimidated while learning how to do their makeup. It’s important for our consumers to feel confident in applying their makeup with ease. 

“Our kits are magnetic and refillable. It’s interchangeable, so you can create multiple looks with one kit. We cater to all women, skin tones, and skin types. In addition to our kits, we have

concealers, mascara, eyeliners, lip products, and more,” shared Demi Howell.

Demiere Cosmetics is well known for creating a personalized experience for cosmetics consumers. The brand doesn’t feel the need to oversell, but rather it offers consumers a solution that will make applications more of a lifestyle implementation rather than a chore.

“You can still be yourself and feel beautiful while doing it. We are always evolving and looking at better systems we can implement to make the line better,” said Demi Howell. 

Since its inception in 2009, Demiere Cosmetics has been pushing the boundaries of the cosmetics industry. In line with this, the brand is using digital technology to serve its customers even better.

The brand has a live sales platform where its customers can shop in real-time. Customers can do this through the Demiere Cosmetics app, Facebook, and the company’s website.

Acquiring beauty and confidence is no longer a chore with Demiere Cosmetics. The brand has been a game-changer for women everywhere, and it’s exciting to see how it will evolve in the future with Demi Howell at the steering wheel.

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