Minimising the Risk of Injury

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Injury is one of the most troublesome things that could happen to you. Whether you sustain an accident in the workplace or in a public area, at the gym or in your household, chances are you’ll have to take time to recover from the wounds. This means that you’ll have to postpone some activities you had planned and maybe even take time off work to ensure you’re not placing any undue strain on your body. 

While there’s no way to prevent injuries completely, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take proactive steps that ensure you’re less likely to become wounded. Here are some of the aspects you should have in mind. 

Rest well 

Sleep is one of the most critical factors for good health. When you consistently neglect it and become progressively more sleep deprived, you put yourself at increased risk for injury. Tiredness makes you more absent-minded, and therefore it becomes more likely that you’ll make a mistake and injure yourself. This can mean you’re less attentive and stumble and fall. If you work out regularly, neglecting rest means that you’re more likely to sustain injuries as a result of your training since the body doesn’t have sufficient time to rejuvenate between sessions. 

Be aware 

To reduce your probability of coming down with an injury, you must be aware of the possible dangers you’re exposed to. After all, you don’t know what to avoid if you’re not sure what the potential risks are. However, the risks are specific to the location you’re in. For example, in the public space, you should be mindful of the following: 

  • Tripping on the pavement: Falling and tripping on the pavement is one of the most common injuries that can occur in public. However, this doesn’t make it any less dangerous. The injuries can be quite severe, depending on the nature of your fall. They’re particularly troublesome if you’re dealing with a chronic disease such as diabetes that makes wound healing slower and more prone to complications. 
  • Road accidents: In some cases, injuries you sustain on the road can also fit into this category. For instance, you might become wounded after driving over a pothole. If public authorities were aware of this damage and neglected to fix it, it fits the criteria for a public space injury. 
  • Slipping: If your injury occurred in a park or playground, you could be eligible to file a personal injury claim in the UK. The amount you can receive depends, much like in the case of any personal injury claim, but it is typically dependent on the extent of your injuries, as well as whether or not you came to deal with chronic health damage as a result of your wounds. Subsequent financial difficulties are included as well. 
  • Housing accidents: If your household is part of public housing built by local authorities, injuries you sustain as a result of poor maintenance that the authorities were aware of, the accident can fall under the umbrella of injuries public authorities can be held responsible for. 

Improve balance 

Many injuries happen as a result of poor balance. Improving this aspect is generally a long process and takes a considerable degree of patience, but it’s essential for your overall health. The best part of it is that you can train anywhere, at any time, and the only thing you need is your own body and strength. One of the most effective exercises you can try is tightrope walking. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you must develop a flair for acrobatics, as you can simulate it. Single-leg standing or walking with alternating knee lifts are the other exercises you can try out. 

Depending on how advanced you are, or if you’ve already breezed your way through the more accessible versions, you can try something a little more advanced. For instance, you can try maintaining your balance by letting go of any support you are using or keeping your position with your eyes closed. When you are able to perform these exercises well, you also get in a little bit of strength training. 

Increase flexibility 

It might not appear like the most obvious solution, but becoming limber can actually mean that you’re at diminished risk for injury. Stretching regularly can help improve this ability. It isn’t only beneficial in the long term and can also alleviate combat daily soreness or body aches. These exercises can be incorporated into your daily routine, and you can perform them whenever you feel the need. Even a few minutes of stretching can go a long way to alleviate any tightness you feel in your muscles. 

Dynamic exercises that keep your body moving, followed by static stretching to help minimise the risk of next-day soreness, are fundamental for health and balance. They help make your body stronger and reduce the risk of you ending up with a bothersome injury after an accident. And if you do happen to become injured, research suggests that being more physically active helps speed up the wound healing process by nearly 30%. 

Limit manual handling 

Lifting heavy boxes or handling hefty machinery can put significant strain on your back, as well as your knee joints and shoulders. If your job involves the need to lift heavy items regularly, you should take the necessary steps to ensure a system is implemented that can do more of the heavy lifting for you. You should have adequate tools at your disposal, as well as the necessary training to operate them safely. 

Injuries tend to happen unexpectedly. They’re bothersome occurrences since they take you out of your routine. You must adjust your life and behaviour around them until you get better. If you have anything planned, you’ll probably have to postpone it until your condition improves. However, if you follow a few guidelines, you are likely to help prevent injuries and significantly reduce your risk. 

If you happen to become injured, you must remember that experts are willing to help you navigate this difficult time so that you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible. 

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