Austin Piatt’s Story: Why the Founder Started Mindhoney and What Fueled His Passion

In this day and age, many people seek a cleaner and healthier replacement for the things they consume, including medicine and supplements. As someone who was prescribed prescription medication regularly, innovator and entrepreneur Austin Piatt resonates with this. So when he came across a rare opportunity to produce a natural alternative, he did not hesitate to pursue the project.

The young business owner is the founder and CEO of Mindhoney, a cognitive health & wellness brand focused on launching nootropic consumables made with all-natural ingredients. His journey with natural alternative medicine began after being introduced to the CBD manufacturing space in 2019. He consulted various clients in hemp genetics, raw material formulations, and building B2B brand partnerships.

Shortly after discovering the industry, Austin decided to learn more about the potential of natural alternatives and contemplated the idea of starting his own venture. Austin racked his brain, searching for the next big natural alternative trend, and came across medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs. However, more than seeing a possibly lucrative business idea, Austin Piatt was determined to pursue the project because of his advocacy to make a difference in people’s lives and help offer an alternative to prescription stimulants. 

What most people do not know is that Mindhoney is a passion project inspired by his firsthand experience with prescription medicine. For seven years, he was prescribed to take Adderall and with the daily intake he began to experience negative side effects (including mood swings, loss of sleep & appetite, and brain fog).

As such, he feels that his exposure to the natural alternative medicine industry was a fateful moment that led him to find a better solution not only for himself but also for others who have a similar story. 

So to ensure that his product is safe and effective, the motivated entrepreneur collaborated with seasoned chemists and mycologists. Together with his team of experts, Austin Piatt created Dose by Mindhoney, a supplement made with a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and natural nootropic ingredients that help support a daily enhancement of focus, energy, and mental clarity. 

Because of his dedication to excellence, his brand was ranked as one of GNC’s top-rated ‘mental focus’ products. The accolade serves as a cherry on top as the insightful business owner still considers his greatest accomplishment to be making a difference in the lives of many. 

Austin Piatt has expertly established himself as a leader in the natural alternative medicine space. Reflecting on the success of his company, he shared, “Mindhoney was built on the foundation of promoting creation, innovation, and motivation with all of our consumers. As we’ve grown as a business, we’ve also turned our focus towards other delivery systems that can be incorporated into everyday lives to help our community enhance their well-being and accomplish more with their day.”

Finally, he added, “The future of Mindhoney is geared towards bringing awareness & education of functional plant ingredients to the masses along with a vision of making our all-natural alternative products more accessible to the public.”

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