Yeshua Alexander, aka yA, Setting Never-Before-Seen Records and Chasing Success in the Music World

Daring, goal-oriented, determined, relentless—these are just a few of the many adjectives Yeshua Alexander, who also goes by yA, uses to qualify himself. Going by his moves in the music industry, it will be hard to disagree with any of those adjectives as yA is all about making waves, setting trends, and charting new courses.

The multi-talented Cameroonian-American from the Bamiléké Tribe is a father, writer, actor, model, fashion entrepreneur, and record label executive. He has his hand dipped into multiple things, and he has the sole goal of excelling at all of them. Recently, he made the news for releasing eleven albums in a single day and a single release. Describing the move, he said, “It does not matter if someone breaks this record. Remember, I am the first musical rap artist ever to release eleven multiple albums in a single day.”

yA owns Lambs To Lions Empire under yA Music Group, which serves as his music imprint. He recently released a single, “Born Guilty,” featuring Baton Rouge acclaimed recording artist Boosie Badazz. Yeshua Alexander thrives on his hard work and his unique sound that defies all genres and categories. His music reflects his life experience, which is a mix of tragedy and happy times, and his rap music journey has set him on a new journey in which he’s charting a new course for the upcoming generation.

The Yeshua Alexander sound is packed with more lines and rhymes, tunes, and beats than a typical music fan can even listen to. In independent rap music history, yA is one of the names making the rounds as a rapper making major moves in the industry. And while he looks up to and respects many legends in the industry like Micheal Jackson, The Beatles, Prince, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Ray Charles, Al Green, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, 2 Pac, Bob Marley, Biggie, Naz, and Jay Z, Yeshua Alexander is working towards surpassing them and etching his name in gold in the history books.

Yeshua Alexander owns the Yeshua Alexander Luxury Sporty High-top sneakers, which have done remarkably well in the market among sneakerheads. yA has set himself firmly as an artist and entrepreneur capable of holding his own. With the goal of taking full control of his music and independence for his artistry, Yeshua Alexander has enough reason to get up and grind every day to achieve his dreams.

His five-year goal is to be a well-known musician worldwide while representing brands, snagging awards, signing more artists and getting the music out to every part of the world. “I want my story to inspire as many people as possible and show other up-and-coming musicians to dare to dream. No matter the crazy ideas they have, they can make things happen, do what they have to do, get their names out there and pursue their dreams relentlessly,” Yeshua said. “You never know what will work until you try and put in your best,” he added.

Learn more about Yeshua Alexander on his official YouTube Channel and Instagram page.

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