Viviana Puello on Inspiring Aspiring Creatives With Her Book, You Are The Masterpiece

Passion for one’s craft often leads people to attain heights they never thought of reaching. As a matter of fact, the world’s most successful creatives and artists consider their burning drive as fuel in advancing their goals and fulfilling their aspirations. In the case of award-winning media producer Viviana Puello, it was by cultivating her love for the arts that she discovered what she was destined to do. 

Today, Viviana Puello stands as one of the most influential people in the art and media industry and the business world. She has been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, CBS News, ABC, Fox, and NBC, among other publications around the globe.

Being no stranger to industries worldwide, Viviana Puello is a renowned art and business expert, coach, motivational speaker, award-winning media producer, and TV host. On top of that, she is also acclaimed for being the esteemed founder of ArtTour International—a revolutionary multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists globally and leading the art industry with a reach of over two million readers in 198 countries. 

Viviana Puello’s platform includes print and digital publications, an award-winning TV show, a podcast, and a PR Agency. Widely acknowledged for her expertise and entrepreneurial prowess, this highly empowered woman serves as an inspiration to all aspirants and dreamers who share the same passion for the arts. According to her, she wants nothing more than to see others succeed in their respective endeavors. 

In her book, You Are The Masterpiece, Viviana shares her experience as a homeless immigrant woman and how she was able to rise above the adversities that she encountered. She also talked about the challenges of being an artist in contemporary society and her road to becoming one of the most dynamic and globally recognized figures in the international art scene. 

“Follow the principles and tips shared in this book, and your belief system will get a make-over! Your self-doubt will be transformed into self-confidence and trust; your intuition awakened, your decision-making skills will improve, and you’ll be able to set clear goals aligned to your passions and dreams,” Viviana Puello shared. “You’ll unlock a flow of genius ideas that will lead you to a life with more joy, abundance, prosperity, and tranquility than you’ve ever experienced,” the author added.

You Are The Masterpiece is a page turner you seriously won’t be able to stop reading! The book is a tell-all, inspiring, step-by-step guide that helps you overcome self-sabotage, get clear on your purpose, and discover the power within yourself. This book will serve as a tool in helping dreamers from all walks of life step into their light and claim their destinies. 

As someone who had hit rock bottom, Viviana Puello knows what it is like to start from nothing but hope and dedication. Through her heartfelt story of overcoming obstacles and beating the odds, she invites others to follow their dreams no matter how hard life gets. In the end, success is all about embodying a tenacious spirit and a resilient mindset. Indeed, nothing can get in the way of someone who is determined to make things happen and create a difference. 


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