How Nick Laureano Uses Positivity to Influence the Lives of People

As a rising influencer on social media, Nick Laureano understands the weight of his responsibility to impart the right kind of values and attitude to his followers. At a time such as this, when all of the world is going through all sorts of struggles, he believes in the value of teaching people to stay positive despite the pain and challenges around them. He thought it best to promote his positive mindset through a clothing line, Only the Motivated, that people can wear with confidence. 

Best known for his positive and encouraging influence on people he works with closely, Nick Laureano has successfully created a relatable and hip brand that people can both enjoy and be proud of. Only the Motivated offers statement shirts, hoodies, comfortable bottoms, and accessories that speak powerfully to anyone. If anything, its founder has hit the mark by establishing a potential game-changer in the retail industry.

“We feel it’s important for everyone to improve in every aspect of their life, and wearing our clothing gives you that exact feeling,” explained Nick.

Only the Motivated is also priced reasonably, a way for Nick Laureano to make a difference in the industry. More than the potential profit for his business to be self-sustainable, he is after the long-term impact he will make on the lives of people. 

More than just being an emerging clothing brand in the market today, Only the Motivated is more of a movement for Nick Laureano. Its theme, culture, and products are all designed to motivate people to become the best versions of themselves, to hustle without fear, and brave the many storms of life with confidence and faith. With everything that is going on around the world today, people need an abundance of encouragement to get past life’s biggest challenges. Apart from the pandemic, there are struggles in relationships, careers, and mental health, among others. Only the Motivated is designed to send a message of hope to anyone who may need it.

“If they ever need someone to talk to, a form of positive influence and someone to guide them to their own experience, Only the Motivated is here to help,” said Nick.

Only the Motivated is also a brand that Nick Laureano designed to become a culture for the go-getters of the world, people who want to stay highly motivated and also influence the people around them to acquire the same attribute. As an influencer, it is important for him to teach people to highlight worthy causes on social media more than their need for self-gratification. Life is too precious and too short to focus only on self-fulfillment. By using his influence to make a lasting difference in the lives of people, he not only adds value to them. He also empowers them to do the same for others.

“I don’t think elevation will ever stop. The need to make people happy and motivated will never end,” explained Nick. “But I do see myself in a much more comfortable position by that point.” 

As Nick Laureano continues to be a source of hope and motivation to others, he is expected to also elevate his content in the coming years, the kind that will yield even bigger results. 

Check out Only the Motivated website for updates on its latest projects. Follow Nick Laureano on Instagram to get a taste of his positivity.