Why Tourette Syndrome Shouldn’t Get in the Way of Success, According to Renowned Children’s Book Author Luis Del Rosal

Although some might deem Tourette Syndrome (TS) an obstacle to success, it hasn’t stopped many hardworking individuals from excelling in their chosen paths. In fact, prominent celebrities such as David Beckham and Billie Eilish, as well as important historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, are only some of the names recognized in their respective fields that live with TS. This only shows that the condition cannot hold back people from achieving their true potential as long as they work hard and persevere.

Another notable example of an individual who has dominated his field despite TS is the renowned children’s book author Luis Del Rosal.

Like many of the professionals mentioned before him, Luis is a stellar example to people in the TS community. He inspires others with Tourette Syndrome that they, too, can overcome anything with determination and faith. In addition, TS is in no way a hindrance to them reaching for their dreams as long as they dedicate themselves to it. Luis’ win also sends an inspiring message to other people with limitations. While many others are discouraged by differences and believe it puts them at a disadvantage, Luis tells the story of a man that no disability can stop short.

Despite Tourette Syndrome being a neurological disorder usually referred to as “disruptive,” Luis did not allow himself to get swayed. With TS causing tics characterized by sudden and repetitive movements, sounds, and vocalizations, the condition can easily get distracting. Luckily, Luis is a one-track mind guy. He did not let his disorder faze him in the face of climbing toward his ambitions. Because of his resilience and tenacity, he has made a name for himself in the writing industry.

Although Luis is now at the top of the industry, his journey to success was not as easy as he made it look. Born in Mexico in 1973, Luis had not immigrated to the United States until he was eight. Unfortunately, this is where all of his hardships started to make themselves known. Throughout his school life, Luis suffered from bullying. Because he was the subject of much-unwanted attention, his self-confidence and self-worth slowly withered away. This didn’t stop even as he got out of school, but he eventually learned to fight back and stand up for himself. However, this led to added social pressure and hatred, which isolated him further.

But Luis did not let these situations stop him from enhancing his skills and capabilities. While in school, he focused his time and effort on developing highly valued skills and studying journalism. As he entered the professional world, he overcame the hurdles thrown his way and worked successfully in the hotel industry. Luis didn’t shy away from positions requiring customer interaction, overcoming his condition to serve as a reservations agent, front office clerk, and PBX operator. As he continued conquering TS, Luis ventured on to more personal interests.

He returned to his home country, Spain, in 1997 and decided to start writing children’s books. This brand new career endeavor was brought upon Luis’ desire to help children develop a more profound capacity and understanding of their emotions – a desire born out of his early struggles when he was a young boy himself. So, with the goal of inspiring others with his journey and experience, Luis set out to carve a representation for children and adults with TS by taking pen and paper as a medium to raise awareness.

Luis hopes that through his words and stories, people who are just like him will feel seen, heard, and as though they are not alone. He hopes to inspire and motivate them to reach their dreams, just as he did, without feeling like having TS makes them any less special, capable, or worthy.

His books are a reflection of the colorful odyssey that is Luis’ life, filled with adversities and blessings all in one breath. Because such is the message he wants to communicate to his readers; that people with Tourette Syndrome are just as capable as anyone else of living and leading a normal life – and maybe even a successful one if they strive for it.


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