Hoffman Academy Redefines Perspectives on Learning the Piano

At some point in their lives, many people entertain the idea of learning how to play the piano either as a hobby, a form of artistic expression, or simply as a new skill they can carry with them long-term. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the time or the financial resources to take formal, traditional piano lessons. A few people are able to teach themselves to play the piano, but for most this method leads to frustration as it is very hard to progress without having someone to help you along the way. For those who want to learn piano on their own schedule and within a reasonable budget, Hoffman Academy provides the perfect balance of guidance, encouragement, and independent learning. Plus, learning with Hoffman Academy is a lot of fun!

Hoffman Academy has made music education accessible for everyone by creating fun piano lessons that are available online for a very reasonable price. Mr. Hoffman’s commitment to teaching and passion for music inspired him to find revolutionary ways to keep young learners’ interest in music alive while being mindful of their families’ budgets. 

Mr. Hoffman has been a dedicated piano teacher for many years. Throughout the course of his teaching career, he tried various existing piano methods in hopes of finding one that would keep the learning process engaging for his students. None of those methods provided the complete musical training he hoped to provide. Some methods were strictly focused on mastering the skill of note reading, while other approaches focused on learning by ear. Not one method was complete and perfect, prompting him to come up with his own method, which eventually became known as the Hoffman Method

The method begins by having students experience music. The idea behind this is to make music familiar to them in the same way that everyone learns to communicate using their native language – through listening and imitating sounds. The Hoffman Method teaches students to first grasp the sounds before they learn about symbols, the same way a child learns to speak before they learn to read. Interestingly, the method allows students to make music immediately in a fun and encouraging environment. 

As students progress, the Hoffman Method will teach them sight reading, rhythm, improvisation, transposition, solfege, music theory, ear training, technique, and composition. Many of these skills are introduced earlier in the Hoffman Method than they are in other music teaching methods, allowing students ample time to master them and grow their complete set of music skills together.

The Hoffman Method exemplifies everything that makes Mr. Hoffman an excellent and effective piano teacher. Apart from having taught music for many decades, Mr. Hoffman is also an expert educator with advanced degrees in music and childhood education. He’s a highly published composer, a favorite presenter at many piano teacher workshops and national conferences, and a judge at music competitions and festivals. 

Mr. Hoffman’s revolutionary approach activates children’s natural curiosity and playfulness. His positive, inviting style has completely changed the attitude of his students toward piano lessons. Mr. Hoffman’s students are eager to learn and eager to practice every day.

At present, the Hoffman Academy has more than 256,000 students from 115 countries all over the world. In addition, the academy’s YouTube views have reached a phenomenal 31 million views, a sure indicator that a massive number of learners appreciate and believe in the effectiveness of the Hoffman Method. 

By helping his students become well-rounded musicians, Mr. Hoffman is keeping the spirit of music alive in many homes across the globe and inspiring young musicians to dream big about their future. 


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