The Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. Moves to Destroy Mental Health Stigma

Success is not just about gaining income or popularity. It is also the number of people who are inspired to strive for the greater good by one’s act of kindness. And although some individuals and organizations consider their influence in people’s day-to-day lives aside from their ability to gain profit, there is nothing more worthwhile than being a vessel of transformation as a firm’s central purpose of existence. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that vehemently focuses on mental health and holistic development, Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. sheds light on why it chooses to subsist for those who are struggling to get by.

Without a doubt, people are beginning to see the powerful value of taking care of one’s mental health. While there are still individuals who fail to understand its significance in a person’s life, Healing Arts is an exceptional group of individuals that go out of their way to push for movements that advocate for mental health and wellness. And more often than not, these noble figures are the same entities that drive people to transcend limits, break barriers, and inspire others. 

Passionately rooted in a mission to make the world a better place, Healing Arts Institute is a non-profit organization that highlights the importance of healthy development among the youth, families, and communities across the world. It strives to achieve its altruistic purpose through evidence-based therapies that are strengths-based, results-driven, client-centered, and culturally-competent. Simply put, the Healing Arts Institute serves as an avenue for mental health education, counseling, and research that provides a wide variety of services specifically designed for the needs of children and their families.

Through individual therapy, family, and group sessions, Healing Arts Institute addresses the challenges of child development, coping, and behavioral management while strengthening family ties and celebrating healthy sexuality. The programs at Healing Arts cover an array of educational series that help people understand mental and behavioral health and manage stress anxiety, grief and anger. Healing Arts utilizes specialized interventions designed for vulnerable and at-risk individuals and families that are surrounded by an environment filled with poverty, absenteeism, truancy, poor parenting, and negative peer association. 

On top of that, Healing Arts strives to deliver client centered, culturally competent evidence-based, trauma-informed and  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, by way of interns with the guidance of licensed professionals and staff. These services are offered in various forms and locations, particularly in schools, office, and teletherapy.

Since the inception of this progressive organization, it has continuously lobbied for advocacies that promote holistic recovery while maintaining the utmost mental wellness among the youth and their families. And because of this, the Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. has developed and maintained partnerships with the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Broward County Public Schools, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and Career Source Broward. Proving its sterling image in the health industry, Healing Arts received its provisional education license in January 2020, from the Florida Department of Education to offer an affordable Ph.D. program and Certificate in Clinical Sexology.

With everything that it has achieved in only five years, Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. continues to be an institution filled with the promise of creating a better world. Through its programs and methods, it hopes to destroy the stigma attached to receiving mental health services and influence individuals and other organizations to take a more positive and receptive view of mental health.

Learn more about the Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc., by visiting its website.

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