XiXELS Revolutionizing the Art and Entertainment World

Talk about an artist who paints possibilities and exploration or an artist whose mixed media creations have created an experimental platform. XiXELS stands apart in this regard because he understands art in its raw form and uses his unmatched level of imagination to his advantage. 

As someone who has lived his dreams as an artist, entertainer, visionary and entrepreneur, his collective works are the stuff most artists can only dream of. The art is ageless, timeless and immutable, much like XiXELS himself. He expands into multiple facets of the entertainment and art worlds while building his television portfolio. XiXELS currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his two dogs.

Such is the idea behind the creation of XiXELS, born out of life in its raw form, his compilations touch, color immersion all dance around possibilities. No doubt, XiXELS sees the world and the beings existing within as boundless and his art pieces speak to the infinite possibilities in all that is and could be. 

He has remained resolute in his effort which is aimed at expanding and revolutionizing the NFT industry. XiXELS’ art pieces have been described as immersive, music and passion-driven. And effortlessly, he produces and showcases his abstract artwork in digital pieces (now minted as NFT’s), large-scale paintings, prints and clothing. 

XiXELS is inspired by legendary art and media icons such as Pollack, Dali, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Groove Armada, Biggie Smalls, Tupac and recent artists like Android Jones. The many paths on the streets of New York, Miami, and LA have contributed immensely to his inspiration and creations for his pieces, each carrying their unique tone. His art stories are subjective and continue to change, innovating from a place of pride and promise. 

In his chosen line of business, XiXELS caters to NFT Collectors and crypto art buyers, basically anyone and everyone who sees the value in the new innovating process of minting Non Fungible Tokens as digital assets. XiXELS would like to reach art galleries and dealers while sharing the passion and drive within the community. 

On why he considers himself different from his competitors, he said he is technology-based and furthering that source to create new and empowered works of art. “I have been creating art for 30 years and have teamed up with some of the most talented artists and musicians on this planet.” He said. “At XiXELS, we strive to work together with these talents across the board to deliver high-impact art available as NFT’s.” 

XiXELS operates on imagination. “There is a renaissance beginning for creative types. And my passion and drive never to stop or give up. I would never stop dreaming or encouraging others to do so.”

In five years, XiXELS hopes to be at the pinnacle of his chosen industry, creating timeless art that goes on to leave his audience spellbound. He hopes to inspire the next generation of artists looking for mentorship and motivation, especially those just starting. 

To learn more about XiXELS, visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.


XiXELS Forwards Digital Art Movement Through NFT

The rise of technology in the 21st century transformed the way people think of art. The art itself undergoes a metamorphosis from being limited to walls of galleries and institutions. Technological innovations paved the way for art that is digitally created, stored, and distributed, which many know as digital art. Moreover, technology changed how the art industry operates. It altered the way art is created, promoted, bought, and sold. Recently, the latest craze in the art world is the booming of NFT, or also known as non-fungible tokens. Danny Lopes, popularly known as XiXELS, dived in and explored the new world of crypto art. Being an artist attracted to the new media, XiXELS learned to embrace new outlets to promote his craft further. The ongoing hype surrounding NFTs and crypto art got him interested to finally share his art with the world. 

For three decades, XiXELS have put so much of his time and effort into his work. Despite sharing it on many platforms, he almost gets nothing in return for his timeless pieces. With the entrance of the NFT in the industry, it transformed how people valued his art. Diving into NFT was one of the best decisions he ever made in his life because it made it possible to truly own and sell his art without the fear of other artists stealing his craft and making it their own.

As a professional yet unconventional artist for 30 years, XiXELS’ creative process is laser-focused on revolutionizing the NFT game. Many of his illustrations and art pieces take influence from his music and passion. His abstract works come from a place of visceral fortitude, which depicts surreal imagery. From large-scale paintings to clothing prints, his graphics include physical and digital spaces. In terms of art characterization, he uses hyper-realistic and stylized illustrations incorporating soundscapes and moving pictures. When asked where he gets the inspiration to create ageless and timeless art pieces, he said, “I am inspired by the works of legendary icons Pollack, Dali, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Groove Armada, Biggie Smalls, Tupac and recent artists like Android Jones.” 

At the moment, XiXELS reinvents himself and his art through NFT. As a matter of fact, this particular medium gives him the opportunity to explore deeper levels of his vision and transform it into tangible projects. With his art, he aims to create visceral emotions and driven inspiration. He is currently collaborating with a team of artists to make their art projects come to life. GLXY SRFRS, a story crafted by XiXELS, is already in motion. It is centered on power and technology and follows the teaming up of The SeXxY RoBoTs and The Undercover Aliens on adventures of art and music to save the world and drop entertainment.

XiXELS continues to nurture his art in the hopes to inspire and bridge an emotional connection between his art and his fans. Moreover, he will maximize the creative opportunity within the NFT space to innovate renaissance art further. If you are interested in XiXELS art, check out his Linktree

Mohamed Abdelhay Is Carving a Niche For Himself In Creative Arts

Mohamed Abdelhay, a 24-year-old creative professional, has carved a niche for himself in the world of creativity. Starting from his passion for amateur photography using a smartphone to restoring the lost glory in the faded picture and distorted art, Mohamed Abdelhay is always busy doing creative stuff and making a difference.

Being a creative in this day and age requires consistent skill upgrades and creative explorations. That said, Abdelhay is exploring more about the intricacies of digital art. Many artists from around the world try to look for a new kind of digital art to make a difference. That is exactly what Abdelhay is trying to create. He makes use of computer graphics and photographs to manifest his creative desire through artistic endeavors. 

Because of this, many youths look up to him as their source of daily inspiration. Users regularly visit his Instagram Profile to delve deep into his creative world. He currently has over 174,000 followers on Instagram and growing. Mohamed Abdelhay shares his artistic portraits, edits, and other digital art frequently on his Instagram handle for fans and well-wishers. His Instagram has become his window for the world to see what’s new with his pursuit of artistry and creativity.

Mohamed Abdelhay also interacts with his fans and followers online, giving them vital inputs on how to succeed as an artist and carve out one’s independent path in the world of creativity. After all, he not only creates for art’s sake but also to make a difference in the world.

However, Abdelhay believes youth shouldn’t miss out on opting for specialization in their chosen subject or core areas of competence. For example, Mohamed Abdelhay completed his Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Designing following his academic degree in Business Administration from MSA University.  

Moreover, Mohamed Abdelhay also made a lot of collaborations with famous photographers and models. His work has reached prominent celebrities and has since catapulted his name in the network.

Mohamed Abdelhay believes in community services and giving back to society in whatever way he can. These days, he restores the old photographs of people using his artistic skills and imagination. 

He adds intuitive background in the image and does necessary photo-editing to make sure that the image looks more enticing and appealing to the eye. Most importantly, he does all this for free without charging anything from the people. 

People often put forward their requests to Mohamed Abdelhay regarding photo editing on social media. Mohamed Abdelhay values creativity, and most of the time, he fulfills his fans’ and followers’ requests. This restoration of old photographs has now become part of Abdelhay’s philanthropy.

Believing that such old and distorted photographs have great sentimental value, he painstakingly restores colours and put background on them. This shows his tendency to serve others and also play his role in social work.

 Abdelhay believes Egypt is a virtual kaleidoscope of history and natural beauty. He now aims to make the nation famous through his digital art. He is already working in this direction.

The Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. Moves to Destroy Mental Health Stigma

Success is not just about gaining income or popularity. It is also the number of people who are inspired to strive for the greater good by one’s act of kindness. And although some individuals and organizations consider their influence in people’s day-to-day lives aside from their ability to gain profit, there is nothing more worthwhile than being a vessel of transformation as a firm’s central purpose of existence. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that vehemently focuses on mental health and holistic development, Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. sheds light on why it chooses to subsist for those who are struggling to get by.

Without a doubt, people are beginning to see the powerful value of taking care of one’s mental health. While there are still individuals who fail to understand its significance in a person’s life, Healing Arts is an exceptional group of individuals that go out of their way to push for movements that advocate for mental health and wellness. And more often than not, these noble figures are the same entities that drive people to transcend limits, break barriers, and inspire others. 

Passionately rooted in a mission to make the world a better place, Healing Arts Institute is a non-profit organization that highlights the importance of healthy development among the youth, families, and communities across the world. It strives to achieve its altruistic purpose through evidence-based therapies that are strengths-based, results-driven, client-centered, and culturally-competent. Simply put, the Healing Arts Institute serves as an avenue for mental health education, counseling, and research that provides a wide variety of services specifically designed for the needs of children and their families.

Through individual therapy, family, and group sessions, Healing Arts Institute addresses the challenges of child development, coping, and behavioral management while strengthening family ties and celebrating healthy sexuality. The programs at Healing Arts cover an array of educational series that help people understand mental and behavioral health and manage stress anxiety, grief and anger. Healing Arts utilizes specialized interventions designed for vulnerable and at-risk individuals and families that are surrounded by an environment filled with poverty, absenteeism, truancy, poor parenting, and negative peer association. 

On top of that, Healing Arts strives to deliver client centered, culturally competent evidence-based, trauma-informed and  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, by way of interns with the guidance of licensed professionals and staff. These services are offered in various forms and locations, particularly in schools, office, and teletherapy.

Since the inception of this progressive organization, it has continuously lobbied for advocacies that promote holistic recovery while maintaining the utmost mental wellness among the youth and their families. And because of this, the Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. has developed and maintained partnerships with the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Broward County Public Schools, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and Career Source Broward. Proving its sterling image in the health industry, Healing Arts received its provisional education license in January 2020, from the Florida Department of Education to offer an affordable Ph.D. program and Certificate in Clinical Sexology.

With everything that it has achieved in only five years, Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc. continues to be an institution filled with the promise of creating a better world. Through its programs and methods, it hopes to destroy the stigma attached to receiving mental health services and influence individuals and other organizations to take a more positive and receptive view of mental health.

Learn more about the Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc., by visiting its website.

ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards: The Search for the Rising Star in the Art Scene

Alan Grimandi and Viviana Puello during the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards 2019 at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Yearly, the ArtTour International Masters (ATIM) Award Ceremony recognizes the best artworks, artists, and artistic achievements all around the globe. This year, amidst the pandemic, ArtTour International continues the search with ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards for 2021.

Art comes in all forms. It has become a part of everyone’s life, even in the smallest details. Art has revolutionized throughout the years, and artists have raised the bar in pouring their souls into their works.

Just as how the music industry has the Billboard Awards and how the film industry has the Academy Awards, most often known as the Oscars, the art industry, too, recognizes the efforts of the best outputs in its sector.

ArtTour International Magazine, in collaboration with the non-profit organization, Create4Peace, has given art veterans and enthusiasts something to look forward to. Each year, the event travels to a new country in a quest to find new sets of individuals that express themselves through art. Since its foundation, the ArtTour International Masters Awards has paved the way for artists from all over the world to advance in their careers and be recognized.

Worldwide, with over thousands of artists aiming to reach the award, only the top 60 selected outstanding artists will be chosen. The reason why the ArtTour International Master Awards has been the most-awaited and highly regarded award program in the international art scene is due to its uniqueness. It is one of a kind program that has successfully united artists in a momentous magnitude while recognizing their works.

Once these artists step into the light of the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards, various opportunities await them in the real world. Noted as “the Oscars of the Visual Arts,” the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards aims to gather the best artists of different art styles and origins in one setting. As artists link together in the program created by ArtTour International Magazine, they will earn global recognition for their careers and activist works. The Top 60 Masters will also promote global peace awareness through intercultural exchange.

Behind the success of this program are the work of a team and the creation of two artists themselves, Viviana Puello and her partner, Alan Grimandi. Together, they have pioneered a multimedia platform for the company ArtTour International. This enabled them to reach out to up to ten million more people.

When asked the reason for creating the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards, Puello says the thing that keeps her moving is believing “in the power of art as a catalyst of change.” She hopes to help artists voice out their messages and have a “positive impact that will elevate global consciousness.”

As Puello understands the hardships of being an artist, she uses her experience to help others succeed with art as an inspiration-driving tool. Now, she is on a mission to continue to support artists at their fullest potential. Using the platform she has, Puello hopes more people will acknowledge and recognize artists and their artwork to combat society’s stigmas. This includes the yearly event, ArtTour International Masters Awards, that will be celebrated next spring in Florence, Italy.

The search for the new set of top 60 masters for the year 2021 has begun. Artists and fans can sign up and nominate in the ongoing search. Visit the ArtTour International  website or the ATIM Top 60 Masters Award page for more information.