T $WIM Out to Prove That He’s Out for Music Greatness

Not every musician makes it big in the music industry. With millions of talents available at the general audience’s disposal, standing out can be an issue. But that hasn’t been a problem so far for artist T $WIM, who is quickly making a solid impression on Soundcloud and other streaming platforms. 

For the rap artist out of Connecticut, Soundcloud is the domain of choice. Earlier this year, he started on the platform, releasing a song entitled “Bounce Back,” which broke through the noise and left a strong presence. To date, the debut track has now reached over 20,000 streams. He would follow that up with a string of singles that would hit five-digit streams in a few months. 

T $WIM grew up in a quiet town that didn’t have much going on for the locals. But that never stopped him from dreaming big. The singer and songwriter kept shooting for the stars, believing that he was meant for musical greatness. The rapper would realize his potential after he got the chance to brush shoulders with Shawn Cotton, a famous blogger and owner of SayCheeseTV.  “Meeting Shawn impacted me because nobody from Connecticut, where I was from at the time, ever met him,” the artist explained. “That was something that motivated me as an artist to keep going because I know people wanted to meet him just like I did but didn’t have the opportunity.”

That would only be the beginning as T $WIM would say goodbye to any form of imposter syndrome and begin his ascent into music significance. Not long ago, he released the track “T$WIM x Wasn’t Planned,” which took him to an all-time personal high of 50,000 streams on SoundCloud. Now, he has over 1,300 followers on SoundCloud and another 36,400 plus on Instagram. While that doesn’t seem like much compared to other hip hop hard-hitters, it’s a strong start. And that’s exactly where T $WIM is at this juncture—at the start. There’s so much more still in store for him in the future. 

What most people like about T $WIM is his positive outlook and vibe. He loves to add value to people and leave a lasting impression, both in deed and through his music. He loves to network and collaborate, which would ultimately lead to a partnership with key people who will help him launch two EP albums before 2021 comes to a close. The rapper is hungry for more as he seeks every chance to share his music with others and bring great experiences through his shows and music recording. 

T $WIM looks up to artists like Drake and Meek Mill but stays true to himself all the time. He encourages other artists to be authentic, a practice that isn’t too prevalent in a knock-off culture. “People should work with me because I’m the new wave, I’m the new upcoming artist,” explains T $WIM. 

The rapper looks forward to creating more music and aspires for the chance to perform with some of the greatest names in music in the future. To learn more about T $WIM and check out his music, visit his Instagram profile and Soundcloud account.

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