Sustainability Champions Founder Daniel Hartz Launched & Scaled a Media Company by Connecting the Dots for Those Looking to Live a More Sustainable Life

The US makes up only 5% of the world population, but it throws away enough plastic bottles in a week to encircle the Earth 5 times. The more people that can become inspired to live a sustainable life, the more we can move the dial to better care for our planet. To spark that change, Daniel Hartz launched Sustainability Champions, a multimedia brand that highlights the people that are dedicated to solving the most significant environmental challenges we face today. He created a platform to share the voices of those pushing sustainability to inspire others to make a change. 

Since launching, Sustainability Champions has grown to over 127,000 followers on Instagram and 16,000 on LinkedIn. Daniel shares, “The most effective way we communicate with our audience is by featuring the people behind the initiatives and the innovations and by sharing their stories. I would much rather hear why their work is important to the champion and how they got into the field rather than just hearing a sales pitch on their product or service. This not only makes what they are doing more interesting, but I also feel that it builds a community as well.”

Daniel and his team at Sustainability Champions aim to inspire through storytelling. They believe that by connecting people interested in living an eco-friendlier life and the champions who are doing something to make the world more sustainable, the movement can only continue to grow. When asked how companies can build a loyal audience of sustainable ambassadors, Daniel shares, “Share your story with a growing community of individuals around the world. Rather than just talking about the technical details of your company and offering, you can stand out by discussing the impact you want to have on the environment, share your why and encourage feedback.” And the Sustainability Champions platform offers this opportunity to the companies and brands that advertise with them. 

Sustainability Champions entertains, educates, and inspires all at the same time. They are particular about the stories they tell and the brands they allow to advertise on their platform. The foundation of every decision is what will move the needle on bringing sustainability to more people, so that we can see a change in the world. Daniel shares, “I believe that education is the most important element of sustainability because we need to fully understand both the challenges and solutions in order to take effective action. It is crucial that all parties get together to hear about each other’s challenges and needs. It’s how each party can be aware of what is happening in all aspects of the sustainability game and encourage one another to grow and change.” 

The founder, Daniel, was always passionate about plants, even from an early age. He would keep the seeds from the produce he ate and would germinate them in a paper towel. This later led to his love of planting trees. Daniel believes that his intrigue with sustainability is what put him on the path to launch his company. He shares, “I started Sustainability Champions because I wanted to hear positive news about the environment. There are many people, communities, and companies working hard to solve some of the greatest environmental challenges and I want to find them and share their inspiring stories.” And the fast-growing platform is doing just that.