Southern Belle Gardens Presents Healthier Options that Are Undeniably Mouthwatering

A barbecue is never complete without a delicious and mouthwatering sauce to go with it. If anything, the sauce differentiates the various kinds of meat products cooked over the grill. Having the right kind of sauce, and not just any other sauce but those made from natural ingredients, makes all the difference. Southern Belle BBQ Sauce is a distinct brand that boasts of its all-natural and healthy ingredients that are also low sodium and low sugar. Whether it is paired with ribs, chicken, or hamburgers, it is guaranteed to be the perfect final touch. 

Food lovers can choose from four major blends: the Tennessee River Ribs, Chicken on Turmeric Beach, Picnic in the Pines Hamburgers, and the regular Southern Belle BBQ Sauce. The founders of these healthy organic sauces take into serious condition the long-term impact of their sauces on the overall health and well-being of consumers. The brand leverages the healthy benefits of its key ingredients: turmeric, ginger, and organic honey.

Southern Belle BBQ Sauce is perfect for individuals who want to prioritize their health without compromising the taste of the food they eat. Imagine having a way to enjoy healthy and tasty sauces without feeling guilty. What the brand offers is a new kind of experience that will surely benefit the overall health of people and make them enjoy their food at the same time. With the growing cases of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure haunting households across the country today, it is time to shift to a healthier choice. 

The idea behind Southern Belle BBQ Sauce started with Anner Turner and Dellesa Johnson, who had a 20-year career giving executive support before going full-time to grow the brand. Coming from a family who likes to eat and use sauces for their barbecue, Turner wanted a bigger opportunity. She immediately went to her childhood friend Dellesa Kirk-Johnson and pitched the idea of starting a barbecue sauce business. Without hesitation, Johnson immediately said yes. 

“Growing up in Alabama, we ate delicious hearty foods. After 21 days of fasting in January 2021, we wanted to choose healthier options for the sauces that were helping me stay on track with this lifestyle change where nothing seemed appealing, but the food was necessary,” Turner shared. “Our family and I put sauce or gravy onto everything we ate, so it seemed only natural to create a new healthier choice using fresh ingredients.”

Fueled by their desire to help people change their eating habits, Turner and Johnson established Southern Belle Gardens. The next few years will prove to be quite exciting for Southern Belle BBQ Sauce as its founders target expansion and grow the brand on a much larger scale. They plan to create a wider array of healthy choices that will still contain organic and healthy ingredients. The two also aspire to put the brand in more grocery and health food stores across the country. 

Turner and Johnson envision Southern Belle BBQ Sauce transforming into a household name in the near future. Consumers will always remember it for its distinct flavor, healthy ingredients, and ability to make any barbecue meal a blast. 

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