Percy Vaid, Stressing The Importance Of Accountability For One’s Actions

Setting goals is just the beginning of a very tough process. Setting them up is quite easy but the difficult part is actually taking the steps required to accomplish those objectives. Many individuals are not prepared to put in the effort required. An effective fix for this problem is accountability. The vast majority of individuals do not have a natural propensity to put in the effort that is required to achieve their goals; they need some kind of external force to push them to make the said effort. 

Whether it be life, business, fitness, or health objectives, individuals find it extremely difficult to attain established goals. Percy Vaid can be a huge help in such predicaments. Percy holds his clients accountable for reaching the objectives that they have set for themselves. The accountability element of a coach-client partnership is crucial. It is what motivates the coachees to take action to reach their objectives.

Percy Vaid surrounds himself with individuals who are prepared to put in the effort necessary to succeed. He is able to assist you whether you need a full life transformation or you have already achieved a high degree of accomplishment and are seeking a boost to move to the next level and rekindle that spark of enthusiasm in your life. He expects his clients to bring the same level of commitment and enthusiasm as him in each session. 

The majority of people who hire coaches do so because they believe their coaches will hold them accountable. When seeking an accountability partner, the coach is often the first person they approach. As a coach, Percy believes he has a great deal of responsibility because of his clients’ dependence on him. He serves as a client’s accountability partner. He offers them assistance of the highest caliber as they strive toward accomplishing their objectives. 

As per Percy, having a well-defined and specific aim will help hold clients responsible. The “what,” “why,” “how,” and “when” must all be made plain to the individual. You can’t reasonably expect a client to take responsibility for something that they are unclear about. Most of Percy’s clients already know what they want to accomplish with his help. Many people have goals in life, but they are often quite vague. In order to succeed, Percy assists them in getting a clear picture of the end result they want. The objectives should be crystal-clear and well-defined.

Furthermore, Percy also assists his clients in locating extra-internal supporting resources, such as individuals or organizations that may help them achieve their objectives. Outcomes should be quantifiable, and deadlines should be specific. He takes the risk factors into consideration and advises steps that should be taken to eliminate or reduce them. Since each client is unique, Percy’s strategy for working with them is customized accordingly. Everyone has their own method of holding themselves accountable, or “accountability language.” Each individual is motivated by something different. Keeping clients focused on the work at hand requires the use of accountability language. If a coach can adapt to their preferences and demands, they will have a far higher chance of helping them achieve their goals.

Not everyone benefits from clear instructions delivered in a forceful voice. Affirming one another with words and physical contact is preferred by some. As a coach, Percy considers it his responsibility to get to know his clients’ learning styles, and to assess the circumstances to determine the most effective method of responsibility and incentive.

The success of his coaching endeavors is directly dependent on his ability to maintain his clients’ interest and participation. If you can adapt your teaching method and coaching to their specific preferences, you’ll have a far higher chance of achieving set goals.


Southern Belle Gardens Presents Healthier Options that Are Undeniably Mouthwatering

A barbecue is never complete without a delicious and mouthwatering sauce to go with it. If anything, the sauce differentiates the various kinds of meat products cooked over the grill. Having the right kind of sauce, and not just any other sauce but those made from natural ingredients, makes all the difference. Southern Belle BBQ Sauce is a distinct brand that boasts of its all-natural and healthy ingredients that are also low sodium and low sugar. Whether it is paired with ribs, chicken, or hamburgers, it is guaranteed to be the perfect final touch. 

Food lovers can choose from four major blends: the Tennessee River Ribs, Chicken on Turmeric Beach, Picnic in the Pines Hamburgers, and the regular Southern Belle BBQ Sauce. The founders of these healthy organic sauces take into serious condition the long-term impact of their sauces on the overall health and well-being of consumers. The brand leverages the healthy benefits of its key ingredients: turmeric, ginger, and organic honey.

Southern Belle BBQ Sauce is perfect for individuals who want to prioritize their health without compromising the taste of the food they eat. Imagine having a way to enjoy healthy and tasty sauces without feeling guilty. What the brand offers is a new kind of experience that will surely benefit the overall health of people and make them enjoy their food at the same time. With the growing cases of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure haunting households across the country today, it is time to shift to a healthier choice. 

The idea behind Southern Belle BBQ Sauce started with Anner Turner and Dellesa Johnson, who had a 20-year career giving executive support before going full-time to grow the brand. Coming from a family who likes to eat and use sauces for their barbecue, Turner wanted a bigger opportunity. She immediately went to her childhood friend Dellesa Kirk-Johnson and pitched the idea of starting a barbecue sauce business. Without hesitation, Johnson immediately said yes. 

“Growing up in Alabama, we ate delicious hearty foods. After 21 days of fasting in January 2021, we wanted to choose healthier options for the sauces that were helping me stay on track with this lifestyle change where nothing seemed appealing, but the food was necessary,” Turner shared. “Our family and I put sauce or gravy onto everything we ate, so it seemed only natural to create a new healthier choice using fresh ingredients.”

Fueled by their desire to help people change their eating habits, Turner and Johnson established Southern Belle Gardens. The next few years will prove to be quite exciting for Southern Belle BBQ Sauce as its founders target expansion and grow the brand on a much larger scale. They plan to create a wider array of healthy choices that will still contain organic and healthy ingredients. The two also aspire to put the brand in more grocery and health food stores across the country. 

Turner and Johnson envision Southern Belle BBQ Sauce transforming into a household name in the near future. Consumers will always remember it for its distinct flavor, healthy ingredients, and ability to make any barbecue meal a blast. 

Secure Your Financial Future and Achieve Genuine Financial Wellness With the Help of Experienced Plan Keepers Like Carla Garcia

Financial security is the ultimate goal of any working individual. After a certain amount of time breaking your back, you expect to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor by retiring quietly and enjoying the rest of your life tirelessly. However, the sad reality is that not a lot of people get to attain financial freedom, as planning for it requires a lot of knowledge. Some might feel content and happy during the up markets of their assets without considering preparing for the down markets or knowing that they must prepare for the distribution phase after a certain age. Plan Keepers like Carla Garcia come into the picture to take off the burden of heavy guesswork on financial planning. With the guidance and expertise of My Plan Keeper (MPK), the next steps toward financial independence are easier to manage and comprehend, giving you a better chance at establishing a solid plan toward establishing financial wellness.Carla GarciaCarla has been working as a Financial Advisor and Relationship Manager in trusted companies such as Merrill Lynch and Citi Personal Wealth Management. “I handled a diverse clientele, which ranged from business owners, professional athletes, healthcare professionals, government employees, and hardworking individuals,” Carla shared. Her core personal principle whenever working with her clients has always been to treat each one as a unique individual, no matter similarities in the money they had or where they came from. This is why, when building relationships with her clients, she worked to address and meet each one’s specific financial advice needs, acting as a fiduciary. “It’s a beacon that directs every customer interaction.”

Having worked in the industry for two decades, Carla decided it was time to step out on her own and aspire towards greater pursuits. “While we happened to launch My Plan Keeper at a time most critical for retirees and people planning for retirement, this was a happenstance.  I didn’t plan for the timelines to coincide, but I felt a calling from God.” Quitting her six-figure paying job was one of the hard decisions she had to make to follow this calling, but Carla’s certainty didn’t waver because of her belief in its honorable cause. “I didn’t want to sit still, positioning myself as a Financial Adviser, simply trying to calm down my clients to make sure we don’t lose assets under management (AUM). Our greater goal, as Plan Keepers, is not to manage assets but build a solid foundation for our client’s financial plan.”

As objective outsiders who aid in implementing financial solutions for their clients, Plan Keepers are retirement experts and safe money strategists whose main objective is to attain not just financial stability at present but overall financial freedom for the long haul. “What worked in the past is not going to work moving forward,” Carla mentioned while explaining the influx of retirees. “People are now retiring in large numbers, with many not having enough for retirement because of a lapse in planning. My Plan Keeper is for those who want to take a different approach. Those that seek to learn and apply strategies to protect them against financial wellness that others were unable to secure.”

Keepers from MPK hope to empower retirees by giving them the necessary tools and knowledge it takes to be adept at understanding how to manage their assets to attain security. “I am passing control over to the retirees, holding their hand throughout the journey and aiding with guidance and support when needed,” Carla explained. “Our purpose is to help people find strength, gain knowledge, and understand the power of wise decisions and discipline to better your financial wellbeing.”