Southeast Softwash: User-Friendly And Efficient Soft-Washing Gear Provider

The fundamental goal of Southeast Softwash is to establish a name that will live on forever. They believe that responsibility and impeccable service are more important for their company’s progress than making a profit. The soft washing equipment and pressure washing chemicals offered by Southeast Softwash have been exported to a variety of countries. Their organization has worked on a substantial number of roofs and structures all over the globe, and their goods have been given the go-ahead for usage in major amusement parks, property management companies, government buildings, installations, colleges, and institutions. There is currently no other brand of soft washing products that is more trusted, extensively utilized, or safer.

They have total 6 main products; Mini Softwash skid, southeast softwash trailer build, AlumiMAX Pro Softwash/Pressure Washer Skid, Easy Maxx Softwash Kit, Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Washer Skid, and *The Kraken* Pressure Washing Business Start Up Kit. 

The softwash system on this Southeast Softwash Pressure Washer Trailer build has two separate soft wash systems, each with its own 100 gallon SH tank, 200 gallon water tank, and 30 gallon soap tank, as well as custom blend manifolds, all-stainless hose reels, and 200 feet of soft wash hose. The three-part nature of the Soft Wash System—consisting of a soft wash system, a pressure wash system, and a trailer—explains its popularity in the soft cleaning sector. Two 100-gallon SH tanks provide energy, while individual containers hold water and detergent.

Mini Softwash Skid and Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid are two of the company’s products that are intended to be mounted on the rear of midsize pickup trucks. The dimension of these modules makes them excellent as beginning pressure washing equipment for individuals or small teams or as demo units. The Mini Softwash Skid can hold up to fifty gallons of soft wash solution (SH), fifty gallons of water, sixteen gallons of surfactant, one and a half horsepower (HP) from a 12 volt pump, and two hundred feet of softwash line. The Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid has the same qualities with the additional advantage of the water tank being refilled on-site enabling the team to work on many projects in one trip.

Southeast Softwash built the Alumi Max Pro Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid for contractors aimed at expanding or existing enterprises offering pressure cleaning services. It combines a strong 5.5 GPM Honda pressure washer with two separate softwash systems to clean several surfaces at once. Its tank-fed pressure washer can operate for 15 minutes without water. AlumiMax has 100-gallon water, SH, and surfactant capacities. The corrosion-proof, welded aluminum frame saves vehicle weight. 

Furthermore, the components of  Easy Maxx Softwash Kit do-it-yourself softwash kit are as follows: an aluminum box, a softwash hose, a 12 volt pump (Remco), a 20 amp circuit breaker, a softwash battery switch, a wiring harness for the softwash pump, a charging port, a gallon of Southern Drawl, a 12-volt transformer, a fan tip, and a nozzle holder.

*The Kraken* Pressure Washing Business Start Up Kit is a fully-integrated piece of pressure washing equipment that has two separate soft wash systems and a powerful 5.5 GPM *Kraken* pressure washer, allowing you to take on the toughest of cleaning jobs and remain in the field for days at a time. This tool may be used to pressure wash for up to 15 minutes without access to running water thanks to its tank-fed pressure washer. The truck’s weight is reduced and its structural integrity is preserved by the corrosion-resistant, heavy-gauge welded aluminum frame.

Anyone interested in learning further about Southeast Softwash LLC’s selection of softwash equipment and training services is encouraged to contact the company, as it is the biggest supplier of turn-key pressure washer equipment in the globe.


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