How Alejando Daniel Lovera is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry through ManyBuild

A child’s environment at home can play an integral part in building their interest and influence their career choice as they grow older. For Alejandro Daniel Lovera, growing up in a family of contractors and architects swayed his interests to follow their careers. Today, he is the owner of his own construction company and the co-founder of ManyBuild.

Alejandro is a third-generation builder and real estate developer who comes from the island of Aruba. His mother worked as an architect while his father played a hand in remodeling hotels and custom homes on the island. Throughout his childhood, Alejandro spent a lot of time on construction job sites. As he watched the projects come to life, he developed a knack for building things. Being raised by two successful individuals gave Alejandro insight on how to be successful in the construction industry. When the time came for him to leave the nest, Alejandro left the island to embark on his journey to Denver.

With a new environment and new challenges to overcome, Alejandro Lovera set out to work. He gained valuable experience from working with private equity real estate developers in the city. Alejandro gathered additional expertise and knowledge throughout his venture, giving him the foundations he needed to create his own construction and real estate development companies, Ikon Construction and Titan Capital. 

He has worked as a licensed general contractor and developer for nationwide corporate clients such as Invitation Homes and Zillow. He is also the general partner of his own Private Equity fund that has raised over $8.5MM and over the past year has delivered an average return of 30.92% for his investors. Alejandro learned how to identify, underwrite, acquire, and remodel residential and commercial properties. As his experience and knowledge grew, so did Alejandro’s confidence. Eventually, he had what he needed to revolutionize the construction industry. Alejandro started to work alongside Stefan Norton and Peter Taggart, to build the foundations that would become their company, ManyBuild Inc. 

The company strives to spread opportunities to contractors and offer financing for projects. Alejandro wanted to create a space that allowed builders to get ahead based on the quality of their work and the earnestness of their efforts. Thanks to his years in the industry, he was able to listen to the concerns of the construction community and shared his vision with Norton and Taggart, all of whom shared the desire to build a better community. Thanks to technological innovation, they were able to move their vision ahead.

ManyBuild was engineered to become “the Tinder of Construction,” as dubbed by the trio. The company gives real estate investors, builders, and skilled contractors the ability to swipe right or left to match with projects and construction financing resources. Once they get matched, the contractors can start a conversation to agree on scheduling a site visit, submit an estimate, sign contracts, and process their payments. 

With the ManyBuild community growing, Alejandro Daniel Lovera, Stefan Norton, and Peter Taggart hope to bring economic opportunities from their idea by providing easier access to more subcontractors and making skilled labor available to their general contractor and real estate investor users. 

Learn more about Alejandro Daniel Lovera and ManyBuild Inc by visiting their official website. You can also connect with them through Instagram.

Southeast Softwash: User-Friendly And Efficient Soft-Washing Gear Provider

The fundamental goal of Southeast Softwash is to establish a name that will live on forever. They believe that responsibility and impeccable service are more important for their company’s progress than making a profit. The soft washing equipment and pressure washing chemicals offered by Southeast Softwash have been exported to a variety of countries. Their organization has worked on a substantial number of roofs and structures all over the globe, and their goods have been given the go-ahead for usage in major amusement parks, property management companies, government buildings, installations, colleges, and institutions. There is currently no other brand of soft washing products that is more trusted, extensively utilized, or safer.

They have total 6 main products; Mini Softwash skid, southeast softwash trailer build, AlumiMAX Pro Softwash/Pressure Washer Skid, Easy Maxx Softwash Kit, Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Washer Skid, and *The Kraken* Pressure Washing Business Start Up Kit. 

The softwash system on this Southeast Softwash Pressure Washer Trailer build has two separate soft wash systems, each with its own 100 gallon SH tank, 200 gallon water tank, and 30 gallon soap tank, as well as custom blend manifolds, all-stainless hose reels, and 200 feet of soft wash hose. The three-part nature of the Soft Wash System—consisting of a soft wash system, a pressure wash system, and a trailer—explains its popularity in the soft cleaning sector. Two 100-gallon SH tanks provide energy, while individual containers hold water and detergent.

Mini Softwash Skid and Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid are two of the company’s products that are intended to be mounted on the rear of midsize pickup trucks. The dimension of these modules makes them excellent as beginning pressure washing equipment for individuals or small teams or as demo units. The Mini Softwash Skid can hold up to fifty gallons of soft wash solution (SH), fifty gallons of water, sixteen gallons of surfactant, one and a half horsepower (HP) from a 12 volt pump, and two hundred feet of softwash line. The Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid has the same qualities with the additional advantage of the water tank being refilled on-site enabling the team to work on many projects in one trip.

Southeast Softwash built the Alumi Max Pro Softwash/Pressure Wash Skid for contractors aimed at expanding or existing enterprises offering pressure cleaning services. It combines a strong 5.5 GPM Honda pressure washer with two separate softwash systems to clean several surfaces at once. Its tank-fed pressure washer can operate for 15 minutes without water. AlumiMax has 100-gallon water, SH, and surfactant capacities. The corrosion-proof, welded aluminum frame saves vehicle weight. 

Furthermore, the components of  Easy Maxx Softwash Kit do-it-yourself softwash kit are as follows: an aluminum box, a softwash hose, a 12 volt pump (Remco), a 20 amp circuit breaker, a softwash battery switch, a wiring harness for the softwash pump, a charging port, a gallon of Southern Drawl, a 12-volt transformer, a fan tip, and a nozzle holder.

*The Kraken* Pressure Washing Business Start Up Kit is a fully-integrated piece of pressure washing equipment that has two separate soft wash systems and a powerful 5.5 GPM *Kraken* pressure washer, allowing you to take on the toughest of cleaning jobs and remain in the field for days at a time. This tool may be used to pressure wash for up to 15 minutes without access to running water thanks to its tank-fed pressure washer. The truck’s weight is reduced and its structural integrity is preserved by the corrosion-resistant, heavy-gauge welded aluminum frame.

Anyone interested in learning further about Southeast Softwash LLC’s selection of softwash equipment and training services is encouraged to contact the company, as it is the biggest supplier of turn-key pressure washer equipment in the globe.


Branding Expert C. Whan Park on K-Product Branding Successes and Need for Improvement

In the past few years, South Korea has emerged as one of the most influential and popular nations on many fronts. In fact, everyone around the world already associates the letter K with Korean products, putting the dominance of K-culture at an all-time high. This is especially true with the unrivaled success of K-products, which have penetrated numerous markets in all regions. Furthermore, K-fever has become a global phenomenon with the unrivaled popularity of K-beauty products and, of course, K-pop. And while many would assume that this massive accomplishment is merely a happy accident, branding expert C. Whan Park knows this is not the case. 

The insightful professional excellently pointed out that the success of K-products is the outcome of thoughtful and masterful branding. This unique initiative was spearheaded by the government of South Korea itself, which saw immense potential in branding the nation. One of the things they did to promote the “national brand” was to partner with globally respected enterprises such as Hyundai and Samsung.

On top of this, the public sector has utilized several other strategies to help drive the campaign. In fact, they have created government-funded schools where children who want to become pop stars can train. This remarkable commitment and dedication are only a few of the significant factors that helped boost the phenomenal success of K-pop. As a result, groups such as BTS, Seventeen, Blackpink, and TWICE have been making waves in the international music scene with their sold-out concerts and chart-topping albums.

Aside from the efforts of the South Korean government, the private sector has also made outstanding contributions to the domination of K-beauty products. As a testament to this, the industry is projected to be valued at a whopping $14 billion by 2027. Other incredibly successful enterprises include K-food, K-fashion, K-drama, and K-movies.

But, alongside this undeniable branding success, some areas still need improvement. As C. Whan Park observed, K-product branding is already on the right trajectory. However, it also needs to be more clearly defined and fully optimized. For example, he said that K-food could be advertised as healthy but addictive with unique flavors. In addition, K-beauty items could be marketed as products that deliver delightful skin through their excellent skin protection benefits.

Ultimately, if the K-industry wishes to solidify its reputation and create a lasting impact, the expert says it must establish what consumers can expect from it. This can be done through a multilayered approach which includes greater product integration to cross-market products and the promotion of the K-lifestyle brand as a whole. And if these strategies are executed properly, C. Whan Park believes that the K-trend brand loyalty will become a staple in the global market, lasting beyond a few years or even decades.

At the end of the day, branding is a rapidly changing craft that evolves with time. As such, South Korea must keep in mind to prioritize improved branding if it wishes to retain and grow its popularity and authority for the foreseeable future. 

Black Voters Remain Crucial in Midterm Polls

As the United States prepares for upcoming elections this week, political experts claim Democrats must inspire Black male voters to vote.

According to a new survey, Black voters became less likely to vote during the midterm elections. The poll asked voters of various ages, genders, races, and income levels. Black male voters account for a sizable proportion of Democratic votes. Furthermore, Black women constitute a significant percentage of the party’s voters. As a result, getting them to vote will lead to improved conditions for the democratic party.

However, while statistics show that most Black voters support Democrats over Republicans, voters say that is more than just a statistical pattern. Instead, it will come down to how politicians connect to and embrace differences in the country and their stance on abortion rights, according to voters like Al Heartley and Donnell Brunson.

“At the end of the day, it comes down to the choice [of] abortion rights …as well as voting rights. Black men have a voice and a perspective. But, you have to acknowledge where I am as a Black person first. To me, that’s what Warnock and Abrams really do,” said Heartley.

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Giving respect to the Black community

Voting for politicians means providing them with a platform to enact change. So, according to Brunson, politicians must cooperate with Black people. He openly supports Democratic Senator John Fetterman over Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz. However, he believes that politicians in the United States still attempt to comprehend the importance of gaining Black support.

“It’s clear to me that they don’t have minorities or people of color in their inner circle advising them. So they’re assuming what we want. And we want the same things other voters want: jobs, economics, education,” Brunson explained.

“What’s unique about Black male voters is that they were Democratic voters; they were supporting Barack Obama at 90%+ margins,” said Terrence Woodbury, CEO of the polling firm HIT Strategies.

“Now that we’ve seen that decline to 79% or 80%, it is enough to make the marginal difference in states like Georgia, Wisconsin and North Carolina, where they have diverse candidates at the top of the ticket,” the CEO added.

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Encouraging the voters to vote

Pollsters advise the Democratic and Republican parties to make last-minute efforts to entice voters to vote this week. Experts believe that the parties should prioritize black people. Parties should work to close the enthusiasm gap to win the midterm elections.

“While this election cycle is being defined by democrats, by the threat of the other side. The threat of losing democracy is that Black men are more motivated by the progress Democrats have made,” Woodbury added.

According to HIT Strategies, 73% of Black men in the United States assume their lives have not enhanced since Biden became president. However, given the administration’s policies, such as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the Child Tax Credit, and the police reform executive order, more than 90% of respondents changed their viewpoints and said the country had improved.

“It’s clear to me that it seems like we’re dealing with a messaging problem and connecting Black men with the progress being made,” Woodbury explained.

AirAsia Sees Revenue Growth Despite Worsening Inflation

Even in difficult times, AirAsia X finds revenue growth. “Strong demand,” according to aviation experts, contributes to the industry’s promising future.

“We’re looking to add 20 more aircraft to the fleet for the first time in a long, long time, even before Covid,” said Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Capital A, the parent company of AirAsia.

“In AirAsia, we have 205 aircraft, and in AirAsia X, we have about 20 aircraft. So getting slots and getting them ready for service has been a big challenge.”

Earlier this week, Fernandes stepped down as CEO of AirAsia. Despite the market’s unpleasant responses, the business persevered and exceeded its projections in terms of earnings. The low-cost AirAsia airline is called AirAsia X. Shares fell at the end of October after the former CEO retired. The company’s performance was nevertheless 5% better than anticipated.

“Unfortunately, whatever I do gets blown out of proportion. I went in there [AirAsia X] for a short period … I just went in there to kickstart an airline that would have been heavily restructured and was in hibernation,” Fernandes added.

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Capital A supervising AirAsia

AirAsia is listed as PN17 on Bursa Malaysia. This implies that there are financial issues at the company right now. The company management is optimistic that they will leave PN17 soon, in light of the most recent report.

“I think we’re coming out of PN17. While I was very against it, I thought it was harsh to put us into PN17. We’ve turned a negative into a positive. My job now is to ensure we deliver profitability, good cash flow growth, have the right funding on all of these, and from where we were. The sky looks really good,” the Capital A CEO added.

Fernandes, currently in charge of Capital A and has left AirAsia, declared that he would delve into the bigger picture of the entire company. He claimed he was embarking on a mission to discover Capital A’s actual value.

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The company with e-commerce

“I’ve been through many economic slowdowns, and people will go to the best-value operator,” said Fernandes.

E-commerce expanded thanks in part to the pandemic. Fernandes emphasizes the business’s e-commerce component as well. So he asserted that e-commerce is here to stay.

Aside from that, he added that he is unconcerned about rising inflation in the US. Future service expansion is a goal for Capital A. For instance, plans for its engineering firm, Asia Digital Engineering, and its restaurant brand, Santan, have already been laid out. The management will also strengthen the consulting division of Capital A. Following the report, Fernandes grew confident that, given its current services and pricing structure, AirAsia X would continue to perform better.'” Even in logistics, it’s a wonderful time for us to grow. We’ve taken three cargo planes for the first time in our history.”

“It still takes a long time to ship products, even from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. [At] AirAsia, we do it in a day now. And so we will do point-to-point logistics, change the whole model, and we see a huge opportunity for us,” the CEO added.


US President Biden Calls for a Peaceful Midterm Polls

In a message to the populace, US President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of their votes in the upcoming midterm elections.

The outcome of the upcoming elections will determine the future of democracy said the senior official. Six days before the country’s electorate cast their ballots, he sent the stern warning. Several people declared they would not be voting in the midterm elections. It then raised concerns for the Democratic Party. The president and his party would face a challenge if the odds shifted in favor of the Republicans.

“We can’t take democracy for granted any longer. Yet, as I stand here today, candidates are running for every level of office in America. For governor, for Congress, for attorney general, for secretary of state who won’t commit to accepting the results of the elections they’re in. That is the path to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented. And it’s unlawful. And it is un-American,” Biden said.

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Biden blaming Trump

Pro-Trump supporters brought up numerous issues following the presidential election. They casted doubt on the outcome. Biden, however, asserts that Trump relentlessly promoted the web of lies, saying that the ruling party rigged the elections. This poses a threat to democracy.

“This intimidation, this violence against Democrats, Republicans and non-partisan officials just doing their jobs. This is the consequence of lies told for power and profit, lies of conspiracy and malice. They are lies repeated over and over to generate a cycle of anger, hate, vitriol and even violence,” Biden added.

“At this moment, we must confront those lies with the truth. The very future of our nation depends on it. American democracy is under attack because the defeated former president refuses to accept the will of the people,” he said.

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To end violence

Biden called for the abolition of violence in his speech. The Democratic National Committee also endorsed the president’s call for nonviolence. In addition, the Democratic Party assured the public that they would work to improve the nation’s economic conditions if they won this election.

Paul Pelosi was involved in an altercation that served as the backdrop for Biden’s speech. Sources claim that the attacker committed the crime because he thought Biden rigged the most recent national elections. In his speech, Biden emphasized the importance of forgoing violence in favor of a calm, organized election.

“I believe the voices excusing or calling for violence and intimidation are a distinct minority in America,” Biden said.

Supporters of Biden applauded the president for raising the issue. The president’s advisers claim that Biden’s speech was crucial to the Democratic Party’s push for discussions on democracy. Moreover, Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign strongly emphasized defending the country and advancing democracy. Therefore, bringing this up before the midterm elections would encourage support from voters.

“How can you say that you care about democracy when you deny the existence of a win? The only way you could win is either you win or the other guy cheated. This has not happened since the Civil War. It sounds like hyperbole, but it hadn’t happened since then, as bad as it is now,” Biden said at an event in Florida.


Seoul Halloween Stampede Leaves 154 Dead, Loved Ones Mourn for Victims

Over the weekend, approximately 154 people attending Halloween festivities in Itaewon, Seoul, died due to a crowd surge.

Itaewon, known for its nightclubs and fine dining, is a popular destination for locals and tourists. In addition, people flocked to the district over the weekend to celebrate Halloween. Experts estimate that over 100,000 people visited Itaewon, constituting the largest crowd in the district since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation two years ago. But then things went downhill.

According to local media, the crowd surge began in an alley enveloped by bars and restaurants. The narrow road caused a high density of people, which eventually led to the disaster. Choi Seong-Beom, chief of the Yongsan fire department in Seoul, said the number of people in intensive care increases as time passes. However, according to Seoul media outlets, many of the victims were young adults.

“At the uphill end of this alley, people started pushing, and then people started falling down in front of them. And they were buried by others falling on top of them. So medics and bystanders tried to resuscitate people lying on the sidewalk,” a media respondent said.

“The largest group of these people were in their 20s, there to party and celebrate Halloween. All of the dead, including 26 foreigners – of whom two were Americans – have now been identified. Police and forensic investigators combed the alleyway for clues today. But the crowd surge’s precise cause is still unclear,” he added.

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A day of mourning for Seoul

Videos flooded social media during and after the mishap. Some depict people in the alley pressing each other out of the way of the crowd. Some eyewitnesses reported seeing people crushed by the sheer volume of people in the alleyway. Others in the area, meanwhile, posted videos of officials and emergency personnel carrying dead and injured people away from the scene.

The victims’ relatives and friends remembered the dead the following day. They brought flowers and weeping, still horrified by the disaster. The Seoul stampede marks the country’s deadliest crowd-related accident.

“They’re going to make consolation payments to bereaved families. They will cancel festivals, concerts and other activities during the mourning period. They’re going to set up public altars for people to mourn the dead,” said a local reporter.

“President Yoon Suk-yeol gave a televised speech. He said this incident should never have happened. He promised a thorough investigation and fundamental reforms to ensure the tragedy is never repeated.”

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The cause of the incident

Aside from the alleyway’s size, the state government and investigators remain undecided about what caused the chaos in Seoul. Furthermore, the South Korean president vowed to investigate the disaster and punish those responsible, including officers who failed to detect the impending disaster.

Before the deadly disaster, there were calls for help.

Photo Credit: Kim Jong-Hi

“It looks like people will be squashed to death. There were too many people, and I barely got out. I think we need crowd control,” said one caller at 6:34 PM.

“There are so many people, and we are almost getting crushed to death,” called another person hours later.

“We are on the brink of having a major accident here,” said another caller an hour after that.

“Please do something about this street. I think people are going to die,” a caller warned minutes after.

“Can you come as quickly as possible? It looks like a very dangerous situation here right now,” said a victim an hour after.