How Alejando Daniel Lovera is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry through ManyBuild

A child’s environment at home can play an integral part in building their interest and influence their career choice as they grow older. For Alejandro Daniel Lovera, growing up in a family of contractors and architects swayed his interests to follow their careers. Today, he is the owner of his own construction company and the co-founder of ManyBuild.

Alejandro is a third-generation builder and real estate developer who comes from the island of Aruba. His mother worked as an architect while his father played a hand in remodeling hotels and custom homes on the island. Throughout his childhood, Alejandro spent a lot of time on construction job sites. As he watched the projects come to life, he developed a knack for building things. Being raised by two successful individuals gave Alejandro insight on how to be successful in the construction industry. When the time came for him to leave the nest, Alejandro left the island to embark on his journey to Denver.

With a new environment and new challenges to overcome, Alejandro Lovera set out to work. He gained valuable experience from working with private equity real estate developers in the city. Alejandro gathered additional expertise and knowledge throughout his venture, giving him the foundations he needed to create his own construction and real estate development companies, Ikon Construction and Titan Capital. 

He has worked as a licensed general contractor and developer for nationwide corporate clients such as Invitation Homes and Zillow. He is also the general partner of his own Private Equity fund that has raised over $8.5MM and over the past year has delivered an average return of 30.92% for his investors. Alejandro learned how to identify, underwrite, acquire, and remodel residential and commercial properties. As his experience and knowledge grew, so did Alejandro’s confidence. Eventually, he had what he needed to revolutionize the construction industry. Alejandro started to work alongside Stefan Norton and Peter Taggart, to build the foundations that would become their company, ManyBuild Inc. 

The company strives to spread opportunities to contractors and offer financing for projects. Alejandro wanted to create a space that allowed builders to get ahead based on the quality of their work and the earnestness of their efforts. Thanks to his years in the industry, he was able to listen to the concerns of the construction community and shared his vision with Norton and Taggart, all of whom shared the desire to build a better community. Thanks to technological innovation, they were able to move their vision ahead.

ManyBuild was engineered to become “the Tinder of Construction,” as dubbed by the trio. The company gives real estate investors, builders, and skilled contractors the ability to swipe right or left to match with projects and construction financing resources. Once they get matched, the contractors can start a conversation to agree on scheduling a site visit, submit an estimate, sign contracts, and process their payments. 

With the ManyBuild community growing, Alejandro Daniel Lovera, Stefan Norton, and Peter Taggart hope to bring economic opportunities from their idea by providing easier access to more subcontractors and making skilled labor available to their general contractor and real estate investor users. 

Learn more about Alejandro Daniel Lovera and ManyBuild Inc by visiting their official website. You can also connect with them through Instagram.

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