Samuel Leeds’s Real-Estate Business Booming Through UK Recession

Real-Estate Business Proves To Be An Anti-Recession Business, says Samuel Leeds


Samuel Leeds is a Property Investor, Best-Seller Author, International Speaker, Mentor & Finance Freedom Coach to many globally. Samuel shares his thoughts with the real-estate enthusiasts, ‘It’s never a bad time to buy real-estate. Ultimately, capital appreciation will happen but it’s also really important to remember that it does not pay the bills which means when you buy a house, don’t just buy it and think about what’s going to happen in the next year or so. Buy it for cash flow and return on investment.’ Samuel has been a fearless millionaire and has earned every pound with utmost dedication to real estate and business in building his portfolio.


How Recession Affects Businesses

The fact is that there’s a recession every 10 to 15 years usually. However, you need to be aware of what a recession can do to your business as an entrepreneur and as someone who’s responsible for your finances to succeed. Samuel states, ‘A recession is when there’s a general decline in economic activity. In layman’s terms, when people aren’t spending money because they haven’t got any money, there’s vast unemployment and there’s no money going around or the banks aren’t giving out money, that can cause a recession.’


How can money be traded between businesses when people are not spending them on theatre, football matches, restaurants, concerts, shopping, etc? This is how the economy goes down.


Not Every Business Suffers In Recession!

Samuel shares his rich history of property investment and says, ‘It isn’t necessarily a bad time to start a business during the recession, and not every business is struggling and doing bad financially as some businesses are flourishing right now.’ Well, all that you need to think about is how to do a business, launch a service or build a product that can flourish in the market at almost all times, and remember to keep the business highly agile to external factors.


Real-Estate Saves The Sinking Ship

Samuel runs an events business and has a training company ‘Property Investors’. Over the last few months, his training company had been hit low and his salary comes from his property business. Some of his property businesses did exceedingly well and this has helped him be adaptable and be fluid to handle his other businesses, staff, event expenses, etc.


Though the recession comes and goes, house prices don’t usually go down right now despite the difficulty in the economy. Don’t worry about what property prices are going to do in the next couple of years because when Samuel started out in property investments in 2008, everyone was saying it’s a terrible time to buy but he still bought and guess what, house prices went down. Samuel still held on to the properties and then the prices went up.


You need to worry about making sure that you are going to become successful and going to become wealthy through this pandemic and through this recession if you want to see the future. To follow Samuel Leeds and check out his online programs, check his Website.

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