Paris Brown on Navigating Life and Helping People With ADHD

In life, people inevitably face hurdles that challenge them along the way. Not having financial freedom, experiencing difficulties in academics, finding it hard to look for a job, and even supplying for one’s daily necessitiespeople are faced with varying causes of downfalls. While many are able to get back on their feet and continue with life, some people use their experiences as an inspiration not just to keep their right foot forward but to give other people the chance to take the first step. This is how Paris Brown lives his life, not just for himself but also for other people.

Paris Brown is a Christiana kindhearted, open-minded, down-to-earth person who loves to learn new things and respect other people’s thoughts, gender, culture, and religion with an innate desire to help others. He lived and is continuously living his life in the service of others. Back in 2015-2016, in his early 20s, he was homeless, living on skid row in different shelters in Los Angeles. He was praying to God to keep him safe and protect him while he was down there and let him know what his lesson was for being down here. So during that time, God began to show him what it was like to live as a homeless person on a day-to-day basis. It was mind-blowing for him. So as time went on, he began to understand his lesson.

Now God is beginning to open doors for him to come up from being homeless. God blessed him to come across a flyer in the early morning time that had an organization that was a work source place to help people get their security guard card to work as a security guard in California. So he checked his pants pocket to see if he had any money to pay for a train ticket to get there, and he didn’t have any money. So he prayed to God, saying if it was meant to be and Father would bless him to have money to pay for his train ticket, then it shall be. So he put his faith in God that he would bless him to have some money. Paris didnt know how, but he believed. 

Paris began to walk to the train station. It was about a 20-minute walk from skid row. He started asking people for some money, and at least 18 people said “No, I don’t have it” because they were judging him based on how he looked at that time. He looked like he was homeless. As he was now at the train station with no money, he prayed to God again, saying, “Okay, if it’s meant to be, Father, for me to go to this work source place, then it shall be.” He also asked the Father to bless him with some money to be able to pay for his train ticket. 

After that, Paris started to ask two more people at the train station for some money, and they said they didn’t have it. But as he asked this third person for some money, this person said, “Yes, I can help you.” So she looked into her purse, then she said, “I only have $20. Would $20 help you out?” He said yes with a smile like that made his day. He said to himself, Thank you, Jesus

Now that God had sent that person his way and blessed him with that $20, he could buy a roundtrip train ticket and also get something to eat. Now he got there, and as he was applying, the worker said to him that there was only 1 spot left out of 10. He said to himself that it was meant to be, that God had saved that spot for him. The worker also told him that the class would cost $6,000, but a Jewish group would pay for him to attend this security guard card school if he got approved. 

So a week later, he got approved to attend this security guard card school. Now the time to be at school was 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the next 2 weeks. He had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. and travel two and half hours away from skid row. He took public transportation: a red line train from Downtown LA to North Hollywood, then one bus. That was a one-way trip there and a one-way trip back. It was hard the first 4 days, but after that, it became a new normal. 

Paris Brown continued to persevere. With determination and passion for success, he was able to pass the security guard card class with an A-, and this paved the way for him to be able to work for future security jobs. Passing the guard class led to more blessings. God blessed him with a security job while his guard card was being processed in the state of California. It took a month before he got his guard card in the mail. Now God blessed him to be connected with a nonprofit organization that helped people get housing, but they must have income by having a job, which qualified him to be in the housing program. Then he was blessed to have a case worker who loved her job. Her name was Ms. Stacy, and she helped him find his first-ever 1-bedroom apartment. He was able to live comfortably, and such achievement inspired him to bring comfort to others.

Having experienced such generosity from the people who helped him every step of the way and understanding where the sentiments of people who are currently having a hard time are coming from, he is dedicated to helping people who were born with ADHD. He wants to start advocates for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and he wants to continue to find ways to help them live a better life each passing day. 

He is the current owner of Bank of America’s website name and has been since 2019. Paris Brown aims to supply an extra $900 a month for three years to new and old customers in the United States who were born with ADHD. If Bank of America agrees, then he would be willing to give up the domain just to make this cause possible. Determined to be of help for others, just like how other people have made an impact on his life, Paris Brown is a person embodying how to be truly human.

Life was not easy for him. He faced struggles, hardships, and challenges along the way. However, such experiences did not limit him to focusing only on his life. It inspired him to look at other people who are in need of assistance.

Having the heart to help other people while living a challenging life is inevitably hard to do. Meeting someone with such generosity and passion for being of service to others is a rare opportunity. Paris Brown exemplifies being humane: living not just for himself but also for others.

To know more about Paris Brown and his advocacy for people with ADHD, you may visit his website

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King Luxe Club: An Exemplary Car Club That Seeks to Inspire Growth Among Aspirants and Go-Getters

No success has been achieved in this world without passion playing behind its ropes. Countless industry leaders often shared how they reached impressive heights by interweaving passion in everything they do. As a result, these exceptional individuals never settle for less than what they are capable of doing. Abhi Malhotra, a zealously spirited individual who is better known as King AM, has taken giant leaps of faith throughout his career, refusing to flump into failure. Today, he is making his way towards the summits of several industries holding a wide variety of business ventures in his arsenal.

Born in India and raised in Dubai, this power player moved to the United States to materialize his passion for achieving success. King AM’s exemplary efforts of propelling his career have impressed many aspirants and industry peers, earning countless praises from people around the world. Fueled by a fiery passion burning in his heart, this multifaceted personality decided to translate his passion into action by creating King Luxe Club.

King Luxe Club is a luxury club created for driven individuals who are highly passionate about cars. From entrepreneurs and professional stockbrokers to high-profile lawyers, medical doctors, and aspirants who want to get more out of life, this rising powerhouse unites people from all walks of life to share the joy of luxury and exotic cars. Not only does this club celebrate the beauty of these well-oiled machines, but it also seeks to bring people together and inspire each other to strive for a life according to what they want it to be.

Unlike other car clubs, King Luxe Club highly focuses its pursuits on strengthening relationships with other equally-driven and passionate individuals and motivating aspirants to get ahead. Today, countless luxury organizations have been formed solely for purposes of income generation and profitability. This trailblazing group seeks to change this unfortunate reality by breaking barriers and bringing back the soul of the industry, which is passion.

Demonstrating the potential to become a massive changemaker across the industry, King Luxe Club has expanded its reach and partnered with local businesses around New York City to help thriving ventures rise amidst trying times. As the pandemic continues to loom over the world’s shoulders, this trailblazing organization made it its mission to save businesses from experiencing losses and economic failure. Besides that, King Luxe also does charities and educates aspirants with countless business strategies to help them thrive and get ahead.

Proving to be a force to be reckoned with across several industries, King Luxe Club launches a real estate arm, constructing well-built houses for sale. This entrepreneurial powerhouse also plans to open a liquor business, following the steps of King AM’s father’s passion project turned business venture. 

As can be gleaned from King AM’s journey of creating King Luxe Club, passion has the unrelenting power of propelling people towards the summits of success. Together with Sam Kumar, CFO of King Luxe Club, they push people to break boundaries and transcend limitations, which catapults them to persistently transform their visions into full-throttled actions. As King Luxe Club stands at the helm of various industries, it hopes to inspire people to thrive and never settle for less.

To know more about King Luxe Club, you may visit its website.

Samuel Leeds’s Real-Estate Business Booming Through UK Recession

Real-Estate Business Proves To Be An Anti-Recession Business, says Samuel Leeds


Samuel Leeds is a Property Investor, Best-Seller Author, International Speaker, Mentor & Finance Freedom Coach to many globally. Samuel shares his thoughts with the real-estate enthusiasts, ‘It’s never a bad time to buy real-estate. Ultimately, capital appreciation will happen but it’s also really important to remember that it does not pay the bills which means when you buy a house, don’t just buy it and think about what’s going to happen in the next year or so. Buy it for cash flow and return on investment.’ Samuel has been a fearless millionaire and has earned every pound with utmost dedication to real estate and business in building his portfolio.


How Recession Affects Businesses

The fact is that there’s a recession every 10 to 15 years usually. However, you need to be aware of what a recession can do to your business as an entrepreneur and as someone who’s responsible for your finances to succeed. Samuel states, ‘A recession is when there’s a general decline in economic activity. In layman’s terms, when people aren’t spending money because they haven’t got any money, there’s vast unemployment and there’s no money going around or the banks aren’t giving out money, that can cause a recession.’


How can money be traded between businesses when people are not spending them on theatre, football matches, restaurants, concerts, shopping, etc? This is how the economy goes down.


Not Every Business Suffers In Recession!

Samuel shares his rich history of property investment and says, ‘It isn’t necessarily a bad time to start a business during the recession, and not every business is struggling and doing bad financially as some businesses are flourishing right now.’ Well, all that you need to think about is how to do a business, launch a service or build a product that can flourish in the market at almost all times, and remember to keep the business highly agile to external factors.


Real-Estate Saves The Sinking Ship

Samuel runs an events business and has a training company ‘Property Investors’. Over the last few months, his training company had been hit low and his salary comes from his property business. Some of his property businesses did exceedingly well and this has helped him be adaptable and be fluid to handle his other businesses, staff, event expenses, etc.


Though the recession comes and goes, house prices don’t usually go down right now despite the difficulty in the economy. Don’t worry about what property prices are going to do in the next couple of years because when Samuel started out in property investments in 2008, everyone was saying it’s a terrible time to buy but he still bought and guess what, house prices went down. Samuel still held on to the properties and then the prices went up.


You need to worry about making sure that you are going to become successful and going to become wealthy through this pandemic and through this recession if you want to see the future. To follow Samuel Leeds and check out his online programs, check his Website.

Inked Pro Seamlessly Bringing Its Clients’ Creative Ideas to Life for the Past Decade

Bright ideas are remarkably coming to life with the help of Inked Pro, an independently owned print and design studio that has been serving its growing clientele for the past ten years. Based in Miami, Florida, the company has been instrumental in helping its clients build their brands and produce their personal apparel. It has a unique in-house clothing line that clients can choose from if they want to customize one of the company’s designs and make it their own. 

Inked Pro was founded by creative director Rudy Mage, who has over 20 years of unmatched experience when it comes to fashion and the art industry. His inclination for fashion started at a very young age. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts of Computer Animation from the University of Art and Design of Miami. After completing his course, he grew Inked Pro out of the trunk of his car. He would drive around the streets of Miami, visiting one store after another and selling T-shirts. He would also visit barber shops, tattoo stores, and conventions just to promote the company has truly proven its place at the top of the industry. It was awarded as one of the top screenprinting companies in South Florida by for 3 years.

Mage and his managing partner, Daniel “Ocean” Rodriguez, combined their vast experiences to elevate the design and printing standards of the business. Both of them are highly skilled when it comes to sublimation, embroidery, and screen printing. Passing on these skills to the rest of the members of their team became their topmost priority to bring Inked Pro to the next level. Each member of their team is now more than able to give effective and promising insights, from design to the do’s and don’ts in the fashion industry and establishing a brand that will sell like hotcakes. 

“Our target audience spans a wide range,” Rudy Mage explained. “We love working with clients who are looking to design their own apparel for the first time, to corporate companies looking to increase their brand recognition through promotional items. We also create apparel on a national level for the NFL, NBA, MMA and many famous musicians in the music industry,” he added. 

The Inked Pro team draws its motivation from the beautiful Miami community itselfits vibrance, people, languages, culture, fashion trends, and trending entertainment. As a city that embraces people from all walks of life and allows them to freely express their personal style, so much inspiration can be derived from it.

The next five years will be an exciting season for Inked Pro as Rudy Mage and his team target a strategic expansion throughout the country, aside from growing the base office in Miami. The company has invested heavily in technology and is constantly looking for ways to improve its techniques and approaches to ensure that it meets the needs of clients. Just recently, the business expanded its production facility to include bagging and tagging. This has resulted in shortened production time, much to the amazement of happy and satisfied clients. These developments are making the company the go-to company for the printing needs of various businesses and organizations. 

Determined to make Inked Pro a household name when it comes to printing services, Mage and his team of hardworking creatives are looking forward to helping more clients realize their dreams. 

Learn more about Inked Pro by visiting its website. Follow Rudy Mage on Instagram for updates on his latest projects.