Preston K. Buhrmaster Provides Superior Investment Learning Resources Curated for the Modern Trader

The explosion of success stories on social media has desensitized the online community to feats of innovation. However, superior talent always finds a way to stand out from the rest. Among these rare individuals, Preston K. Buhrmaster has consistently exhibited a penchant for making strategic investments. Today, he shares his expertise with those hoping to become modern traders.

Preston K. Buhrmaster is an American entrepreneur and investor. As the founder and CEO of Venerated Capital Group (VCG Trading), Preston has helped countless individuals achieve financial freedom. His mentorship equips them with the same skills and strategies that enabled him to succeed. Preston’s empowering influence extends to a diverse audience, from full-time students to established adults at the height of their careers.

At the age of 13, Preston founded NewReleaseBot, an industry-leading sneaker bot company. Preston K. Buhrmaster then spent the following year expanding his business into a well-known sneaker and streetwear reseller. For more than five years, he competed at a global scale in purchasing and reselling limited-edition sneakers and clothing. Sonic Kicks serviced over 200 customers and was frequently featured at industry conventions.

Throughout all this, Preston created opportunities to develop and explore his innate talents. Even while directing and managing his businesses, he found the time to start an entrepreneur’s club and invite monthly guest speakers. As a high school student, Preston also coached recreational basketball.

Always forward-thinking, Preston K. Buhrmaster stopped the venture to focus on earning college credits early. While he was still ahead, Preston decided to secure his path toward entering higher education and gaining what society considers “real work experience.” The entrepreneur, who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance at Syracuse University, has achieved an astonishing level of success. However, given his lifelong track record of excellence, stellar performance has always been par for the course.

Further displaying his keen insight into emerging markets and innovative tools, Preston assists students in becoming confident traders using a Discord server. Within the industry, his exclusive VCG Trading Discord server has come to be known as “The Investors Institution.” Preston K. Buhrmaster uses this platform to help traders recognize and use signals that allow them to dominate the market.

The Investors Institution by VCG Trading trains entrepreneurs, investors, and other individuals looking to make passive income. Preston K. Burhmaster uses his superior insight, analysis, and education to push his clients closer to their goals. As a one-stop hub for all things investing, Preston’s VCG Trading provides highly-accurate trading signals, market analysis, news updates, and other learning resources curated for the modern trader.

By the time he turned 20, Preston was already self-sufficient. He enjoys the financial freedom to take care of his education, housing, and other necessities. True freedom, of course, lies in the ability to pursue all of one’s interests. In addition to his career as an entrepreneur and investor, Preston K. Buhrmaster has established many dropshipping ventures. He has also honed his skills in graphic and web design.

To learn more about Preston K. Buhrmaster, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

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