Preston Buhrmaster Helping College Students Get on an Early Path to Trading and Investing

There are numerous ways of making income in today’s world, and more than half the time, the average person will choose passive income over any other type of income. It’s only so much of a coincidence that today’s world is set up for people to make passive income as long as they know what to do. Trading and investing can get anyone to their desired passive income level, and Preston K. Buhrmaster is one of the experts who have developed systems that work in the trading and investment world. As a college student, he has influenced many other college students to take charge of their finances by trading and investing early.

Preston Buhrmaster established Venerated Capital Group (VCG) Trading, through which he mentors people who are passionate about financial freedom and gaining real-life skills to set their feet firmly on that path. Preston’s goal is to help each of his students become a confident trader who makes consistent profits. He developed the exclusive VGC Trading Discord server called “The Investors Institution,” which his students use on their journey.

At only 22 years old, Preston Buhrmaster has been featured on some major publications like Digital Journal, Benzinga, MarketWatch and a host of others. His students range from college students to career individuals looking to have an additional income source that does not take too much of their time. As the founder and CEO of VCG Trading, Preston is well-versed in providing the industry standard for signals and learning, which helps his traders dominate the market.

Before he got into the trading world, Preston Buhrmaster was in the business world. At the age of 13, he established an industry-leading sneaker bot company, and he had a well-known sneaker and streetwear reseller business with more than 200 clients worldwide when he was 14 years old. At 15, he launched a start-up named “Cordless Express” with VC that offered products like wireless charging pads and adaptors for Apple products.

Some of Preston Buhrmaster’s other achievements include establishing an entrepreneur’s club in high school that had monthly guest speakers, coaching recreational basketball in high school, becoming the DECA Club president, becoming completely independent and self-sufficient at the age of 20, and becoming a Goodman IMPRESS Program Mentor and Peer Mentor in WSOM at Syracuse University. Preston is also a web and graphic design expert, and he went viral on TikTok overnight with his videos on trading and investment.

Preston targets entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of life who are open to making extra income on the side. He has implemented trading strategies that work at VCG Trading, and he assures his students and other investors of getting nothing but the best of the trade. “We train you to take yourself one step closer to becoming the confident and consistent trader you desire to be. With superior insight, analysis, and education by Preston Buhrmaster, VCG is truly your one-stop hub for all things investing. Leap today!” he says.

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Preston Buhrmaster: 20-Year-Old CEO Educates Individuals to Become Investment-Savvy Entrepreneurs

Most people follow the traditional route to success—study diligently at school, land a job, earn a living. But there are some who are cut out for more than the regular. American entrepreneur and investor Preston Buhrmaster has been hustling since age 13, and he shows no signs of slowing down his pace as he juggles college and the CEO lifestyle.

Preston Buhrmaster is the founder and CEO of Venerated Capital Group (VCG) Trading, an institution that helps individuals achieve financial freedom by equipping them with skills and strategies, leading them to success. VCG Trading is dubbed as “The Investors Institution” because it has produced competent investors over the years, whether they are college students or seasoned working professionals.

Asked what his primary goal is for his students at VCG Trading, the 20-year-old CEO shared that he aims to develop every student into a confident and consistent trader, capable of obtaining the financially independent lifestyle they deserve. Preston Buhrmaster has changed the lives of many individuals coming from all walks of life through his company, and he finds fulfillment in knowing that his career is uplifting others along the process.

The expert specializes in providing the industry standards and practical knowledge his students can use to dominate the trading market. Under Preston Buhrmaster’s leadership, VCG Trading has become a “one-stop hub for all things investing.” As one who has made himself financially independent at age 20 through his countless ventures in ecommerce as well as investing, Preston also wants to show his students how to earn passive income and make their time and resources work for them, not the other way around. 

With his notable achievements, it came as no surprise for Preston Buhrmaster to have recognition from reputable organizations. His entrepreneurial success has also been featured on various platforms, including MarketWatch, Digital Journal, and Benzinga. Despite being in college still, Preston has achieved far more significantly than what others are struggling to reach. In the same way he has gone above and beyond what was expected of him, Preston also wants others to surpass the expectations they have set for themselves through trading education.

Before becoming the CEO of VCG Trading, Preston Buhrmaster had already proven that he had a knack for entrepreneurship. At 13, he founded an industry-leading sneaker bot company. The following year, Preston was a world-renowned sneaker and streetwear reseller, reaching over 200 clients across the globe. At 15, the entrepreneur ventured into launching his first start-up with VC through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy:YEA! At UAlbany, called Cordless Express, the product that revolutionized wireless charging pads and adapters for Apple. He was one of the pioneers in spreading the technology at the time.

Preston Buhrmaster also excelled in high school as the founder of an entrepreneurs’ club, inviting reputable guest speakers monthly for the club and other individuals interested in entrepreneurship. Additionally, Preston was also DECA club president and coached a recreational basketball team. At 17, he took another leap for his career as an intern at a local accounting firm, immersing in the “real-world” life of corporate America.

Preston Buhrmaster currently attends classes at Syracuse University, pursuing a degree in Finance and Accounting, with a minor in Economics. Besides entrepreneurship, Preston is also recognized as a TikTok influencer, building a community of followers and going viral almost overnight. He is also passionate about graphic design and web design. 

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Preston K. Buhrmaster Provides Superior Investment Learning Resources Curated for the Modern Trader

The explosion of success stories on social media has desensitized the online community to feats of innovation. However, superior talent always finds a way to stand out from the rest. Among these rare individuals, Preston K. Buhrmaster has consistently exhibited a penchant for making strategic investments. Today, he shares his expertise with those hoping to become modern traders.

Preston K. Buhrmaster is an American entrepreneur and investor. As the founder and CEO of Venerated Capital Group (VCG Trading), Preston has helped countless individuals achieve financial freedom. His mentorship equips them with the same skills and strategies that enabled him to succeed. Preston’s empowering influence extends to a diverse audience, from full-time students to established adults at the height of their careers.

At the age of 13, Preston founded NewReleaseBot, an industry-leading sneaker bot company. Preston K. Buhrmaster then spent the following year expanding his business into a well-known sneaker and streetwear reseller. For more than five years, he competed at a global scale in purchasing and reselling limited-edition sneakers and clothing. Sonic Kicks serviced over 200 customers and was frequently featured at industry conventions.

Throughout all this, Preston created opportunities to develop and explore his innate talents. Even while directing and managing his businesses, he found the time to start an entrepreneur’s club and invite monthly guest speakers. As a high school student, Preston also coached recreational basketball.

Always forward-thinking, Preston K. Buhrmaster stopped the venture to focus on earning college credits early. While he was still ahead, Preston decided to secure his path toward entering higher education and gaining what society considers “real work experience.” The entrepreneur, who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance at Syracuse University, has achieved an astonishing level of success. However, given his lifelong track record of excellence, stellar performance has always been par for the course.

Further displaying his keen insight into emerging markets and innovative tools, Preston assists students in becoming confident traders using a Discord server. Within the industry, his exclusive VCG Trading Discord server has come to be known as “The Investors Institution.” Preston K. Buhrmaster uses this platform to help traders recognize and use signals that allow them to dominate the market.

The Investors Institution by VCG Trading trains entrepreneurs, investors, and other individuals looking to make passive income. Preston K. Burhmaster uses his superior insight, analysis, and education to push his clients closer to their goals. As a one-stop hub for all things investing, Preston’s VCG Trading provides highly-accurate trading signals, market analysis, news updates, and other learning resources curated for the modern trader.

By the time he turned 20, Preston was already self-sufficient. He enjoys the financial freedom to take care of his education, housing, and other necessities. True freedom, of course, lies in the ability to pursue all of one’s interests. In addition to his career as an entrepreneur and investor, Preston K. Buhrmaster has established many dropshipping ventures. He has also honed his skills in graphic and web design.

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Talented Actress and Model Alexandra Creteau Hopes to Make a Positive Difference in the World Through Her Craft

Some people pursue their dreams with such a fervent passion that they’re bound to succeed no matter what. Such is the case for the beautiful and talented Ukrainian model and actress Alexandra Creteau. Born and raised in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Alexandra grew up mostly within her home country, studying Civil and Criminal Law there up until the age of 18, where she relocated to Russia with her family.

Alexandra Creteau and her family relocated to Russia to be closer with their relatives and extended family. Three years later, when she turned 21 years old, Alexandra moved to the United States and deeply fell in love with acting and modeling. Nowadays, she is thoroughly immersed in both industries, where she has found some relative success with her career. 

She thoroughly enjoys participating in modeling gigs, and she also became a fashion and lifestyle influencer through her Instagram page and her YouTube vlog on her channel, Dalex Vlogs. Alexandra Creteau’s remarkable personality has managed to captivate thousands of loyal fans as she continues to spread her inspirational message to them to become the best versions of themselves.

Above all else, acting has always been a lifelong dream for Alexandra. She has performed in a variety of short films and Indie films that put her acting talents on full display. The talented actress has appeared in films such as The Imperfect Seduction (2013), which she wrote, directed, and acted in. She also acted in the Night of the Naked Dead (2012) and, more recently, Bloody Hands (2021).

She aspires to hone her craft even more as she keeps growing in all aspects of her life. Further down the line, she hopes to improve as a social media influencer, a creative artist, an inspirational actress, and a positive human being overall. Alexandra Creteau dreams of making a positive difference in the world, and she is using her platform to advocate for her goals.

Currently, Alexandra has amassed a massive following on her various social media platforms. She has more than 9,000 subscribers on her English YouTube channel and 295,000 followers on Instagram. Furthermore, on her two Russian YouTube channels, she has over 60,000 followers and counting.

Alexandra Creteau has also been extremely busy on the acting side of things. She fondly recalls the short films Vicious Circle and Imperfect Seduction as projects that are dear to her heart. Both films are well-shot short films that are famous for their great story twists. Both movies have to be seen to be fully appreciated, but they’re in a totally different class of their own.

Actress, influencer, vlogger Alexandra Creteau is non-stop. She consistently creates high-quality content for all of her fans to see, coming up with brand-new ideas each and every time. “As an actress, I face a lot of adversity as well. If there was one thing that would lead to an actor’s improvement more than anything else, it would be overcoming their fears,” says Alexandra. “It is our fears that hold us back from every element of great acting. I always try to push myself to work on my American accent, work on challenging screenplays, and explore characters outside of my comfort zone,” she adds.

To know more about the amazing Alexandra, make sure to check out her IMDB page. For more live updates, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube vlog.

The iConnect Agency: Influencer Marketing Made By, With, and For the Black Community

Efficient marketing is crucial for any company to survive. However saturated the industry may be, not one marketing agency is the same. The iConnect Agency is the premier influencer marketing agency that focuses solely on the Black consumer.

The iConnect Agency is home to seasoned creatives and professionals who have been in the multicultural marketing field for over two decades. Dedicated to producing impactful influencer marketing strategies, iConnect uses the personal stories and narratives of African-American content creators to reach Black consumers, entrepreneurs, and audiences. Using influencer marketing, the agency is engaging the receiving end of their campaigns to empower conversations and push them to dig deeper toward every advocacy.

The iConnect Agency has worked with brands from different industries, including travel, healthcare, beauty, and nonprofit organizations. With its growing clientele, the agency ensures that its team is ready to tackle and reach whatever goal their clients may set.

Additionally, The iConnect Agency highlights and provides opportunities for emerging influencers and content creators. The company focuses on whether a personality can adequately represent their clients and help them become the best face of the brand. the right influencer paired with unparalleled content strategies, iConnect is able to help their clients increase sales, build brand awareness, expand their customer base, generate trials, strengthen product reputation, find their niche in their industries, and gain advocates in the community.

Furthermore, The iConnect Agency offers two distinct services related to HBCUs. First, iConnect HBCU bridges a connection between the brand and a network of ambassadors, content creators, and social influencers across HBCU campuses. Second, iConnect HBCU University provides an eight-week training program that transforms students into competitive, professional content creators.

Isadora Lanier, founder and CEO of The iConnect Agency, is an award-winning, multicultural marketer who has become an authority after serving clients in the industry for over 15 years. She is best known for her masterful strategic development and campaign executions for clients who want to forge an authentic connection with multicultural segments.

Isadora has served clients in the areas of travel and tourism, beauty, utilities, nonprofit organizations, healthcare, e-commerce, and government. She is the genius mind behind the campaigns of Georgia Power, Visit Orlando, African Pride, Georgia Division of Family and Child Services, Humana, and more. 

“We are developing our own proprietary database of influencers that grows on a daily basis. We do not tap into other platforms; our iConnect influencer database is built from our own relationships and research. We have a team that is consistently looking for new and emerging influencers, even on the community level,” shared the CEO.

Even amid the pandemic, Isadora stops at nothing to help others, not only her clients from The iConnect Agency, but everyone who aims to learn more about effective influencer marketing. Recently, the CEO held two informative webinars entitled Considering Influencer Marketing? Eight Steps to an Influencer Marketing Program that Gets Results and Sleigh This Holiday Season with Influencer Marketing: 5 Predictions and How to Jump in Now.

Isadora was born and raised in New York City. She graduated with honors from Spelman College and earned an Executive MBA from the University of Georgia. The CEO is also a proud mother to her three children and a member of  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

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Patrick Gonzalez Jr: A Victim of a Corrupt Justice System

Wrongful conviction is a vice that has eaten deep into the justice system. It is particularly rampant among those who do not have a voice or whose track record stands against them. Some people have made it their duty to speak for those who have no voice, like Jimmie Staley and the case of Patrick Gonzalez Jr.

Jimmie Lee Staley is a private citizen with a keen interest in seeing justice prevail. She has been resilient in the pursuit of justice for a case that combines so many impeding factors; from mishandling of evidence to misconduct to dozens of professionals and experts turning a blind eye to the evidence, or lack thereof, in a 2009 murder case in Florida that attracted the death penalty. The man in question, who is presently on Death Row, is Leonard “Patrick” Gonzalez Jr.

Throughout her investigation, Staley uncovered a lot of information—not limited to this specific case—about the corrupt system that led to the injustice. As more issues were discovered in his search, more victims came forward to tell their stories. It was not long before Staley established a pattern: all of them were victims of corruption—the same circumstances that led to the wrongful conviction of Patrick Gonzalez. Patrick was convicted in three days without any substantial evidence linking him to the crime.

According to the media, Patrick Gonzalez Jr. was turned in by his father Leonard “Lenny” Gonzalez Sr. However, this seems utterly implausible on closer observation. Lenny Gonzalez, a motorcycle accident victim, suffers from organic brain damage, dementia, and paranoia/schizophrenia, which are all documented. He received SSI total disability for his mental incapacity. Yet his “confession” was said to have been elicited by the state attorney personally in a one-on-one interview that is unrecorded.

It should be noted that this confession came after three days of deputies’ interviews and was used to precipitate a narrative touted by two young black kids attempting to avoid lethal injection. The entirety of the case against Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. is based on these three confessions—from a dementia-ridden father and two frightened kids aged 16 and 19. It is quite clear that the law enforcement personnel’s operation method, in this case, is unprecedented.

Additionally, Staley found out that an individual was found in possession of a safe, which was taken from the scene of the crime, along with bloodied clothes used in the murder, the murder weapon, and other weapons used by accomplices to the crime. This man was given immunity yet never made any statement in court to the effect that Patrick Gonzalez Jr. was the culprit. The consensus by law enforcement professionals outside of the case was that he is an ATF Criminal informant who was being protected, as he was known to be a runner of guns to Mexico.

Wrongful conviction is a misfortune with far-reaching consequences, casting a shadow over the excellent work done by all those who uphold the law. It should be alarming that one need not look very far to come across someone who got a raw deal with the police. Locally, there is a lot of animosity for Patrick Gonzalez Jr., who has an unfavorable history with the community in the Pensacola area. Staley herself stated, “I knew Patrick before this. I didn’t like him, but everyone deserves a fair trial, and he most definitely did not get a fair trial. I cannot be sure of his innocence, but I am sure there is no evidence that he was involved in this crime.”

Despite this, Staley appears to be the only person willing to step up to the plate and demand that true justice run its course. She noted that a segment of the local community might feel differently but are unwilling to speak up for fear of retaliation from the Sherrif, who refers to the conviction of Patrick Gonzalez Jr. as his crowning achievement. Staley is bent on ensuring that due process is not denied to Patrick Gonzalez Jr. and that justice prevails. 

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