Mosunmola Michael Increases Educational Opportunities with Her Virtual Learning Platform ExcelMind

Everyone has the right to learn. But while there have already been several private and public initiatives to bring children and youth into school, we cannot fully control the unique circumstances that might affect each kid’s learning experience. French poet and novelist Anatole France once said, “Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.” Educationist and tech enthusiast Mosunmola Michael is among the many believers that quality education is one of the hallmarks of a prosperous nation. She vows to help her students succeed regardless of their particular conditions.

Mosunmola Michael has participated in several projects that make learning easy and accessible to students. She is a graduate of the Tai Solarin University of Education and has mentored and tutored thousands of students. Her decade-long experience in the public education sector and five years as an education officer for the Lagos State Government have allowed her to discover the concerning statistics regarding the failure of students who take entrance examinations into local and international universities.

This insight led her to start her initiative in her fight for quality education. She founded ExcelMind, a virtual learning platform that grants thousands of students access to relevant resources that will ultimately help them gain admission to their desired higher institutions and access scholarships. She shared her inspiration for this undertaking: “The idea was borne out of the zeal I have for the education sector, our youths, and the desire to contribute my quota to building Nigeria and add value to other users from the international community.”

ExcelMind has a very competitive subscription fee rate, ensuring students get much value for their money. Furthermore, the digital setup ensures that all materials are easily accessible, whether through a computer or mobile device, and therefore saves the students time searching for reliable review materials. Finally, the system uses past questions from over 20 internationally and locally recognized examinations and allows students to experience a real exam through a simulation developed by the company. This structure ensures that all students have had ample preparation and practice for their pending examinations.

This foolproof formula has led to an extraordinary success rate of over 80%, securing admission for over 100,000 students into their preferred learning institution. Moreover, some have even been awarded scholarships to various universities, especially abroad. In addition, Mosunmola Michael has simplified the registration process into three easy steps: logging on to ExcelMind, choosing the exam or test they are taking, and finally, subscribing and starting the learning process in the simulated digital environment.

Mosunmola and her team of experts behind ExcelMind take the extra mile in helping their students by offering personalized study plans and tailored instructions to meet their individual needs. Technology is a compelling driver that affects each child’s education and learning level. Mosunmola, powered by her relentless passion for quality and accessible education, has taken the available technological tools and has created a weapon of learning to wield as she furthers her cause for a brighter world led by empowered and accomplished individuals of the new generation.