Mohamed Abdelhay Is Carving a Niche For Himself In Creative Arts

Mohamed Abdelhay, a 24-year-old creative professional, has carved a niche for himself in the world of creativity. Starting from his passion for amateur photography using a smartphone to restoring the lost glory in the faded picture and distorted art, Mohamed Abdelhay is always busy doing creative stuff and making a difference.

Being a creative in this day and age requires consistent skill upgrades and creative explorations. That said, Abdelhay is exploring more about the intricacies of digital art. Many artists from around the world try to look for a new kind of digital art to make a difference. That is exactly what Abdelhay is trying to create. He makes use of computer graphics and photographs to manifest his creative desire through artistic endeavors. 

Because of this, many youths look up to him as their source of daily inspiration. Users regularly visit his Instagram Profile to delve deep into his creative world. He currently has over 174,000 followers on Instagram and growing. Mohamed Abdelhay shares his artistic portraits, edits, and other digital art frequently on his Instagram handle for fans and well-wishers. His Instagram has become his window for the world to see what’s new with his pursuit of artistry and creativity.

Mohamed Abdelhay also interacts with his fans and followers online, giving them vital inputs on how to succeed as an artist and carve out one’s independent path in the world of creativity. After all, he not only creates for art’s sake but also to make a difference in the world.

However, Abdelhay believes youth shouldn’t miss out on opting for specialization in their chosen subject or core areas of competence. For example, Mohamed Abdelhay completed his Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Designing following his academic degree in Business Administration from MSA University.  

Moreover, Mohamed Abdelhay also made a lot of collaborations with famous photographers and models. His work has reached prominent celebrities and has since catapulted his name in the network.

Mohamed Abdelhay believes in community services and giving back to society in whatever way he can. These days, he restores the old photographs of people using his artistic skills and imagination. 

He adds intuitive background in the image and does necessary photo-editing to make sure that the image looks more enticing and appealing to the eye. Most importantly, he does all this for free without charging anything from the people. 

People often put forward their requests to Mohamed Abdelhay regarding photo editing on social media. Mohamed Abdelhay values creativity, and most of the time, he fulfills his fans’ and followers’ requests. This restoration of old photographs has now become part of Abdelhay’s philanthropy.

Believing that such old and distorted photographs have great sentimental value, he painstakingly restores colours and put background on them. This shows his tendency to serve others and also play his role in social work.

 Abdelhay believes Egypt is a virtual kaleidoscope of history and natural beauty. He now aims to make the nation famous through his digital art. He is already working in this direction.

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