Mohamed Abdelhay Is Carving a Niche For Himself In Creative Arts

Mohamed Abdelhay, a 24-year-old creative professional, has carved a niche for himself in the world of creativity. Starting from his passion for amateur photography using a smartphone to restoring the lost glory in the faded picture and distorted art, Mohamed Abdelhay is always busy doing creative stuff and making a difference.

Being a creative in this day and age requires consistent skill upgrades and creative explorations. That said, Abdelhay is exploring more about the intricacies of digital art. Many artists from around the world try to look for a new kind of digital art to make a difference. That is exactly what Abdelhay is trying to create. He makes use of computer graphics and photographs to manifest his creative desire through artistic endeavors. 

Because of this, many youths look up to him as their source of daily inspiration. Users regularly visit his Instagram Profile to delve deep into his creative world. He currently has over 174,000 followers on Instagram and growing. Mohamed Abdelhay shares his artistic portraits, edits, and other digital art frequently on his Instagram handle for fans and well-wishers. His Instagram has become his window for the world to see what’s new with his pursuit of artistry and creativity.

Mohamed Abdelhay also interacts with his fans and followers online, giving them vital inputs on how to succeed as an artist and carve out one’s independent path in the world of creativity. After all, he not only creates for art’s sake but also to make a difference in the world.

However, Abdelhay believes youth shouldn’t miss out on opting for specialization in their chosen subject or core areas of competence. For example, Mohamed Abdelhay completed his Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Designing following his academic degree in Business Administration from MSA University.  

Moreover, Mohamed Abdelhay also made a lot of collaborations with famous photographers and models. His work has reached prominent celebrities and has since catapulted his name in the network.

Mohamed Abdelhay believes in community services and giving back to society in whatever way he can. These days, he restores the old photographs of people using his artistic skills and imagination. 

He adds intuitive background in the image and does necessary photo-editing to make sure that the image looks more enticing and appealing to the eye. Most importantly, he does all this for free without charging anything from the people. 

People often put forward their requests to Mohamed Abdelhay regarding photo editing on social media. Mohamed Abdelhay values creativity, and most of the time, he fulfills his fans’ and followers’ requests. This restoration of old photographs has now become part of Abdelhay’s philanthropy.

Believing that such old and distorted photographs have great sentimental value, he painstakingly restores colours and put background on them. This shows his tendency to serve others and also play his role in social work.

 Abdelhay believes Egypt is a virtual kaleidoscope of history and natural beauty. He now aims to make the nation famous through his digital art. He is already working in this direction.

The Momentum Agency Uses Interactive Quizzes to Accelerate Lead Generation and Increase Consumer Conversion

The Momentum Agency is the go-to service provider for lead generation, particularly for the interactive quizzes niche. CEO and Founder, Tai Goodwin, also known as The Quiz Queen, created the agency to help more women gain visibility in the business world, grow their brands, and receive training as digital marketers.

Through their Quiz and Grow Rich Academy, the Agency delivers unparalleled training in using quizzes for marketing. Goodwin has more than 20 years of experience creating learning experiences for Fortune 500 companies and technology start-ups, such as Barnes & Noble, CA Technologies, and Leadpages.

Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, these empowered women struggle with getting their content in front of their target audience. Goodwin knows that The Momentum Agency can provide these entrepreneurs with guidance in implementation and execution — the areas that keep them from scaling their businesses. Committed to maintaining long-term relationships with their clients, the agency positions itself as a collaborative partner.

The Black-woman-owned industry leader specializes in lead generation, email marketing, and quiz funnels. The Momentum Agency combines technology, education, and data-based strategies to help clients profit more while working less. The team achieves these results by turning their clients’ email lists into multiple 5-figure income streams.

Interactive quizzes are often overlooked as an effective way to generate leads and convert customers. Traditional passive PDF quizzes provide a great start for most businesses, but interactive lead generation strategies like quizzes result in up to two times more conversion. Employing this cutting-edge option, The Momentum Agency has quickly broken through the digital marketing industry.

So far, beauty brands have benefited the most from The Momentum Agency’s innovative solutions. Tai Goodwin and her dedicated team get more leads while gathering better data. Equipped with rich information collected by the agency, these brands can quickly increase customer engagement and service personalization. In addition, The Momentum Agency has also started diving into the SaaS (Software as a Service) space. Goodwin’s background in instructional design is uniquely compatible with developing models to deliver software and applications to users over the internet. This platform allows customers to go straight from quizzes to selling courses with maximum convenience and minimal effort.

“In a world where everybody is getting online, our quizzes help brands stand out,” says Tai Goodwin. She adds, “Quizzes are the new webinar, and entrepreneurs serious about scaling their business don’t want to be the last one on the train with this strategy.” Goodwin is passionate about seeing more Black women in the marketing technology space. On a more personal level, she wanted to create a model for her daughter to witness the possibilities she can achieve in life. The company actively engages in philanthropic work by creating grants for women who want to receive digital marketing training.

The Momentum Agency is looking to partner with coaches, consultants, and course creators who want to create recurring revenue by monetizing their expertise with digital products. 

For more information, visit The Momentum Agency’s website.

Viviana Puello: Meet the Art and Business Magnate Successfully Building Her Legacy in Multiple Industries

Milestone after milestone, Viviana Puello has dominated the art and entrepreneurial arenas for several years now. Today, the award-winning artist proudly celebrates the 10th anniversary of her revolutionary multimedia platform, ArtTour International. But aside from her industry-leading platform, Viviana never fails to grab all other opportunities to create limitless possibilities for people in the artistic arena. 

Viviana Puello-Grimandi is a renowned award-winning artist, entrepreneur, art business expert, coach, and writer. She is the visionary founder and CEO of ArtTour International, the leading multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide. As a marketing maven, she has helped hundreds of talented artists transition from their nine to give lifestyle to become full-time art entrepreneurs. She also leads a workshop called “Debunking the Myth of Starving Artist,” where she helps aspiring artists in marketing their artwork, establishing a successful art business, and the importance of keeping an inspiration-based career.

On top of her business endeavors, she is also the host of the ArtTour International television series, where she travels to more than 50 cities across the globe to support artists and help emerging art organizations. She also founded “Artists for a Green Planet” and “Create4peace,” which provide a voice for artist-activists. Moreover, Viviana Puello also established Vivid Arts Network, an international art event platform offering artists the opportunity to expand their artistic reach by exploring the art scenes in different parts of the world. 

Through the years, Viviana Puello has received a plethora of awards and accolades, including the First time Director and Top Documentary Awards for “Kintsugi: The Line of Destiny,” a striking film that compels the audience to pursue an environment-conscious lifestyle. Her success as an art entrepreneur also landed her in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2020 by New York Weekly. 

Today, Viviana Puello proudly celebrates the 10th year of ArtTour International with the launch of a special issue. The cover features the founder and Editor-in-Chief sitting on a set of her creations. The attention-grabbing image depicts a scene that genuinely reveals ArtTour International’s journey in the last ten years. Everything was chosen to share the extraordinary journey ArtTour International, and her creators have traveled throughout the last decade to share this anniversary issue with you. “Everything you see on the cover has meaning and is part of the deep spiritual journey of life,” she shares.

To welcome 2021, Viviana Puello launched her new podcast, The Winner’s Journey, just last January. Inspired by the celebrities, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and award-winning professionals she has crossed paths with, she decided to launch her podcast as an avenue to share these successful individuals’ journeys, challenges, strategies, and secrets to success. In line with this, she, along with 25 other empowered women, co-authored the Amazon best-seller book entitled “You Were Made to be Unstoppable,” which connects readers to women who have endured life battles as they struggle to take their power back and live their purpose in the world.  

Indeed, Viviana Puello has a never-ending list of proactive endeavors in different industries. But in all these undertakings, her vision remains the same, and that is to provide a voice to the voiceless and a platform where talented artists are inspired and empowered. 

Learn more about Viviana Puello by visiting her official website, the ArtTour International Website, or follow her on social media, @vivianapuelloart. 

Learn How to Elevate Your Business with Dave Supinger

Nowadays, working a 9-5 job gets exhausting, dull and even though it takes up most of our time, we still don’t earn enough. This is one of the main reasons why people decide to take a leap of faith and start their own businesses. However, in this competitive world, it’s not bad to have help and guidance when starting your own ventures. 

Dave Supinger has been an entrepreneur through and through. He began when he was little by selling things on eBay and at the age of 18 he had his first successful business while he was still in his senior year of high school. 

From there he moved then became a  door to door and phone salesperson. There he really developed his leadership skills, which lead him into management and supervisor positions.

In 2016, he decided to take on a side business that has grown into over $300k in sales that year, and in 2018 grew to $2.4M. Now, Supinger has built successful eBay, Amazon, Etsy, WordPress, and Shopify businesses for not only for himself but also for others. 

But, his journey was not a walk in the park. Just like any others who are starting their businesses, Dave Supinger faced his fair share of hardships and bumps from competitor attacks, to lack of supply for the demand of his products. Supinger has not had it easy. 

But despite all of these hardships, Dave Supinger did not lose faith, instead, he took these as learning experiences to help him grow and become more successful. And to pay it forward, Supinger started helping others achieve success through Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify by launching his coaching services.

Through his 90-day one-on-one Amazon business coaching, Dave Supinger takes you through the steps of sourcing a product, to branding your product to launching on Amazon. Students have weekly accountability, weekly one-on-one coaching calls, and mini-training to complete the homework during the week. But unlike any other coaching and mentoring, Dave Supinger’s course is not set at the student’s pace. Based on experience, if someone takes a step by step course on their own they have a tendency not to finish it but through one-on-one coaching sessions, students are given accountability and are pushed hard to achieve their goals.

So if you are a 9-5 who wants to leave their job and start a business let Dave Supinger coach you into success and start that venture you’ve been dreaming about.

To know more about Dave Supinger and what he does you may visit his website at or follow him on Instagram (@davesup).