Ki’s Kloset Takes Center Stage With its Dedication Toward a More Inclusive and Gender-Neutral Fashion Industry

Gender binary clothes have long existed hand in hand with societal norms and traditional gender concepts, limiting the ability of people falling under some areas in the gender spectrum to express themselves fully. But, today’s fashion industry has taken great strides to reflect the increase in awareness about the negative impact of gender binary roles as well as to support the movement toward inclusivity. One leading brand that has made it its mission to revolutionize the industry is Ki’s Kloset, and since its establishment, it has taken center stage for its unique, high-end offerings.

Even from a young age, people are already boxed into a mold dictated by society. Baby girls are gifted with pink clothes and given dolls to play with, while boys are told that there are specific colors and styles that they should not touch even with a ten-foot pole. But, California-based Ki’s Kloset seeks to address these restrictions through its work in the fashion industry. 

Founded in 2020 by Millie McKean, Ki’s Kloset, LLC grew from a seedling of a vision of conquering fashion barriers into a full-blown institution that is now making waves. Lovingly created by a mother determined to provide a future of endless fashion choices for her son, Ki, this acclaimed gender-neutral kids clothing brand does not categorize products as “for-boys” and “for-girls,” moving away from tradition. 

Throughout its rise to the summit, Ki’s Kloset has impressed customers and industry peers alike for its commitment to clothing children with top-notch apparel. More impressively, this eco-friendly brand has propelled itself even further to the forefront of the fashion scene for the 100% recyclable, vegan, and cruelty-free materials that stand at the core of its production. 

Ki’s Kloset takes pride in the direct and concrete relationship that it has built with the manufacturers and vendors, which allows this brainchild of Millie McKean to ensure accuracy and quality control. Everything that is released from its inventory is guaranteed to become an instant favorite among customers, and this focus on quality lies as one reason behind its supremacy. 

Highly driven by the goal to obtain customers and not orders, Ki’s Kloset goes all out in highlighting its main competitive advantage — its ability to sell fashion solutions. As a gender-neutral and eco-friendly brand, it manages to hit so many birds with its unique, bold, and edgy pieces of clothing that are designed to make wearers stand out among the crowd. Moreover, in line with the company’s dedication to offering recyclable and reusable offerings, all of the jeans available in its store contains a concealed, built-in, and adjustable elastic belt.

Ki’s Kloset has reached impressive heights within the industry as a relatively young brand. In the short amount of time since its launch, it has cemented its position and continues to be a force. It will remain passionate about giving children a more comprehensive set of options beyond what is available due to predominant gender roles in the coming years. At the same time, it hopes to contribute to a future marked by inclusivity. 

Learn more about Ki’s Kloset by visiting its website and Instagram page. 

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