Ken Gordon on Telling Tales That Matter and Sharing Stories of Victory and Optimism

At any given time, various channels are utilized to inspire change and impact people and communities for the better. There are emerging household names who wield the power of the digital space to send across important messages. Some opt to launch purpose-driven ventures while others capitalize on their arsenal of skills and talents, such as singing, dancing, acting, and more to amass influence, using their reach to make a difference. In the case of Reverend Ken Gordon, he puts into words the life lessons that have helped him get to where he is right now, and through his books, he does not only shed light on relevant issues but also underscores the massive potential people have for growth. 

This widely-acknowledged author is a pastor, community servant, business executive, husband, and father whose passion-fueled endeavors speak of his dedication to being at the service of others. Ken Gordon graduated from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in International Law and Military Affairs and pursued his Master’s in Church Administration, Doctorate in Communication, and a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling from the James Dussault University.  

Over the years, Ken Gordon has managed to establish a reputation as an enabler of success. The pastor, who is also a highly sought-after speaker on leadership, public service, civil rights, youth mentoring, and community engagement, gained recognition by hosting a weekly radio show together with his wife. Running from October 2018 to October 2020, the “Commitments with Ken + Leslie” Show focused on guiding those experiencing life challenges to find hope, healing, and help. The show covered relevant topics such as divorce, racism, mental illness, producing positive relationships, healthy eating, and more. 

Speaking engagements were not the only avenues where Ken Gordon offered much-needed insights. Through his books, this esteemed personality has explored the challenges that may hinder people from building the life they want for themselves, prompting readers to determine the difference between being a victor and a victim in the face of these hardships. 

Every book released by the pastor is marked with a palpable emphasis on triumph and conquering over complaining and brooding. “They are about recognizing that there is something bigger than you which is afoot in this world and we are all responsible participants who can choose to make this world better,” shares Ken Gordon. 

The creative mind and skillful hands of this respected author have produced the award-winning book, “Divorced But Still Dad — Faith Principles of Fatherhood for Divorced Men,” as well as the recently released books, “The Love of a Father — Faith Principles of the Power of a Father’s Love,” and “Bad Dogs — A Black Cadet Dixie.” Currently, Ken Gordon is working on a 12-book children’s series about a father’s engagement with his children, with the first book, “Pancake Dad,” set for launch in March 2021.

Ken’s inventory of books draws inspiration from actual events and experiences shared by many, including his own.  In spite of the long history of pain, agony, abuse, and a complete lack of empathy afforded to Black people, Ken highlights victory and optimism in “Bad Dogs: A Black Cadet in Dixie”, a book inspired by true events.  His other two releases rely on scripture and personal reflections to shatter long held myths about men. 

In the coming years, Ken Gordon will continue telling tales, imparting truths that matter, and sharing stories with a strategic frankness that encourages all to keep hammering away and moving forward.

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