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With digital documentation on the rise, it may seem like the need for printed paper is a thing of the past. For many small businesses, this is far from the truth. In fact, 8 in 10 small businesses around the world rely on printers to perform daily operations, and 50% say they would not be able to operate without one. Businesses in the auto, finance, and law fields can print hundreds of documents each day!

Many businesses choose to continue printing documents because readers are able to understand information better from physical copies than they do digitally. Printed paper encourages longer attention spans and stronger working memory, which can be very important when clients are looking over contracts or other important documents from a business. 

Small businesses utilizing printers so much each day can pose problems, though. Many standard printers use ink cartridges which need to be replaced often and can be very expensive. Less than 50% of these cartridges are reused or recycled after they are used and can cause major problems for the environment. 

 Aside from environmental concerns, some printers can actually pose a security threat.Many internet-connected printers are unsecured, leaving the entire network of a business vulnerable to potential cybersecurity threats. In fact, 2021 saw attacks on devices double, with many businesses experiencing serious consequences.

What’s more, many small business owners make the mistake of purchasing consumer grade printers rather than investing in a business printer. As a result, 53% of owners own printers that break once a month or more. This can lead to significant costs when looking to either repair or replace the printer. While waiting for repairs, documentation is stalled and can lead to serious back-ups within businesses that rely on printed papers. 

To avoid these problems, it is important to find a small business printer that is built to withstand the needs of a small business.

An important aspect of a business printer is the warranty. Consumer-grade printers have little to no warranty period, which leaves owners having to cover maintenance fees. Shopping directly from a business printer manufacturer’s website provides the best warranty, shipping, and support. These printers are also made of much more durable materials and are sustainable in even the most high use businesses.

Laser printers are a great choice for small businesses. While traditional ink cartridges use expensive and non-sustainable cartridges, laser printers are a cheap and sustainable option. Laser toner is significantly cheaper than ink, and it does not dry up or expire after long periods of time. When businesses are printing hundreds of papers each day, it is important to make sure there is no risk of ink cartridges running out, and laser printers can guarantee that. 

Consumer-grade printers just aren’t built to handle the needs of small businesses. Small business owners already juggle so much each day, finding reliable office equipment should not be a difficult task. Investing in a high-quality business printer can ensure that your small business is staying on top of their documentation and running as efficiently as possible. Learn more on what to look for in a business printer in the infographic below:

How to choose a printer for small business? Laser vs ink? How much your new, local business will print? See the infographic developed by Nowsourcing for Lexmark GOLine.

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