Jennifer Eden, Co-Founder of Tampon Tribe, on Why Quality Always Matters

Jennifer Eden, co-founder of Tampon Tribe, has a strong dedication to not only providing accessibility to organic period care products, but also to sourcing only the best ingredients. These values she continuously seeks to uphold, as it personally resonates with her to create quality care products. This ideology stems back to when Eden first dreamt up Tampon Tribe and what the brand would mean to the sustainable period care industry.

When Eden and her business partner Gaby Alves arrived in the United States, they made taking walks on the local California beaches one of their most frequented pastimes. While the sunsets were beautiful, the amount of trash they came across was not. Shocked by how much litter would accumulate daily on the beach, an idea sparked inside of the entrepreneurs. Their passion for elevating women’s health coupled with their desire to help the environment led to the creation of Tampon Tribe, set on providing women access to quality period care products with inclusivity and diversity in mind. Where other brands lacked, Tampon Tribe picked up the slack to make sure that all their products were good for not only the body, but also the environment. This meant that Tampon Tribe had to stick to strict product quality requirements in order to be able to label all their products as organic, which is something Eden is proud of. “We only use certified organic cotton. There’s a big difference between a product having an organic cotton label on it and using an element of organic cotton. We don’t have any SAPs, chemicals, and all our organic cotton is GOTS and ICA certified,” Eden explains. She said those seeking out organic companies can sometimes become confused or even unintentionally misled by other companies’ labeling. “…the way that we stand out is by being super authentic and working only with organic and plastic free products,” Eden states. She goes on to say that Tampon Tribe is proudly a 100% plastic free company, proving how dedicated the company is to the health of people’s bodies and the health of our planet.

Tampon Tribe goes one step further when it comes to quality ingredients and sustainability, making sure that all their partnerships have the same values in mind. This means that brands, industries, and organizations have to go through an approval phase before working with Tampon Tribe. Eden explains that developing these types of partnerships are one of the key reasons that Tampon Tribe is able to scale it’s operations and expand their product line to appeal to a wider audience range. “They’re all really focused on improving people’s health and ensuring that the highest quality products are either in their bathrooms or important to the partnerships they also provide,” Eden states. She goes on to say that they enjoy forming these long standing relationships with brands that are conscientious of the impact they are having on the environment, as well as the ingredients and materials they are providing to their customers. Eden mentions that the company strives to be completely transparent about what is in their products, as well as the quality-testing that each product receives. Tampon Tribe is active in the local Los Angeles community and can be found at events, as well as panels. Eden plans on continuing to garner feedback from the local community, as well as customers, to enhance products and continue to lead with inclusion in mind.

Eden is excited for the future of Tampon Tribe, and the recent launch of their new absorbent underwear line called Asher’s. The company wanted to create an underwear that was both comfortable and functional, but steer away from a grandmother style of underwear and instead appeal to their diverse audience. She describes this new launch as truly combining tech and textiles together to create a really innovative period care product. “The way they look and feel and move with your body is just something that hasn’t been done before,” Eden states. The line will be anti-odor, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. She mentions that the underwear line, featuring top-tier fabrics, will be perfect for periods and those experiencing light bladder leaks. Asher’s are currently available online and in stores soon.