Impactful Solutions Academy Turns Small Enterprises Into Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

Growing a small business into a big empire is no easy feat. Challenges can emerge here and there. In most cases, many business owners feel stuck at times. In other words, sales are decreasing, staffing employees become difficult, or customer retention is nonexistent. Unable to overcome these obstacles can lead to stagnation or worse, bankruptcy. When this happens, business owners need a new perspective from a professional to successfully re-energize the business. Impactful Solutions Academy is a good place to turn to, as the organization provides business owners growth solution strategies based on the needs of the business to generate more leads, command higher prices, and generate high profits.

Impactful Solutions Academy works with a variety of small business enterprises and helps them see new opportunities for their businesses to thrive. Fully managed by its founder Raymond Baxter, he spearheads giving start-up businesses the necessary tips, tools, and techniques to support their needs. Famously known as Coach Ray, he is no rookie to the entrepreneurship scene. He has been in the financial sector of business management for more than three decades. He experienced first-hand economic downturns, business failures, and even the success of IPO’s and start-up businesses that he takes part in. It cannot be doubted his experience in the subject-matter is immensely helpful for business owners setting up their first business venture.

At Impactful Solutions Academy, coaching sessions are done one on one with Coach Ray. The reason behind this is to easily pinpoint the obstacle hampering business owners realize their full potential. Coach Ray will then assist the entrepreneurs in the form of developing compelling offers, creating immediate sales, and mapping out the sales process to eliminate gaps, hence producing profits the business can handle. Coach consults with his clients using a proprietary E-Learning Marketing System which has been utilized by more than 5000 small businesses across the globe. To this date, many business professionals consider it as the most powerful client attraction program available anywhere today.

Moreover, starting entrepreneurs can avail free services from Impactful Solutions Academy. In their other website called My Brand Strategist, Coach Ray gives out a free marketing evaluator that assesses if the business’ market strategy has a chance of converting leads into prospects. Not just that but the site provides a free ebook wherein one can get advice on how to triple the current number of leads, double the sales, and increase annual revenue by $50,000 or more without spending any cent on marketing or advertising. 

Aside from being a highly accomplished CEO, Coach Ray is also a multifaceted professional. He has earned his Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification in Project Management and is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. He is a proud graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in Economics and Finance. Currently, he is working on completing his Ph.D. in Finance. Aside from that, he also has a podcast called Coach Ray Speaks in which he tackles the survival of small enterprises in America by looking at their successes and failures. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to have an insightful coaching session with Ray Baxter. Visit Impactful Solutions Academy’s website and Facebook page.

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