Heather Asiyanbi Helps Authors Write Their Stories with “Pens and Proof” Editing Services

Seasoned community journalist, content writer, and editor Heather Asiyanbi works with authors to bring their vision to life. Through Pens and Proof editing services she works closely with authors from the concept to completion  so their manuscripts are ready for formatting and publishing. Heather helps authors step out of their comfort zone by asking questions so they dig deep and produce work that resonates with readers long after they turn the final page.  

Heather founded Pens and Proof in August 2020 as a side business after more than 20 years as a community journalist, editor, marketer, and public relations professional. In the end, however, she realized she derives her greatest joy by editing, coaching, and ghostwriting. In February 2021, she jumped at the opportunity to work Pens and Proof full time, and it was one of the best decisions she’s made thus far.

Heather edits children’s books and heavy adult memoirs from predominantly female authors, which can make her days an odd combination of serious emotional baggage lightened up by whimsical rhymes about teddy bears. To date, she has completed editing two anthologies, a dozen children’s stories, and three ghostwriting projects of between 30,000 and 50,000 words each.

While Heather has spent the most part of her adult life writing content, from feature stories to blog posts, marketing materials, and press releases, she got burned out, prompting her to shift her focus to editing. She later realized that she experiences a unique kind of satisfaction when helping authors polish their work before publication. 

“Helping authors bring their stories fully to life is a feeling I struggle to describe. We work together to create a complete narrative that leaves their audiences happy they invested their time. To hear the joy in my clients’ voices when they hold a completed manuscript in their figurative hands makes every comma splice, each errant apostrophe, and all the contraction confusion absolutely worth the effort we pour into the work,” Heather said. 

As part of her services, Heather also writes press releases for the authors she works with to help them market their books strategically. Her marketing and public relations experience enables her to empower her authors to take a bold approach to promoting their books, from tapping into social media channels to appearing in the local news and holding book signing events at local bookstores, among others. 

Heather looks forward to the next couple of years as she continues to expand Pens and Proof. She envisions her business transforming into an independent publishing outfit that offers authors a one-stop shop for all their editing, coaching, ghostwriting, marketing, and public relations needs. Additionally, she plans to use Pens and Proof as an avenue for authors to learn how they can use their books to develop multiple streams of income. 

Find out more about Pens and Proof by visiting its websiteFacebook, and Instagram pages.

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