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The health and fitness industry was among those greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the internationally enforced guidelines to ensure national safety, often crowded and closed spaces such as wellness establishments, sports centers, and gyms have been shut down.

Although the measures employed were dedicated to the public good, countless health-conscious individuals were at a loss. With wellness and fitness hubs under lock and key, where would they go? Ricky and Jill Howard suggest asking

A groundbreaking venture from Ricky and Jill Howard’s innovative minds, is a renowned and widely-admired program in the wellness industry. Conceptualized in 2018, the pioneering company first thought of starting their operations focusing only on helping entrepreneurs promote their gyms online.

However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and rammed straight into the health and fitness sector, causing pillars to crumble down, Ricky and Jill knew it was time to build a better platform.

“Once COVID hit, we saw a much bigger need for businesses all across the health and fitness space,” they recall. “Seeing the industry suffer through shutdowns prompted us to develop our idea into something much bigger and to answer promptly to a desperate call for action.”

Taking and using it as the foundation of the health and fitness industry’s historic transition online and into relevance. Assisting their fellow entrepreneurs back on their feet and leading wandering clients into wellness havens, the dynamic duo got to work.

Ricky and Jill Howard reconstructed and developed to their satisfaction. Finally, it was three seconds to launch. Blasting into the sky and heading straight for cloud nine, the improved venture was an immediate success. is a marketing platform for health and fitness-related needs. “Our mission is to help businesses in this space thrive and keep their doors open,” Ricky and Jill state. “Our platform offers exposure to a much more targeted market, at a much lower cost than your typical marketing.”

The brilliant pair’s strategy has significantly reduced mass marketing costs and funnel efforts to an identified and specific market at considerably lower rates. Under their leadership, the new and improved program offers a unique opportunity to support health and fitness businesses amid the unprecedented health crisis and after.

“By eliminating the high cost and time associated with typical marketing, our services allow for the business to be more easily found, and allow business owners to spend less time marketing and more time fine-tuning and building their product or service.”

On, business owners are given a profile page to style with photos, videos, and discussions on their products and services. On the page, entrepreneurs should promote their brand and emphasize what sets them apart from their competitors.

Similar to any marketing material, the profile page is a crucial factor in attracting clients. Browsing through a wide selection of wellness products, services, and amenities in their area, individuals will get to select their “best fit” health and fitness center by visiting’s generated pages. 

Using the program’s convenient and user-friendly platform in the comfort of their homes helps wellness companies follow the enforced safety measures. Without the need to physically visit the available fitness spaces, clients do not risk contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Bridging both the service to the seeker and vice versa, has become a steady foundation for the healing fitness industry. By keeping businesses and individuals healthy and in shape, the program continues to be one of the driving forces holding the wellness sector above water.

Introducing welcome innovations that progress the industry, will stay relevant amid and after the devastating pandemic. Stay updated on the program’s continued efforts to support the health and fitness sector and its citizens. Follow on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or visit its official website

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