Keeps Individuals and Wellness Companies in Tip-Top Shape

The health and fitness industry was among those greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the internationally enforced guidelines to ensure national safety, often crowded and closed spaces such as wellness establishments, sports centers, and gyms have been shut down.

Although the measures employed were dedicated to the public good, countless health-conscious individuals were at a loss. With wellness and fitness hubs under lock and key, where would they go? Ricky and Jill Howard suggest asking

A groundbreaking venture from Ricky and Jill Howard’s innovative minds, is a renowned and widely-admired program in the wellness industry. Conceptualized in 2018, the pioneering company first thought of starting their operations focusing only on helping entrepreneurs promote their gyms online.

However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and rammed straight into the health and fitness sector, causing pillars to crumble down, Ricky and Jill knew it was time to build a better platform.

“Once COVID hit, we saw a much bigger need for businesses all across the health and fitness space,” they recall. “Seeing the industry suffer through shutdowns prompted us to develop our idea into something much bigger and to answer promptly to a desperate call for action.”

Taking and using it as the foundation of the health and fitness industry’s historic transition online and into relevance. Assisting their fellow entrepreneurs back on their feet and leading wandering clients into wellness havens, the dynamic duo got to work.

Ricky and Jill Howard reconstructed and developed to their satisfaction. Finally, it was three seconds to launch. Blasting into the sky and heading straight for cloud nine, the improved venture was an immediate success. is a marketing platform for health and fitness-related needs. “Our mission is to help businesses in this space thrive and keep their doors open,” Ricky and Jill state. “Our platform offers exposure to a much more targeted market, at a much lower cost than your typical marketing.”

The brilliant pair’s strategy has significantly reduced mass marketing costs and funnel efforts to an identified and specific market at considerably lower rates. Under their leadership, the new and improved program offers a unique opportunity to support health and fitness businesses amid the unprecedented health crisis and after.

“By eliminating the high cost and time associated with typical marketing, our services allow for the business to be more easily found, and allow business owners to spend less time marketing and more time fine-tuning and building their product or service.”

On, business owners are given a profile page to style with photos, videos, and discussions on their products and services. On the page, entrepreneurs should promote their brand and emphasize what sets them apart from their competitors.

Similar to any marketing material, the profile page is a crucial factor in attracting clients. Browsing through a wide selection of wellness products, services, and amenities in their area, individuals will get to select their “best fit” health and fitness center by visiting’s generated pages. 

Using the program’s convenient and user-friendly platform in the comfort of their homes helps wellness companies follow the enforced safety measures. Without the need to physically visit the available fitness spaces, clients do not risk contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Bridging both the service to the seeker and vice versa, has become a steady foundation for the healing fitness industry. By keeping businesses and individuals healthy and in shape, the program continues to be one of the driving forces holding the wellness sector above water.

Introducing welcome innovations that progress the industry, will stay relevant amid and after the devastating pandemic. Stay updated on the program’s continued efforts to support the health and fitness sector and its citizens. Follow on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or visit its official website

Kevon Daley and Daley Strength Lab on Going Beyond the Physical in Fitness

Most fitness experts focus on the health and result of their studies, practices, and exercise regimen. However, Kevon Daley likes to emphasize the importance of exercise as a means of healing. He has developed a philosophy that aligns with his belief in optimizing human performance.

Kevon Daley, also known as Coach K, is a well-known coach in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Exercise Science. Passionate about health, Daley went on to become a Certified EXOS Performance Specialist. From there, he would amass over thirteen years of experience in the field, developing his skillset to heal those in pain through corrective exercise, mobility, and defining better habits for each of his clients.

The fitness coach carries a philosophy of movement as he believes that everyone is meant to move like an athlete in their own right. Daley was blessed to study the brightest minds and coaches of the highest strength level in the industry, and he was able to create a path for his clients to develop the habits of a high-performing athlete. Seeing his clients do things they never thought they could or would again gave Daley the satisfaction and motivation to continue in his career and help people with their goals, be it weight loss, hypertrophy, mobility, or gain more energy.

Kevon Daley would then launch his company Daley Strength Lab based on a fundamental understanding of how human performance can be optimized. While looking nice and fitting into clothes we like are confidence boosters, Daley strives to help people develop the proper habits to fuel the body correctly, recover optimally, increase their sense of mental space, feel great, and move well.

As a coach, Daley takes a holistic approach to fine-tuning the basics of his clients’ foundation. He often starts with a proper assessment to know their goals, why they want to achieve them, and understand how their bodies move. Daley offers a six-week jumpstart program that is habit/nutrition-based and focusing on resetting the digestive system. Daley Strength Lab offers a 90-day transformation program composed of mindset, nutrition, activity, and recovery for people looking for something more personalized with a full accountability aspect.

What makes Daley such an incredible coach is his passion for the human body. He has the ability to apply everything he learned over the years from continuing education and experience of many different body types allows him to take a detailed approach with anyone who works with him. Daley takes pride in the responsibility of his client’s well being and anything he puts out into the world to provide others with accurate information.

Although he has already significantly contributed to the fitness industry, Kevon Daley still feels he has a lot more to offer. He not only wants to help others reach their goals; Daley wants to help his fellow coaches in the field. With a saturated field in the online market, the fitness expert intends to elevate the market to explode even more. Daley sees himself as the go-to guy for different training models and helping thousands whether they’re online or in person.

To learn more about Kevon “Coach K” Daley, you may visit his website. Daley can also be reached through Instagram or Twitter.

Sweat It Out Podcast is Quickly Rising as the Top Discussion Hub for Health, Fitness, and Entrepreneurship

With a vision to encourage, motivate, and inspire people to maximize their potentials to the highest level, Anthony Mendez and Josh Evans took the initiative to establish a discussion hub where thought-provoking conversations can take place, and listeners can gain insights and inspiration. The iconic duo spearheads the Sweat It Out podcast as the best avenue for health, fitness, and entrepreneurship discussions.

Sweat It Out is a rising platform where hosts discuss educational, high-energy, health-driven, business-hungry, and high-value-hitting topics. Each conversation is designed to impact people’s lives in the most positive ways possible by helping them discover and maximize their true potentials in life.

The two visionaries behind the rising podcast movement are Anthony Mendez and Josh Evans. Both professionals have worked in the health and fitness industry for more than 11 years, respectively. Throughout a decade in their career, each of them has mastered the ins and outs of the health and fitness business industry. The two hosts have championed leading a high-performing business. 

As their way of giving back to the community, Anthony and Josh have committed to helping others achieve their fitness and business goals through the Sweat It Out podcast. The vision behind the podcast is geared towards guiding people in maintaining success and happiness in life. The discussions take into account how uncomfortability, failure and other challenges ultimately lead to success. It also serves to remind listeners about the immense control they have over their lives and the decisions they take in pursuing their goals. 

In the podcast, Anthony and Josh dive up-close and personal into their experiences. From massive challenges and failures to small and large victories, they discuss everything to deliver an impactful insight on how intention can be set for lofty goals. The hosts will discuss different ways of achieving anything a person puts his or her mind into through determination and coming up with a plan of action. 

On top of being informative, educational, and insightful, the podcast ensures delivering entertaining episodes, bringing the best and the brightest professionals in their respective fields to fuel the discussions and provide access into the daily life of high-performing entrepreneurs. Top entrepreneurs and personalities such as David Meltzer, Kevin Curry, Michael Chernow, Tim Kennedy, and more have been featured in the podcast and have discussed the different formulas they have used to attain their version of success. Some of the most notable sessions include those with American Football star Chris Gronkowski, leading sports specialist Dr. John Rusin, Kettlebell Kings’ Master Trainer Marcus Martinez, coach Kenny Santucci, and many more.

Indeed, Sweat It Out is quickly becoming the top health and fitness podcast as it gains thousands of listeners from different parts of the world. Its recent inception has not stopped it from gradually becoming a household name in the podcast arena and making a lasting impact on its listeners. 

To know more about the Sweat It Out podcast and its engaging sessions featuring the best of the best, you may check it out on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

Wladimir Salas Sheds Light on Fitness, Growth, and Hope

Ambitions, interests, and life experiences have proven to dictate the path of some of today’s most successful individuals. For fitness authority Wladimir Salas, he can trace his journey to the summit of the wellness industry back to the time he spent being stifled in a corporate environment that no longer fed his soul and aligned with his values. On a mission to inspire go-getters and dreamers with his story, this visionary leader shows what courage and strength can do. 

Like most people, Wladimir Salas used to be afraid of stepping away from his comfort zone. True enough, familiarity has a way of offering a sense of stability that people would generally not stray away from. But after realizing how staying in his safe bubble can lead to complacency in the long run, Wladimir broke free from the shackles of the familiar and set out to turn his dreams into an ultimate reality. 

Being immensely fueled by his desire to succeed, Wladimir Salas dove into the enthralling world of fitness and wellness. It may have taken him longer than others to achieve his goals, but this ball of fire is out to prove that it is never too late to start pursuing one’s passion. According to him, there is always room for growth. 

Born in Venezuela, Wladimir Salas is now residing in Miami Beach, Florida, where he owns and runs a personal training company called Wlaminca Fitness. As an establishment offering both online and face-to-face services, his brainchild wants nothing more than what is most convenient for its clients. 

For the past six years, Wladimir Salas has been furthering his education as a fitness professional with organizations like Onnit Academy, Precision Nutrition, and the National Council of Strength & Fitness. As such, he has helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals. And with no plans of slowing down any time soon, he hopes to reach out to thousands more. 

In an interview, Wladimir Salas shared that he fell in love with functional training and the idea of moving the body the way it’s supposed to without any pain or limitations. As someone who shies away from the “just counting sets” trainer mindset, this phenomenal fitness icon likes to make his sessions as enjoyable as possible. As a result, his clients get to finish their training in a much better mood than they started out with. And although this chipper disposition has something to do with the workouts themselves, it is mostly because of Wladimir’s lighthearted and warm approach. 

By creating a program with joint mobility and functional training, Wladimir Salas hopes to break the limiting beliefs people have about fitness. Through his effective and meticulously designed programs, he wants to get rid of the pain by creating a lifestyle that is not bound by the four walls of the gym. In this way, his clients can go after the life they want with vigor, energy, and a much more positive outlook. 

As can be gleaned from his journey, Wladimir Salas has taught everyone the value of relentless pursuits and taking chances. Stepping a foot out of one’s comfort zone could mean facing possible failures and threats to one’s sense of safety. However, reveling in what’s comfortable could hinder a person from achieving their goals in life. 

Had Wladimir Salas not taken a leap of faith, he would not be out here, helping people live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. And as he continues to prompt his clients into becoming the best versions of themselves, he sends the powerful message that anything is possible for those who believe. 

To know more about Wladimir Salas, you may visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Rosa Acosta Taking Fitness and Fashion a Step Higher

Rosa Acosta’s success did not happen overnight; it came after years of hard work, consistency, and dedication right from a very young age. She trained at the ICA and Ballet School of Norma Garcia, and later she became the youngest soloist in the Ballet Nacional Dominicano in 2002. She ventured into a modeling and acting career shortly afterward.

Rosa was determined to make a name for herself when she decided to set sail for the United States in 2006. Because her work at home has garnered some international recognition in the fashion industry, her career took an immediate and upward spike as soon as she landed in the United States. Upon arrival, her first assignment was with leading magazines such as XXL, King, Blackmen, and Smooth. Her rise to stardom became even more balanced when she won the XXL magazine’s ‘Eye Candy of the Year’ in 2009. With titles such as Model of the Year by the Urban Model Awards in 2010, she was arguably the most sought after model between 2009-2012.

Due to her popularity in the fashion and modeling world, it was only natural that Rosa would catch the music and television industry’s attention. And it didn’t take much time before that became a reality. Since her debut in the industry, she has starred in music videos for some of the hottest artist in the world. 

Rosa is a fitness freak, and she owns a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her training and exercises. In 2012, she launched her fitness channel and clothing line. Rosa describes her brand as creating unique workout clothes that will last forever. Unique, high-quality party dresses like Angel Brinks and Geebin Flores designs that has been worn by Cardi B, Mary J Blige, Coco, Ivy Queen, Lil Kim, Keysha Cole, and many more. 

When asked what separates her products from her competition, she says, “We work directly with designers that create unique pieces. Some of our collections are made to order and can be fully customized to your size. Our prices are affordable and Celebs love our designs ” Rosa oozes confidence, and so does her products, and despite her being a celebrity in the spotlight, she is a scandal-free superstar. She is all about her career and her brand with almost no time to spare for controversy and scandals.

Rosa claimed she was motivated to start her company because of her desire to empower women worldwide and give a chance to the hottest up and coming designers in the industry.

Connect with Rosa Acosta via her dedicated social media handles to know more about her brand, signature designs, upcoming events, and new fitness routines. Visit her website or follow her on  Instagram.

Matt Pack Championing Primal FIT 360 to Keep Miami Fit

Matt Pack has been dedicated to the fitness journey all his life, and over the last two decades, he has established his brand in different cities in the United States and changed the face of fitness in those cities. As an author, public speaker, and the owner of PRIMAL FIT Miami, Matt Pack has done a lot to help thousands of people improve their health and fitness. And with more than 20 years of experience in sports conditioning, personal training experience, health and exercise instruction, and nutrition lifestyle management, Matt continues to set trends and change narratives in the fitness world.

Matt’s journey started as far back as 1999 at Fitness Image Results in Washington DC, where he worked for two years. Since then, he has established his own brand, sold it for six figures, moved to another city, started another brand, and expanded exponentially. In 2004, he moved to Florida and started working at The Downtown Athletic Club in downtown Miami. In 2006, he already built relationships and connections with people and started Impack Strength and Conditioning training through subcontracting gyms and condos in Miami.

While running Impack Strength and Conditioning training, he suffered a knee injury that forced him to train from a wheelchair at home in his two-car garage. Three years later, he moved to a 1,400-sq. ft. downtown Miami Shores storefront location which he named Primal Fit Miami. In 2015, he expanded to a 5,500-sq. ft. location within the same building. Through consistency and high-value delivery, today, Matt Pack and his team work with more than 200 people from the surrounding Miami community in attaining fitness, health, and overall physical wellness. 

Matt Pack is the author of three books and has co-wrote another with his father. He has run a brick and mortar gym for 11 years, with 150 members enrolled for personal training. He also runs a private group on Facebook called “The Primal Fit Pack,” which has more than 1000 members who all want to be the best versions of themselves.

Matt’s fitness strategy is made up of simplified and sustainable yet effective techniques. “I take busy professionals and entrepreneurs and teach them simple and sustainable techniques to increase energy, lose weight, get stronger, improve libido, manage stress, and get out of pain. My Busy Professional Blueprint and 6 Pillar Coaching system has helped thousands of men and women regain their health and confidence,” he says.

Matt does not believe in excessive workouts or keeping up with complicated diets to stay fit. His 6-Pillar Busy Professional Blueprint has delivered the best of coaching, mindset conditioning, nutrition, strength training, conditioning, and restoration. His five-year goal is to grow his brand globally and help people from all over the world while freeing people from the thought that they have to workout excessively, meal prep or eat six times a day to achieve their fitness goals.

Learn more about Matt Pack’s brand on instagram or his official website.

Josh Evans: The Movement Coach Pushes His Clients To Achieve Holistic Fitness

The one key component of a successful workout regimen is consistency. Health and wellness isn’t just a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle, which is why it’s always important to create healthy habits to sustain one’s fitness goals. Doing the exact opposite will cause an individual to yo-yo back and forth between healthy and unhealthy. Fortunately, Josh Evans is here to clear all the misconceptions and help people build effective habits with all the health benefits included.

Josh Evans is an online fitness coach that has amassed over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. He has trained countless people throughout his entire career, helping them achieve their fitness goals through proper diet and nutrition, effective exercise routines, and habitizing all of these.

Coach Josh Evans has positively impacted the lives of his clients in many ways. He has helped shape and transforms many individuals through his coaching and training. He starts off his sessions by advising his clients on proper nutrition and helping them perform simple exercise routines.

His unconventional training methods utilize certain gym equipment such as kettlebells and steel maces, which makes his routine more challenging yet highly effective. Josh Evans effectively combines the right principles of good nutrition and movement to revolutionize the fitness industry as we know it.

“I have been lucky enough to work for some of the world’s best strength and conditioning coaches and learn from some of the most respected professors in academics while obtaining a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.” says Evans. He has thoroughly developed his philosophy on movement over the past ten years learning from some of the brightest minds in the field.

Coach Josh Evans takes a more detailed approach when working with his clients. He is well organized and has a vast understanding of the human anatomy allowing him to give tailor-made solutions to each and every one of his clients’ problems. He firmly believes in a more holistic approach to fitness. He sees fitness as a lifestyle change, rather than just doing what needs to be done. He deeply encourages his clients to form habits rather than just wing their exercises.

Not only is he an expert on movement, but Josh Evans also puts a strong focus on proper nutrition to help his clients achieve their goals. As a PN Level 1 coach with Precision Nutrition, he is able to educate his clients on the right kinds of food to consume to get good results with their workouts and keep them feeling healthy and energetic.

Josh Evans is a cut above the rest. He is a fitness coach that manages to cover all the bases to ensure the success of his clients’ transformation. He is constantly elevating the rigorous standards of online fitness, and the prominent fitness coach is definitively becoming the benchmark for others to follow suit.

To know more about the amazing Movement Coach, Josh Evans, make sure to drop by his official website. For more live updates, make sure to follow Coach Evans on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Jon Purkey Brings Fitness Goals to Life as He Takes Over the Virtual Personal Training Industry

Taking the virtual personal training industry by storm today is rising fitness coach Jon Purkey. Through personalized, high-quality personal training sessions, he and his team of fitness professionals are determined to bring their clients’ fitness goals to life, with or without training equipment, while allowing them to enjoy the comfort of staying at home. 

Jonathan “Jon” Purkey is a quickly-rising personal trainer, fitness coach, and entrepreneur. With over 11 years of experience as a personal trainer and eight years as a physical education instructor, Jon Purkey has been at the forefront of turning fitness goals into realities. His decision to go full-time in personal training, however, began only in 2016. Since then, Purkey’s personal training has grown into a team of five professional personal trainers carefully selected to provide high-quality fitness training services. Seeing a gap in the industry and the need for personal training without having to step into the gym, Jon Purkey decided to step in and close the gap by providing the needed services at the highest quality possible.

At present, Purkey’s Personal Training provides online, virtual, and in-home fitness training, coaching, and programming for people throughout the United States. While the in-home services are currently only available in the Detroit area, the fitness coach is looking to expand their reach and provide in-home services to other places soon. For Jon Purkey, the ultimate goal is to “deliver high quality personal training to clients without them having to leave their homes.” With that said, all training sessions are efficiently done through applications such as Zoom or FaceTime. 

Purkey’s Personal Training takes pride in not limiting its training services to clients with personal training equipment. While many people today own workout equipment at home, Jon Purkey is determined to provide more inclusive services that will cater to even those who have no equipment at all. Hence, clients with no equipment will receive equipment-free training sessions carefully curated to be just as effective and efficient as equipment-based workout routines.

Jon Purkey and his team are, indeed, taking the lead in the virtual personal training industry today. Each trainer’s charismatic personality and their unmatched determination to provide the best workout routines tailor-fit for the different needs of each client keep them at the forefront. On top of the high-quality training services the company offers, Purkey’s Personal Training also ensures premium customer service allowing the team to establish solid connections and more productive trainer-trainee relationships with their clients.

Today, Purkey’s Personal Training manages clients from all over the country. However, Jon Purkey has a much bigger vision in store for his team and company as he plans to expand their services to clients from different countries. For Jon, it is a priceless and gratifying experience to be able to help busy professionals and clients who have no time to visit the gym bring their fitness goals into reality at the comfort of their homes. 

To know more about Jon Purkey and Purkey’s Personal Training services, you may check out their official website.

ZFit Coaching on Helping Clients Realize Their Fitness Goals in the Comfort of Their Homes

While it is immensely easy to decide on adopting a healthier lifestyle and embarking on a fitness journey, the logistics behind these particular goals make the difference. For some, going to a gym in their area is challenging, especially with today’s COVID-19-imposed restrictions. Others are also stumped about where to start. The resolution of these various fitness problems serves as the fuel behind ZFIT Coaching’s establishment. 

Founded by certified sports nutrition and personal training coach Zairath Perez, ZFIT Coaching is a culmination of a series of personal life challenges. Years before, she found herself struggling to pass EMT and firefighting tests. In her determination to be stronger and perform her job to the best of her abilities, this highly recognized wellness enabler found a love for fitness. 

Today, Zairath Perez takes credit for the creation of several gyms and the launch of ZFIT Coaching. Intended to provide guidance for countless individuals who need support in their bid for a healthier lifestyle, ZFIT Coaching allows people to transform into the best versions of themselves.

This 44-year-old retired firefighter and paramedic banks on her numerous certifications to help people maximize their potential. She is not only a NASN Sports Nutritionist and a Powerlifting Club coach but is also CPR certified and a degree holder in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). As the head of the woman-owned and operated ZFIT Coaching, this respected coach equips clients with the knowledge and tools they need to realize their fitness and nutrition goals.

At ZFIT Coaching, a concierge-type experience can be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of one’s home. With her services fully accessible to clients, anyone who comes under this venture’s wing is provided with weekly Zoom calls and regular check-in.

Since its establishment, ZFIT Coaching has managed to stand out because it refused to deliver cookie-cutter solutions to its clients’ fitness problems. Believing that every individual has unique needs, it goes the extra mile to customize plans. Additionally, the way it highlights the importance of accountability and mindset has propelled this institution to the forefront. 

As a coach-in-your-pocket program, ZFIT Coaching translates clients’ fitness-related vision into reality. It allows individuals to cross out their health-focused resolutions without the need for expensive and fancy pieces of equipment. All its clients need is space in their homes and, at times, some household items lying around.

Additionally, by putting a premium on discipline, ZFIT Coaching helps foster this value among its clients, enabling them to develop further and grow as individuals.

In the coming years, Zairath Perez aims to elevate ZFIT Coaching to greater heights, pushing it toward the top of the industry. At the same time, she is set to continue acting as the force behind people’s evolution into the best version of themselves. With her plans to cement her venture as a national brand and employ a full team of highly competent staff and professionals, she looks forward to lending a hand to countless more individuals who are ready to take control of their lives, their bodies, and their health. 

Learn more about ZFIT Coaching by visiting its Website.

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World Karate Champion Milica Todovic Teaching Effective Weight Loss Methods

Weight loss is a major challenge for many people, and Milica Todovic, a three-time world champion in Karate, is passionate about helping people achieve their weight loss goals the right way. Coming from a martial arts background has made her well-versed in nutrition and fitness. Her father is a well-trained and respected six-sigma back belt holder. He enrolled her for karate training at just three years old, and over the years, Milica has excelled and gone on to win multiple medals.

Right now, her focus is her weight-loss brand, where she helps people feel healthy, better, and gain muscles. More than a thousand people have used Milica Todovic’s weight loss methods and have recorded positive results. Spending all her life training to be a sportswoman was never enough for Milica Todovic; she has participated in numerous seminars and masterclasses on fitness and nutrition to expand her knowledge.

Milica won the world championship in 2008, 2010, and 2015. She also has hundreds of silver and bronze medals in different competitions over the years. She is a well-decorated sportswoman who knows enough about fitness and has given people access to her effective weight loss methods. She employs proper exercise, the right nutrition, supplements, one-on-one coaching, and motivational support groups to help her clients achieve their weight loss goals. She makes sure she goes all the way with all her clients until they achieve their healthy living goals.

Milica Todovic has seen many people rely on some magic pills that they found on the internet to help them lose weight, and she has seen their frustration first-hand when the pills don’t work. This motivated her to start her fitness practice so she can help as many people as possible change their lives for the better. Her target audience includes nutrition enthusiasts, men and women looking to lose weight, bodybuilding enthusiasts, pregnant women, and individuals who need detox and healthy meal plans.

Milica Todovic cannot bear to see another person wasting time and money on weight loss products that don’t work. In her words, “I help people lose weight by showing them the proper way and telling them the truth about the importance of changing their habits. Having spent my whole life in sports, I have learned many things about fitness. I have also learned a lot more about nutrition and health from seminars and educational programs and have found effective and simple solutions for people how to lose weight once and for all.”

Milica’s five-year goal is to be a leading fitness expert who has helped more than 1,000 people achieve their weight loss goals. She always informs her client upfront that they must be ready to put in work to see results. “Nobody loses weight by taking a pill, eating junk food, and avoiding physical activities. My solution is simple but not easy and not for someone who doesn’t want to do ANY action. I can help anybody lose weight and reach their fitness goal as long as they are determined,” she says.

Learn more about Milica Todovic and her fitness programs on her website.