Executive Stride Founder Josh Pocock talks about how solving one major business problem transformed his company and took it to the next level

Josh Pocock knows from personal experience that business problems can sometimes become blessings in disguise.  As a young Canadian entrepreneur, Josh is the Founder and CEO of Executive Stride, a thriving marketing and lead generation company that has one of the most effective automated lead generation services available for businesses today.   But perhaps what’s most interesting, is the story of how Executive Stride evolved to become a premium Lead Generation service – and how solving one of his own business problems led Josh to pivot focus, leading his company to new heights of success.

Before founding Executive Stride, Josh worked at door-to-door sales.  It was tough slogging for a 16-year old, but he soon mastered the art of selling, and within a year he’d built a team of ace representatives, leading him to become the company’s youngest and top producing Sales Manager. 

“I gathered a ton of valuable experience selling door-to-door.  Knocking on thousands of doors and having countless slammed in my face taught me a lot about perseverance in the face of adversity.  When I first started, I went an entire month without a sale!” he laughs.

“ But I kept going out there – and I read and watched everything I could get my hands on about selling and keeping a positive mindset.  Once I got my first sale, things just started rolling.  And when I put together my sales team – that’s when the real business education began.”

Josh gained a lot of knowledge working in sales management; he was able to look at lead generation and sales process from a practical perspective.  At the same time, Josh was becoming immersed in the world of online marketing, devouring countless courses and training programs to learn everything possible from the best digital marketers in the business.  It wasn’t long before Josh decided to harness all his skills, and launch his own online marketing company.

When Executive Stride opened, it was a typical marketing agency, offering a wide array of services in the hopes of attracting as many customers as possible.  But with so many marketing agencies to choose from, keeping his pipeline full of prospects and his calendar booked with qualified calls wasn’t easy.  Hence, Josh had a major business problem to solve – Executive Stride needed to attract a steady stream of leads just like any other business.

“We tried a couple different Lead Gen agencies ourselves, paying a lot of money up front without much success; that’s what motivated me to create our own in-house system.   And once we perfected the system, generating all the leads we could handle, we started offering the service to our clients.  And today, our automated Stride Lead Generation system has become our bread and butter – it’s now Executive Stride’s primary offer.  

Josh believes that a big part of his company’s success lies in how he’s structured the packages.  Executive Stride’s service delivers guaranteed results.  

“If you buy 40 leads, and the estimated time of fulfillment is 3 months – we’ll keep working for Free until your full order is complete.  We make our client’s investment a no-risk proposition.  And with so many people having been burned by agencies in the past, I think this is one of the features the people we work with appreciate most.”

No business can consistently produce at top capacity without a proven system of lead acquisition.  But, most business owners find the task of manual lead generation is not sustainable; the process consumes a huge amount of time that could more profitably be applied elsewhere.  That’s why so many companies are choosing to automate their lead generation with the professionals at Executive Stride.

Josh’s Lead Generation system is on track to be one of the best in North America.  And that’s his goal.  In the meantime, he’s also been working on the development of a series of online Stride Training programs. These programs include step-by-step guidelines with everything you need to know about setting up a fully automated client lead generation system that works 24/7/365.  

With all these initiatives, Josh Pocock is making big waves in the digital marketing world.   Josh says that the evolution of Executive Stride will always remind him to look at challenges and business problems as potential opportunities.  After all, if he’d never had issues attracting prospects for his own business, Josh might never have been motivated to build the automated Stride Lead Generation system; a system so powerful it not only drives his own company’s success but now helps many other businesses thrive and prosper as well.

If you’re interested in the Executive Stride automated Lead Generation program, you can visit executivestride.com.  If you want to contact Josh, visit his personal website at joshpocock.com

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