Engelbert Perez Reveals How He Overcame Complacency to Become One of the Brightest Young Entrepreneurs

Books have a magical way of influencing people. Whether it is a protagonist’s actions in a piece of fiction or a series of guidance in nonfiction, written words can cause a ripple effect that changes an individual’s career trajectory. Engelbert Perez is among the millions of people whose life drastically changed when he picked up a book in high school. Today he is one of the hottest up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the industry. 

Engelbert Perez was scrolling through Instagram in high school when he stumbled on a book by Jason Capital titled ‘Higher Status.’ He was immediately absorbed into the book and realized how much of an eye-opener it was. Such was the influence of Higher Status that Perez wanted to tell everyone he knew about the book. Its contents stayed with him, even to this day.

Upon graduating, Perez tried to give college a try but dropped out in his freshman year. “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do,” he explained, “I knew it was not going to be a college graduate with a degree, and I would be stuck working at Mcdonald’s.” Perez decided to try other things to kickstart his entrepreneurial pursuits. He started with gaming and later YouTube. Perez would jump from one job to another, going into every business venture imaginable. However, he yielded no results.

Eventually, the fire died down. Engelbert Perez grew complacent, stunting his development and going into an endless cycle of the same meaningless routine. It frustrated him how he felt he was floating around and wasting his potential. One day, Perez decided to take a leap of faith. With nothing to lose, he set out to stand by his decision. This time, it paid off.

Four years later, he was able to develop his company, Cogent Lifestyle. Under the tutelage of many successful lawyers and the endless support of his soon-to-be wife, Perez was able to build up Cogent Lifestyle into the company he wanted. With various products and services, he has been making his mark and establishing himself as an entrepreneur to look out for.

Cogent Lifestyle creates for the online platform. Initially considered a luxury, today’s economy has made online services and products a necessity. However, it can be challenging to develop something new as nearly every service and product has already been created with different tweaks. Engelbert Perez manages to hold his own by delivering a range of other products and services that carry the idea of shining the light on services needed. Among the products of Cogent Lifestyle is IG Growth Accelerator. It is the fastest and most consistent growth on Instagram, flourishing in the pay-to-play market. Perez has also developed AdBags to help people double their conversion without breaking the bank.

Engelbert Perez has come a long way from the kid who was eager to share a book about changing lives. Today, he is changing the landscape and elevating his client’s social presence for their brands. Perez is optimistic about his future as he has nowhere else to go but up.

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