Dr. Oscar John Ma on Why Golf is the Perfect Sport for the Aging Adult

Dr. Oscar John Ma
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Dr. O John Ma a golf enthusiast and enjoys this sport on a deep and complex level. Now that he’s getting older, he particularly finds it beneficial because of its unique combination of elderly-friendly benefits. A recent study claimed that golf might increase an older adult’s life span. Here’s why this sport is such an excellent option for older people trying to stay in shape.

Dr. Oscar John Ma on Why Golf is So Beneficial to Older Adults

Dr. O John Ma goes golfing as often as possible because it is a fun and engaging sport that he enjoys with his many friends and a great way to get out of the house. That makes it an excellent option for older adults who need something to get them out of the house. Too many older adults retire and then spend their later years at home watching television and not engaging with the outside world.

Many golf courses even have senior discounts designed to help attract older adults to the links. These discounts are an excellent way for older people to get out and enjoy this sport. While out on the greens, they’ll breathe a lot of fresh air and get exercise. As a medical professional, Dr. Ma understands how vital both are to a happy and healthy body and mind, regardless of age.

For instance, he’s found that he simply feels better when he’s out in the sun on a beautiful day. This benefit occurs because he’s getting more sunlight on his skin, he says, which increases vitamin D and fights mood disorders. Just as importantly, being outdoors feels more natural to people, Dr. Oscar John Ma says, and provides them with fresh air they might not otherwise get at home.

Even better, golfing is a low-impact sport that can also improve your physical health. For example, golfing is a powerful way to improve your joints because you get out and about, walking and moving joints that might otherwise be stiff. If you get tired, you can always rent a golf cart and get many of the same benefits without overworking yourself or damaging your body further.

Even better, that little exercise you get while on the golf course will improve your cardiovascular health. While golf is not precisely strenuous for the heart and lungs, it provides enough exercise to keep older adults active. As importantly, you can build strength in your arms, back, and legs by swinging the golf club and perfecting your shot with careful practice.

Golfers like Dr. Oscar John Ma even find that golfing regularly improves their emotional state by improving their relaxation. You might find your frayed nerves calmed if you don’t take the game too seriously and relax with your friends while on the links. Dr. O John Ma states that this benefit is significant for older adults with anxiety or depression. It may be calming enough to temporarily manage some blood pressure problems, reducing your risk of heart attack or stroke.

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