The Upsides and Downsides of UCaaS: What You Need to Know

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In today’s business scene, it is more important than ever to have a reliable and efficient communication system in place.

This is where UCaaS providers come in. UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service is a cloud-based service that allows businesses to manage all of their communication needs in one place. This includes phone calls, video conferencing, messaging, and more.

Considering getting into cloud-based communication with UCaaS, it’s essential to know all your options.

Every decision has pros and cons, and UCaaS is no different. Here are the things you need to learn to weigh the upside and downside.

The Advantages of UCaaS for Business Owners

If this is your first time learning about UCaaS, here are the benefits and good reasons why you should opt for it:

  • Cost savings

UCaaS is usually cheaper than traditional telephone service. You’ll be able to reduce or eliminate the cost of a dedicated server. Plus, the subscription model with UCaaS means that costs are predictable and can easily scale up or down as needed.

  • Increased productivity

UCaaS integrates multiple communication methods, so you and your employees can easily sync. This is especially helpful for remote teams who rely heavily on collaboration tools to get their work done.

  • Improved customer service

Being able to quickly link up with customers when they have questions or issues gives them a better overall experience.

  • Increased flexibility and scalability

With UCaaS, you’ll easily add or remove users based on usage needs. This means that you won’t need to purchase additional hardware if your team suddenly expands.

On the plus side, UCaaS offers a lot of flexibility in pricing models and feature options. You can pick the UCaaS solution that fits your business needs and skip the features you don’t need. You can also save on hardware costs by moving to a cloud-based platform and reduce maintenance costs associated with managing an in-house voice system.

The Disadvantages of UCaaS for Business Owners

Unfortunately, as with any solution, there are some drawbacks to UCaaS that you should be aware of.

  • Security concerns

On the downside, there are security risks associated with UCaaS. Because the data is stored in a cloud environment, there can be increased risks related to security and privacy. This is especially true if the provider doesn’t have robust protocols to protect user data.

  • Lack of customization

Another downside to UCaaS is that it can be difficult to customize or integrate the user experience with existing systems. Depending on the provider, you may need help to get exactly what you need in terms of features and functionality.

  • Reliability issues

Finally, you should also be aware that some providers may not be reliable. If your provider goes down, you could experience significant downtime affecting your business operations.

When considering UCaaS solutions for your business needs, it’s essential to do your research. Make sure that you have a good grasp of the pros and cons of each option. Because whether it is a good fit or not for your business needs, if you have no basic knowledge of how things work with UCaaS, success might not happen at all.

Final Thoughts on UCaaS

When choosing a communication solution for your business, it’s important to make an informed decision that considers both the pros and cons of each option. UCaaS can be a great choice for businesses looking to save on costs and integrate their communication systems. Still, there are also risks associated with cloud-based solutions that you should be aware of. Do your due diligence and ensure that you’re using the right solution for your business needs.

By understanding both the advantages and disadvantages of UCaaS, you can make an educated decision about whether to go with this cloud-based communication platform or opt for a more traditional approach.

Dr. Oscar John Ma on Why Golf is the Perfect Sport for the Aging Adult

Dr. O John Ma a golf enthusiast and enjoys this sport on a deep and complex level. Now that he’s getting older, he particularly finds it beneficial because of its unique combination of elderly-friendly benefits. A recent study claimed that golf might increase an older adult’s life span. Here’s why this sport is such an excellent option for older people trying to stay in shape.

Dr. Oscar John Ma on Why Golf is So Beneficial to Older Adults

Dr. O John Ma goes golfing as often as possible because it is a fun and engaging sport that he enjoys with his many friends and a great way to get out of the house. That makes it an excellent option for older adults who need something to get them out of the house. Too many older adults retire and then spend their later years at home watching television and not engaging with the outside world.

Many golf courses even have senior discounts designed to help attract older adults to the links. These discounts are an excellent way for older people to get out and enjoy this sport. While out on the greens, they’ll breathe a lot of fresh air and get exercise. As a medical professional, Dr. Ma understands how vital both are to a happy and healthy body and mind, regardless of age.

For instance, he’s found that he simply feels better when he’s out in the sun on a beautiful day. This benefit occurs because he’s getting more sunlight on his skin, he says, which increases vitamin D and fights mood disorders. Just as importantly, being outdoors feels more natural to people, Dr. Oscar John Ma says, and provides them with fresh air they might not otherwise get at home.

Even better, golfing is a low-impact sport that can also improve your physical health. For example, golfing is a powerful way to improve your joints because you get out and about, walking and moving joints that might otherwise be stiff. If you get tired, you can always rent a golf cart and get many of the same benefits without overworking yourself or damaging your body further.

Even better, that little exercise you get while on the golf course will improve your cardiovascular health. While golf is not precisely strenuous for the heart and lungs, it provides enough exercise to keep older adults active. As importantly, you can build strength in your arms, back, and legs by swinging the golf club and perfecting your shot with careful practice.

Golfers like Dr. Oscar John Ma even find that golfing regularly improves their emotional state by improving their relaxation. You might find your frayed nerves calmed if you don’t take the game too seriously and relax with your friends while on the links. Dr. O John Ma states that this benefit is significant for older adults with anxiety or depression. It may be calming enough to temporarily manage some blood pressure problems, reducing your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Being the Best in your Art Starts with Simple Steps: Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas Gulbinas is a renowned tattoo artist, known for his intricate and unique designs. He grew up in Lithuania and developed a passion for the arts from a very young age. He is known for his attention to detail in his art and is highly respected for his ability to bring clients’ ideas to life. He is dedicated to his craft and is always learning and improving. He carefully plans each tattoo to ensure it is perfect for the client. He mentions that every client has a unique taste for the arts and it would require some very important understanding of this taste to bring out the best in the artwork that is going to be made for them. 

The Secret To Making Art That Speaks For Itself:

He believes that the secret to bringing out the best in the art that you create for someone is 90% understanding their liking and 10% using your skills to achieve them. He says that he has created tattoos and art that has taken him months just to understand what their client likes. 

With such passion and the importance he gives to the detail is probably the reason why he has been highly sought after by many for their artistic ventures. 

With optimized proficiency in the arts, Evaldas has been constantly on the lookout to improve his art. He has been a part of many influential art communities that is helping out bring the best in artists. He has been actively contributing with different perspectives and improvement in ways through which art can be displayed. 

Most of the perspectives through which Evaldas operates are seen through the way he works through his art. Every work of his gives crisp attention to detail making it so unique and liked by many. Personalization and uniqueness are something that the art world looks at and values the most and Evaldas had got it right. He has been researching deeply into different ways in which people can work to ensure that their art stands out. 

Evaldas Gulbinas

The Life Of Evaldas Gulbinas:

Despite his success, Evaldas is a person who is humble and grounded in his art. In one of the recent interviews, He recalls how he used to work with tattoo parlors during summer breaks and how it made a drastic difference in how he looked at creating art. He mentions that every single apprenticeship he had been a part of had something to teach him that he was sure he wouldn’t have learned otherwise. He says that those apprenticeships are one of the major reasons why he was able to discover more forms of his art and how he was able to evolve into a much better artist.

Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas has a great love for traditional tattoo styles and is heavily influenced by Japanese and Polynesian tattooing. He is fascinated by the rich history and symbolism of these styles incorporated into their art. This very inspirational perspective is also one of the primary reasons why Evaldas is known for the art that he creates. He believes that if any artist wants to make the best of what he has, he needs to know how to seek the right kind of inspiration and channelize into the art that he creates. Every artistic venture that Evaldas becomes a part of reeks of meaning and beauty that makes it one of a kind. 

His unique and intricate designs, attention to detail, and dedication to his craft have made him a sought-after artist among tattoo enthusiasts. He is constantly learning and improving, and his work continues to evolve and impress. If you’re looking for a truly unique and meaningful tattoo, Evaldas is an artist to consider.


Starbucks Unions Demand Extended Benefits, Starbucks to Raise Wages of its Employees

The recent union efforts of Starbucks employees prompted the company to increase its wages. In addition to the increase in salary – to take effect on Monday – labor leaders call for extended benefits. According to them, no bargain should be made in this case.

Following its employees’ efforts to organize into a union, Starbucks declared in May that it will raise the wages of its employees. The business has also stated that other benefits like credit card tipping come along with the wage increase. A Seattle-based Starbucks chain, however, stated that it would not extend the benefits since it must first go through a negotiation procedure.

In a letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, labor union officials argued that benefits might be provided to workers in unionized outlets without engaging in formal negotiations. The letter also highlights extra perks like quicker sick leave accrual and travel reimbursement for medical needs, particularly abortion and gender care.

Signed by the president of Workers United, Lynne Fox, the letter said, “Workers United refuses to stand by while Starbucks cynically promises new benefits only to non-unionized workers and withholds them from our members.”

Starbucks has 9,000 locations, with 200 already unionized. The National Labor Relations Board data shows that 40 are still in the voting process.

To provide a response, Starbucks said in a factsheet, “The law is clear: once a store unionizes, no changes to benefits are allowed without good faith collective bargaining.”

According to the website, while employees have access to the benefits that were available when they filed the petition, bargaining is permitted if it concerns subsequent changes to working conditions, benefits, and wages.

Legal lawyers say that the case can reach the administrative court of the National Labor Relations Board.

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Stephen Holroyd said, a lawyer at Jennings Sigmond, said, “Once a union has been certified, an employer is obligated to bargain with that union before making any changes to terms and conditions of employment.” Holroyd is best known for his expertise in labor unions; he has also worked for the NLRB.

Holroyd went on to say that the union’s move could imply that Starbucks is acting solely in response to unionization efforts.

Several benefits to be claimed

A Stevens & Lee attorney, Daniel Sobol, said federal courts and the NLRB have different views on the matter.

“If [ benefit enhancements are] done solely to chill unionizing, that could be an issue,” Sobol explained. Furthermore, he argued that Starbucks might not be required to raise wages for unionized employees due to inflation.

Starbucks Workers United’s attorney said their team had filed two more cases. He added that the benefits currently offered by Starbucks are clearly a response to efforts to chill its employees.

Catherine Creighton, director of the Industrial and Labor Relations school at Cornell University in Buffalo, New York, stated that “if the union says they have no objection, then the employer can absolutely give them that benefit.” She added that companies are required by law to send a notice to the union and offer an opportunity to bargain.

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During the latter half of its fiscal year 2022, Starbucks plans to invest more than $1 billion in employee wage increases, training, and store innovations. Starbucks’ CEO canceled the company’s stock buyback program so that it could devote its resources to improving its stores and increasing employee benefits.

The wage increase will go into effect this week. Employees with at least two years of experience will see a 5% increase in their pay. Those with more than 7 years of experience will receive a 7% or 10% increase above the market rate.

Source: CNBC

Children have high chance of contracting more diseases if they test positive for Covid and respiratory virus

Children: Since the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the deadly virus’ spread has decreased, but there is still much to discover about Covid.

The research objective is still to grasp the virus better.

Recent studies have shown that children under five who test positive for another respiratory virus are often likely to get worse.

Additionally, they catch more illnesses.

According to a study published on Wednesday in the journal Pediatrics, children hospitalized under the age of five who test positive for Covid and other respiratory viruses have a doubled risk of developing severe respiratory diseases.

The study

Studies were conducted when respiratory infections, including RSV, flu, Covid-19, and others, flooded children’s hospitals.

The results demonstrate the impact these illnesses have on children’s hospitals.

It also demonstrates how continuing to track Covid-19 and other viruses may aid in predicting future spikes in hospitalization.

Researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as from other institutions and health agencies around the USA, conducted the study.

Firsthand account

Throughout the pandemic, Jenevieve Silva noted that it might be challenging to care for children with multiple respiratory diseases.

Living in San Jose, California, Silva is a mother of eight children.

Since her twin boys’ preschool enrollment in May 2021 as toddlers, she has had to cope with several illnesses.

“The height of the illness was from September through mid-November, when our household just could not catch a break,” she said.

Her twins tested positive for Covid-19 in October 2022.

Their doctor eventually gave them a diagnosis for what they later learned to be another respiratory ailment, likely brought on by the respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

“Based on what the pediatrician told us, she said, ‘I highly believe that they had these overlapping viruses,'” said Silva.

She also went through the following warning signs and symptoms with the boys:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

In addition, one twin had a temperature of 105 degrees for four days in a row.

Jenevieve Silva admitted that it was tough to watch her boys go through this, even though warm baths and applying Vicks VaporRub to their backs and chests helped them manage the discomfort.

“They had just looked so frail – they looked sick, like something deeper than back-to-back viruses,” noted Silva.

“It was hell. I mean, it was really bad.”

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The illnesses that Jenevieve Silva’s boys had were ultimately treated.

Even though they are doing well today and have put on a lot of weight, she is still anxious that their fevers may have caused them to get asthma.

Silva said the doctor noted that since October, when the twins’ illnesses overlapped, it seemed to have potentially induced asthma.

When they get a cold, the children may develop asthma symptoms, such as coughing and vomiting.

“I can’t be the only mom dealing with virus after virus,” Silva said.

“Be patient. Listen to your doctor.”


Four thousand three hundred seventy-two kids hospitalized with Covid-19 are included in the most recent study’s data.

In 21% of individuals with additional respiratory viruses analyzed, a codetection—the presence of many other viruses—was discovered.

Researchers stated that rather than coinfection, they were concentrating on codetection.

Even though both viruses tested positive, it’s plausible that the kids weren’t genuinely ill.

The study found minimal respiratory virus detections in the first year of the pandemic.

Few instances of influenza were reported during the first two years of the pandemic, but RSV and rhinovirus (or enterovirus) infections surged during the Delta-predominant phase.

The majority of kids with codetections, according to data, were under five years old.

Additionally, they were more likely to need additional oxygen support and admission to intensive care units.

Young infants that test positive for RSV frequently develop life-threatening illnesses with Covid.

Pandemic lessons

The children, who were diagnosed with Covid-19 and other viral codetections, typically needed critical care and oxygen support, according to Dr. Ascuncion Mejias, an associate professor of pediatric infectious diseases at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

“Covid is a very proinflammatory virus, so it really weakens your immune response,” said Mejias.

“And when you haven’t recovered yet, and you get a second hit, in this case, RSV or rhinovirus, you develop a more severe disease.”

The findings of this study, in the opinion of Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Division of Infectious Disease, highlight the need to make sure that children get their vaccines on schedule.

Mejias shared her perspective and underlined the need for safe procedures to minimize the spread of illnesses to infants too young to get vaccinations.

“The pandemic taught us how contagious these viruses are,” said Mejias. “If somebody is sick, try to avoid contact.”

“These viruses are not only transmitted by saliva and secretions, but by hands. It can survive in your hands for more than 30 minutes.”

“So if you touch your mouth and then touch a little baby, the baby can self inoculate the virus and become infected.”

“So washing hands and all these measures are very important.”


When young children test positive for Covid-19 and another respiratory virus, their illness may be much more severe, a new study suggests

United Airlines anticipates a positive 2023

United Airlines: Profit is tricky to gauge as scores of major firms continue to experience the consequences of the economic slump.

While the majority of businesses are still determining their outlook for 2023, United Airlines has a promising future thanks to rising travel demand.

The news

The major airline beat Wall Street expectations for its fourth-quarter profit and its projection for the year’s first half.

The bullish outlook might be linked to rising travel demand and pricier airfares.

Due to customer demand for air travel and willingness to pay higher rates, airlines are once again profitable.

The demand for air travel has aided in offsetting the costs associated with ramping networks back up, including fuel, labor, and other expenses.

In addition, aircraft backlogs and delays have hampered airline expansion, pushing up ticket prices.


United Airlines recorded an $843 million profit in the last three months of 2022, a 31% rise from the previous three years on $12.4 billion in revenue.

Despite flying 9% fewer flights, revenue was approximately 14% greater than during the same period in 2019 (pre-pandemic).

The income assisted the airline in turning a profit despite a 21% rise in unit cost from 2020.

In extended trading on Tuesday, shares of United Airlines increased by roughly 2%.

Despite the winter storms and delays during the busy holiday travel season, the quarterly update is another encouraging indicator of a successful year-end for airlines.

Other airlines

The news that United Airlines will have a successful year is only one of several large airlines that have received it.

Last week, the profits and revenues of Delta Air Lines were higher than anticipated by Wall Street.

However, a greater cost due to an unanticipated pilot labor agreement weighs its projected first-quarter earnings.

American Airlines also increased its fourth-quarter profit and sales estimate.

On January 26, a report is expected.

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Fourth quarter

To illustrate how United Airlines performed in the fourth quarter, Refinitiv collected average estimates.

  • Adjusted earnings per share: $2.46
  • Total revenue: $12.4 billion

Here are Wall Street’s predictions.

  • Adjusted earnings per share: $2.10
  • Total revenue $12.2 billion

2023 expectations

United Airlines anticipates revenue between January and March 2023 to be 50% greater than it was during the same time last year.

Furthermore, the airline forecasts between 50 cents and $1 per share in its first-quarter earnings.

Refinitiv states that it is higher than the 25-cent analyst estimate.

United Airlines projects that its flying will increase by 20% in the first quarter compared to the same period last year.

Additionally, the airlines anticipate a capacity increase in the high teens above last year for the whole year.

It predicted that unit revenues (revenue per available seat mile) would remain unchanged for the whole year compared to 2022, suggesting that the dramatic increase in pricing may continue to subside as airlines add more flights.

During an investor presentation, United said that a lack of pilots, obsolete technology, and personnel concerns would limit the industry’s capacity.

Staff plans

Several airlines plan to increase pilot and crew counts into the upcoming fiscal year as the aviation industry continues to struggle with a labor shortage brought on by Covid.

Tuesday saw the announcement by United Airlines of the start of the Calibrate apprenticeship program and the United Aviate Academy, which respectively launched in November and early 2022.

The airline recently announced the opening of a newly refurbished and enlarged flight attendant training facility in Houston.

Meanwhile, United and its pilots have not yet come to a new labor deal.

Although a preliminary deal for larger pay between Delta and its pilots’ union still has to be approved by the pilots,

United pilot union

The pilots union at United Airlines is preparing to pick a new leader in the wake of the previous head’s resignation, which will be finished this month, according to CEO Scott Kirby.

Kirby anticipates that when the new leader is chosen, talks will pick up again around February 7.

He stated that a pilot contract agreement should be completed immediately.

In its investor presentation, United stated that it anticipated new agreements with pilots, flight attendants, technicians, and airport staff to maintain non-fuel expenses over the previous year.

Scott Kirby said that the industry’s supply constraints are a symptom of a larger infrastructure issue, as demonstrated by the most recent system failure at the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to him, the FAA’s expansion into space and the deployment of drones taxed resources traditionally used to sustain aviation infrastructure.

“They’ve had to rob Peter to pay Paul,” said Kirby. “They just don’t have enough resources.”

In addition, Kirby said he goes to Washington, DC, twice a month to lobby for more resources.


United results top estimates a demand remains resilient despite high fares

Gas Supply Disruption Force EU Government to Support Gas Fields, Experts not Supportive of the Projects

Diverse species can be found on the Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog, which also has several beautiful beaches. The 10-mile-long island is home to over 300 different species of birds, drawing millions of tourists each year. It is regarded as one of the most picturesque locations in the Netherlands.

However, a new project is underway, which has raised concerns among the island’s authorities. A partnership between the government of Germany and the Netherlands has signed an agreement for the development of gas fields 20 kilometers off the coast of Schiermonninkoog.

The mayor Schiermonninkoog felt unsure of the effects of the gas fields. “We are very concerned that the gas drilling will damage the area. We also believe that there is no need to drill [for] new gas at all and that we should invest much more in renewable energy,” Mayor Ineke van Gent said.

Following gas supply shortages following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the project marks another step taken by European countries to address the issue. The gas field developments will extend throughout the German-Dutch territory.

The move demonstrates the European nations’ desperation to replenish their gas reserves in the absence of supplies from Moscow. The plan was launched despite the EU’s promise to reduce gas consumption by 15% by March 2023.

A huge decrease in supply, coupled with an increase in demand, could potentially lead to a rise in prices. Furthermore, it can lead to blackouts and high utility bills.

However, scientists and environmental activists are skeptical of the project. They said the war between Ukraine and Russia was just a political cover used by governments to launch projects that would end up causing hardship in winter and worsening the effects of climate change.

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The gas field will begin supplying gas in 2024, and the permit won’t run out until 2042. The environment would suffer more harm as a result.

“In principle, we need to get rid of all the fossil fuels, and we need to get rid of them very fast,” said Han Dolman, the director of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. “It’s not an immediate solution to anything [related to] the Russian gas crisis,” added Dolman.

Since 2018, ONE-Dyas, the company spearheading the project, said that its research team has conducted sufficient research and has consulted with experts and stakeholders. They claimed that locally produced gas has a lower carbon footprint than imported gas.

Europe needs more supply of gas

Since European countries expressed support for Ukraine during the war, Russia has imposed supply cuts. Gazprom, a state-owned company, has reduced its daily supply contribution by 20%.

The International Energy Agency’s executive director, Faith Birol, called the situation “perilous” and warned businesses and residents that this winter would be “long and hard.”

In addition, the IEA said there would still be a supply crisis next year if Russia halted deliveries. That would still be true even if European countries filled 90% of their gas silos.

The condition has forced countries to find solutions by sourcing alternative fuel sources and preserving their existing supplies.

Even with zero-carbon emission pledges, the government was forced to support the gas sector in order to generate an independent gas supply. Simply put, the situation demanded desperate measures.

“We’re turbocharging renewables and nuclear, but we are also realistic about our energy needs now,” stated the secretary of the UK Business and Energy, Kwasi Kwarteng.

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Others, though, are against the initiative. According to Tara Connolly, a campaigner with the Brussels-based Global Witness, once the projects are finished, they will not be needed anymore.

“Just before Ukraine, there was really a sense that Europe had enough gas infrastructure, even in the event of significant disruption. Now it’s really a different picture,” she said.

The mayor of Schiermonnikoog stated that because the region is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is her responsibility to protect it.

“My main concern is [the] sinking of the soil, which means that we also have problems with living on the water,” she said.

Source: CNN