Daniel Kivo Giving Talents the Chance to Shine through His Talent-Sourcing Platform

The digital workspace has evolved over the years with more streamlined and simplified processes. One of the people making the space more attractive by the day is Daniel Kivo, a digital entrepreneur and strategic talent sourcing professional who is putting in work to connect qualified talents with employers with the best fit.

Daniel Kivo has led the charge with his company, Hire VA Now, a marketplace that connects business owners with the top 1% of virtual assistants across niches like digital marketing, e-commerce, web development, and many more. The 28-year-old navy veteran who spent four years in service in Okinawa, Japan, as an HR specialist is now putting his acquired professional knowledge and skills to practical use in the labor market.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Daniel Kivo is a man making an impact in many parts of the world and helping business owners with the best hands to take their business to the next level. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from Vanguard University and a master’s degree from Claremont Graduate University, which played significant roles in his ambitious drive to improve the recruitment, talent sourcing, and human resources space in his little way.

He has put together an effective team of virtual assistance professionals, managers, and recruiters who all work together to recruit the best hands for his company. He is also a professional talent sourcing expert who helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, large businesses and startups handle their recruitment processes. He understands fully the importance of a company having an effective team to handle its day-to-day running; so he makes sure his client-companies receive the best service.

Daniel Kivo’s wealth of experience has spanned multiple companies and job positions in the human resources department. He currently works with Ace Parking as a talent manager with the primary goal of making sure every talent he comes across delivers optimally and effectively.

At his company, he ensures his team undergoes weekly training to update them on new industry’s best practices and help them grow in their various fields. With a focus on the goal of helping businesses leverage the full benefits of quality recruiting, he also introduces innovative techniques to human resources management.

Daniel Kivo’s valuable skills include talent acquisition, talent management, project management, talent mapping, and succession planning. He has set himself apart in the human resources field, and he continues to prove his mettle with the caliber of clients he attracts. He offers his clients a high level of professionalism, commitment, and grace, and those have helped him keep his head above the waters in an industry that’s difficult to stand out.

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