Corporate Comedy Magician Chris Michael Leverages Online Space Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Every event, whether corporate or a milestone celebration, needs a little extra something to spice things up. Comedy magician Chris Michael does that and more, ticking all the boxes to be dubbed as the ultimate entertainer and performer for any social gathering. He is a superstar in the making, and he is determined to make it to the top of his game.

Chris is one of the most coveted magicians in the world today. His showmanship is impeccably customized to compliment any event, and he performs with high energy and enthusiasm. The magician pulls off highly interactive shows, making sure that his performances will never bore. Chris avoids any childish stylings or hokey backstories. He focuses on modern and relatable storylines, winning the audiences over with his irresistible personality.

While other magicians are at a standstill because large events are prohibited amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris is finding ways to garner an audience in the digital space. The magician is leveraging his substantial number of followers across his social media platforms to maintain his online presence. Chris is maximizing the opportunity to make a name for himself, along with other digital influences, and gain enthusiastic fans. 

To this day, Chris has over 85,000 followers on Instagram. He is constantly creating innovative ways to improve his brands, showing no sign of his growth slowing down. Chris is shaking up the digital entertainment industry with his magnetic Instagram lives. Every day, he is reaching out to audiences all around the world. He slowly makes himself known in the global magic community.

Using his growing digital presence, Chris has become a leader in modern comedy magic. The entertainer wanted to create “magic that was approachable and easy to get into.” Chris is perhaps one of the few magicians who captures new audiences every day by strategically marketing their talents in the digital space. Without a doubt, his online follower base would soon reach hundreds of thousands.

Chris utilizes a mix of beatboxing, mind reading, magic, and dangerous stunts in his performances. Indeed, the magician knows how to leave a lasting impression by building his unique character. His magic always leaves the audiences at the edge of their seats. His acts are both unpredictable and breathtaking at the same time. Chris is a loose cannon when it comes to performing.

The magician has entertained large audiences from the most prominent companies. Amazon, CBS, Facebook, The Home Depot, The FBI, The US Army, and Chick-fil-A are just a few of the satisfied companies in his amazing list of clients. There are hundreds more in Chris’s portfolio, each one testifying to his distinct ability to engage any person at any age. His mystical acts are consistently delivered with a high level of professionalism before, during, and after his performances. 

Chris has built relationships with his clientele over the years because he always manages to exceed their expectations. The magician has set the bar high for other entertainers, and indeed, his level of showmanship is unparalleled in the industry. 

Learn more about Chris Michael and his captivating performances on his website.