Cornell Bunting’s Escaping the Darkness Invites Readers on a Journey to Find Purpose Amid Adversity

Their impact immeasurable, words, whether thought of, written, or spoken, can be wielded to heal and hurt, encourage and demotivate, and more. Therefore, it comes as no surprise why books are held in high regard and considered as a go-to tool not only for those who wish to transfer knowledge but also for individuals aiming to make a difference in the lives of others. Cornell Bunting, a motivational speaker and the author of Escaping a Life Sentence, has long harnessed the power of the written word to send across messages of hope. Through his new book, Escaping the Darkness, he continues to capitalize on this age-old medium to uplift and inspire.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Bristol, England, Cornell Bunting is the mind behind twenty-seven children’s books and sixteen novels, including Lion with No Roar: Finding His Calling, Peedie Likes the Drip Drops: Understanding the Drip, Bunt Walk: A Collection of Poems, and Nostril Adventures. At the core of every creative piece from this passion-fueled figure is the goal to encourage children and adults to live their life to the fullest and trudge through any adversity.

Like millions of people across the globe, Cornell Bunting is no stranger to hardships. He had to overcome a seemingly endless string of challenges throughout his life, the worst of which was being framed and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. While he did manage to escape this sentence, a feat that he detailed in his memoir, he would soon find himself in the face of another trial. In 2016, the Fort Myers resident was attending Next Level Church when, for 16 minutes, he died because of cardiac arrest. Needless to say, he survived to tell the tale.

Now, Cornell Bunting is set to touch more lives through the launch of Escaping the Darkness. In this sequel to Escaping a Life Sentence, the well-respected author describes the darkness he faced and the light that shone through to help him not only walk free from a jail cell but also break the chains limiting his spirit. On top of highlighting the road that led him to the forefront of the writing industry, the highly anticipated book features much-needed insights, as well, and expounds on one key message: it is when everything is taken away that people find out who they are and what they are meant to do. 

Escaping the Darkness, which invites readers to walk with Cornell Bunting on a quest to find their inner peace and attain the power to overcome adversities, was released on June 15. Shortly after it dropped, it was able to capture the interest of many for the extent to which it emphasizes that difficulties can be banked on to find purpose. In a time when countless are suffering because of the debilitating effect of the pandemic, a voice that reassures and encourages is much needed, and Cornell Bunting is providing exactly that through his latest brainchild.

Learn more about Cornell Bunting’s Escaping the Darkness by checking out his website.

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