Cody Jefferson Teaching Leaders How to ‘Embrace the Lion’ in Them

Leading a business or ministry can feel like living in an African Savannah with the hardships and volatilities that fill today’s world. And in the wilderness culture that entrepreneurs and leaders live in, Cody Jefferson teaches them how to embrace the lion in them and dominate in the market despite the trials that might come their way. 

Cody is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur who teaches top-level leaders how to thrive despite today’s competitive and challenging realities. A business and leadership coach with a message worth hearing, he created Embrace the Lion, a program that looks to help good men become tremendous and leaders thrive in the marketplace and ministry. 

The journey started for Cody after he got tired of witnessing friends and colleagues lose to burnout. “I was losing too many friends in the ministry to suicide,” shares Jefferson. “I was seeing too many good men sacrifice their souls on the altars of their success. So after going through my own personal hell, I searched for a solution outside of the box I’d lived in for my entire life.” Cody Jefferson knows what it’s like to struggle through hardships. Still, after finding the winning formula to thriving, growing, and dominating despite the lack of control and certainty, he now leads thousands of men on the same path as he is to more significant success.

The primary expression of this lofty mission is the Lion:Elite program, a coaching curriculum created for the kingdom-minded entrepreneur, leader, or professional who wants to live their legacy and reach their full potential in business and life. The program is home to many CEOs, startup founders, ministry leaders, and other leadership-level professionals to grow their impact and influence while also developing the rhythms of a healthy work-life balance. 

Over the past few years, Cody Jefferson has transformed into one of the speaking and coaching industry’s top keynote speakers. He travels all around the country speaking in various events that have housed anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand attendees. Today, Cody sits on the top twenty list of leadership and business coaches as he shares an urgent message to people who feel overwhelmed by the demands of the workplace.

On top of Cody’s earthly priority list is his commitment to being a good father. “I am a dad, first and foremost,” the motivational speaker explains. “So one must understand that I approach every day confronting the question of what needs to die in me to become the man I said I’d be: as a leader, as a mentor, as a father.” Cody keeps to a strict regimen, starting his day at 4 AM and keeping a regimen that includes reading, journaling, prayer, working out, and daily planning at the start of every day. He then proceeds to knock the ball out of the park by jumping into calls with clients, zoom meetings, and travel when needed. As he does so, he never fails to enjoy every minute of it. 

Committed to helping high-achieving men reach their goals without selling their souls to the world’s messy interpretations of what success should be like, Cody continues to grow his programs and influence more men around the world to live like the king of the jungle at taking charge while also remembering the importance of self-care and rest. 

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