CEO Lisa Collum Helps Women Draft Their Roadmap to Financial Freedom

With billions of users on the Internet, the digital space is widely regarded as a viable and proven platform to launch a business venture. Entrepreneurs worldwide have taken advantage of this platform; however, not all are earning what they deserve.

Helping women draft a one-way roadmap to success, celebrated entrepreneur Lisa Collum is dedicated to making business ventures stand out and prosper.

A CEO, well-received author, top educator, and a busy mother of four, Lisa Collum, is an expert at wearing many hats at once. Determined to see other women stride with confidence while balancing theirs, Lisa set off to find ways to help. She soon identified the need for better writing instruction.

With only a hundred dollars in her pocket and almost no business experience, she lit the idea for an educational company, Top Score Writing, Inc., and fanned it into a flame. While growing the company into an impressive million-dollar venture, Lisa Collum expanded and established the Coastal Middle and High School, where she serves struggling students in 6th-12th grade. 

“My focus is on helping you create strategy and tactics that consistently generate more revenue, lead to freedom, and do it all with balance,” she shares.

Propagating a unique system that prizes learning and results, among others, the lauded entrepreneur’s winning curriculum has been adopted nationally by hundreds of public, private, and charter schools.

Seeing an opportunity to further her reach with this curriculum, Lisa Collum is pouring 16 accomplished years of boosting women up the ladder into providing free marketing strategies online. 

Taking advantage of the digital space to connect to a broader audience worldwide, Lisa has been a key figure in numerous successful ventures. By helping women draft a roadmap tailored to their businesses, Lisa helps women tap into their power and claim the life they want to live. 

“There are challenges to building a business, especially if you’re starting your business as a side hustle.” These challenges, outlined and identified by the brilliant entrepreneur herself, include responsibility, understanding one’s path, adopting and developing a proven strategy, and taking the first step into the industry.

Having overcome these hurdles and flying past obstacles, Lisa Collum is more than capable of guiding others to do the same and is considered one of the go-to mentors for entrepreneurial success.

Under her tutelage, aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs can achieve clarity, accomplish goals, fulfill their vision, and craft an ongoing, long-term strategy. “The strategy is a strong female boss’ most valuable asset, and it’s not fully harnessed,” Lisa reveals.

“There is no shortage of stories from women who ended up sacrificing their mental and physical health for the growth of their business. They may have achieved success, but it’s not sustainable – it’s bittersweet,” and CEO Lisa Collum knows precisely what will sweeten that taste.

Get to know the fantastic entrepreneur and learn her secret of balancing blissful family life and a million-dollar venture on Top Score Writing, Inc.’s Instagram profile. Reach out to Lisa Collum and be a part of her journey as she guides women to success by following her on Instagram and her official website

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