Never Go Broke Promotes Financial Literacy Education Among the Youth Through Creative Means

Like all types of learning, financial education is important in building skills that are necessary for establishing a success-enabling mindset. However, most people and institutions fail to realize that financial literacy is a step-by-step process that should begin at an early age and continue throughout a person’s life to retirement. Instilling such a remarkable ability is especially significant as this does not only have a vast potential to attract victories in the future but also has the capacity to equip individuals in facing financial adversities throughout life. Never Go Broke, an innovative company that focuses on philanthropic pursuits, steps in to expose the significance of financial literacy and education.

Never Go Broke is a financial literacy educational institution built to transcend limits and defy odds. It seeks to develop financial literacy among young minds while allowing them to acknowledge the value of financial education throughout their lives. Its diligent efforts have captured massive attention across several industries and communities that it has earned countless praises from people all over the world. Along with its brilliant founder, Tae Lee, Never Go Broke aims to transform the world through the power of learning.

Having observed the lack of financial literacy among the youth, Never Go Broke establishes itself to become a vessel of transformation across the world. Utilizing a brilliant and well-constructed strategy, this educational powerhouse educates young minds through engaging and compelling content. Not only does Never Go Broke aim to propel children and young adults towards becoming financially literate, but it also seeks to transform communities and industries to put more significant weight on such a valuable skill. For this reason, it has built a change-making device designed to bridge the gap in financial education through a literacy game called “Game of Fortune: Win in Wealth or Lose in Debt.”

“Game of Fortune: Win in Wealth or Lose in Debt” is revolutionary. The game will also be a board game online game designed to simplify the intricacies of financial literacy and effectively educate the youth on its fundamentals. This groundbreaking and interactive game was created to teach the twists and turns of wealth management, from savings and credit to profit growth and investment, to children aged ten years old and above. By using creative and meaningful cards, young players play in entirely real-life scenarios to gain insight into the ropes behind financial management.

Although Never Go Broke is a remarkable company in itself, it would not have reached promising milestones had it not been for its brilliant and passionate founder, Tae Lee. Notoriously dubbed as the “Money Maximizer” in the realms of business and finance, this international best-selling author, speaker, coach, and trainer has made a mark with her unparalleled talents and expertise in the field. Today, she holds diverse streams of income across several industries, ranging from tax and real estate to finance and insurance.

At the heart of Never Go Broke is its desire to serve as a catapulting device for those young aspirants who wish to get ahead in many fields. Through its fun and creative financial literacy programs, it hopes to attract more children and young adults to learn the ropes in wealth management and understand its unrelenting power to propel people towards the summits of their chosen trade.

To know more about Never Go Broke, you may visit its website.

How People Can Get Financially Ahead in 2021 As Told By Josh Alballero

Start-ups, small businesses, and self-employed workers pride themselves on their scrappy money-saving tactics and innovative growth hacks. But many of these people don’t fully understand or may not even be aware of all the tax breaks and benefits available to them. All of these could end up costing these people hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.


Josh Alballero, tax expert and founder of IOOGO, and his wife and co-founder of IOOGO want to change that! So they’re sharing how to get financially ahead in 2021.


What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for people looking to get ahead financially?

Josh Alballero: We all have to pay taxes, but we don’t want to overpay taxes because of a lack of knowledge. Tax and accountant professionals can help you understand deductions/credits for your company to legally lower your tax liability. These professionals help you save, so your lack of knowledge doesn’t cost you money. If Amazon can benefit and get tax relief, so should you and your company!


How can professionals help you save money and get ahead financially?

Josh Alballero: Here’s an example of how financial professionals can help you…


It’s no surprise that most business owners classify their business as self-employed or as a single-owner business. And although this may seem like the right move for many people, you’ll end up spending more on taxes in the long run. For instance, as an LLC/LLP, your personal and business assets are combined, leaving you unprotected and costing you money by paying Social Security and Medicare taxes as both an employer and employee. Reach out to a professional, and they’ll have the best financial option for you, depending on your situation.


Do you have any other advice for people looking to get ahead financially?

Josh Alballero: Yes, don’t put off doing your taxes and accounting! When you leave these things to the last minute, you’re almost always going to lose money because of it. Obviously, running your business is the priority, but so is your cash flow! If you have no cash flow, you have no business! Keeping records is a great way to make things easier for you down the road. And the good news is taxes and accounting for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed don’t have to be overwhelming, confusing, or frustrating with IOOGO Accounting. Our team of experts use IOOGO’S innovative technology to help you track expenses, send invoices, manage payroll, and create reports, ultimately saving you time and money!


Hiring an accountant professional can help you take your business to the next level, in much less time. To learn more about hiring an accounting expert to support your start-up’s financial needs, visit

Anish Pradhan: Using The ROI Portal to Prove That Anyone Can Attain Financial Freedom

These days, there are a host of financial opportunities that are available to individuals worldwide. Among these are avenues such as forex and cryptocurrency trading. These modern platforms offer a variety of ways to gain financial freedom, and fortunately, the ROI Portal provides education to individuals that require sufficient knowledge to succeed. 

The ROI Portal is an educational forex and cryptocurrency learning and trading platform where individuals can earn and learn at the same time. The esteemed organization has managed to gain over 50 members and over $100,000 generated in total profits in its first year of launch throughout members growth. 

Founder and CEO of the ROI Portal, Anish Pradhan, is a 23-year-old serial entrepreneur and day trader from Maryland. He graduated from Syracuse University in May 2020, acquiring his Bachelor’s degree and creating his millions through day trading, e-commerce, and various business ventures that he cultivates day-in, day-out. 

The ROI Portal is a community where individuals can learn from other individuals, fostering an ecosystem of learning. It also serves as a signal chat where other individuals can learn and earn at the same time. The chat features a private Discord server that aims to provide a learning community, live daily entry, exit Forex Trade signals, live daily news updates, exclusive voice calls with Anish Pradhan and the team. 

The discord server offers a variety of chat features that are conducive to learning. Anish Pradhan himself has also been working on an AI system that predicts entry when to get in based on the current news live API. The robust system allows clients to be able to utilize the market trends and achieve their success through data and thorough market scrutinization.

Anish’s signals boast over 88% accuracy with regards to profit and 95% member retention. Members of the company could equate a massive $2.5 million of profits overall. Students just need $50 to $100 to jumpstart their entrepreneurial journeys toward success. People that are taking up college courses can invest in Anish and his services so they can start learning while they are young. 

Ambitious individuals like Anish will push themselves to hustle and continue learning through collaboration and community engagement. There are many new things to learn, and The ROI Portal is more than willing to share these concepts with individuals who hope to connect and collaborate with the budding organization.

Above all else, Anish had always envisioned The ROI Portal to serve students from different walks of life. It is a community that aims to give them vast opportunities to earn money throughout the market. Anish himself spends eight to nine hours every day actively giving signals to members of his community. He provides technical analysis regarding cryptocurrencies and forex trading on a daily basis, making his services such a coveted thing within the industry. 

All signals from Anish stem from his personal, educational knowledge on the topic. He makes sure to personally message all the members and get them on a team call on a biweekly basis, despite his very busy schedule working on the next best thing. The best part about Anish is that he sees his clients as more than just customers; he sees them as family.

To know more about The ROI Portal, make sure to visit the company’s official website. For more live updates, visit Anish on his Instagram account.

Giant Lifestyle Founder Felix Wisniewski on Achieving Financial Freedom

Currently, people looking into securing a financially stable future have a broader range of options. Gone are the days when one has to stay chained to their nine-to-five jobs in order to make a living. In addition, the advancements in technology and the rise of digital-based platforms have made it possible for people to obtain financial freedom in the comforts of their homes. Felix Wisniewski Jr, the strategic mind behind a YouTube channel called Giant Lifestyle, wields the power of the digital space to showcase business models that rest at the core of his success.

The fast-growing platform Giant Lifestyle is a financial education channel where Felix Wisniewski not only shows viewers how to achieve financial freedom primarily with offline methodologies but also explores a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, personal development, real estate investing, and more. Over the years, it has grown into a go-to resource, especially for millennials aiming to achieve the best version of every area of their lives. 

At the Giant Lifestyle, Felix Felix Wisniewski highlights a business model known as flipping medical commodities. His course, “Flipping Medical Commodities University,” is the first of its kind ever to discuss how flipping diabetic supplies which can both impact the healthcare industry and allow an entrepreneur to materialize their financial dreams into reality. “I was the first person on the Internet to tackle this particular business model. I believe there may have been one person who has written an ebook about the topic back in the early 2000s, but it’s a very low-key model and still is after the more than a hundred videos I have made about it,” he shares. 

Apart from demonstrating how buying and reselling diabetic test supplies can be a life-changing entrepreneurial move, Felix Wisniewski, through the Giant Lifestyle and his online course, sheds light on how to assist the 30 million Americans who have diabetes and an over-supply of products that they do not need. Considering how a significant number of these patients may benefit from making a few extra bucks on the side, coming into the picture to flip these supplies is an initiative that the emerging powerhouse hopes to encourage.

Years after Felix Wisniewski released the first video included in his course, he has managed to reach and leave a mark in the lives of over a thousand students. Many of these mentees have gone on to make their own courses, enabling others’ success the same way he has at the Giant Lifestyle. 

In the coming years, Felix Wisniewski plans to spread the influence of Flipping Medical Commodities University and equip 10,000 people with the knowledge and skills that they need to start a side business flipping diabetic supplies. Furthermore, he is set to engage in more endeavors and launch courses in the future that will capitalize on real business models that work and are useful in terms of creating side income. Additionally, through the Giant Lifestyle, the self-starter aims to highlight the different approaches to obtaining financial freedom in the face of today’s economic landscape.

Learn more about Felix Wisniewski by visiting his website. More information about the Giant Lifestyle can also be found on the channel.

CEO Lisa Collum Helps Women Draft Their Roadmap to Financial Freedom

With billions of users on the Internet, the digital space is widely regarded as a viable and proven platform to launch a business venture. Entrepreneurs worldwide have taken advantage of this platform; however, not all are earning what they deserve.

Helping women draft a one-way roadmap to success, celebrated entrepreneur Lisa Collum is dedicated to making business ventures stand out and prosper.

A CEO, well-received author, top educator, and a busy mother of four, Lisa Collum, is an expert at wearing many hats at once. Determined to see other women stride with confidence while balancing theirs, Lisa set off to find ways to help. She soon identified the need for better writing instruction.

With only a hundred dollars in her pocket and almost no business experience, she lit the idea for an educational company, Top Score Writing, Inc., and fanned it into a flame. While growing the company into an impressive million-dollar venture, Lisa Collum expanded and established the Coastal Middle and High School, where she serves struggling students in 6th-12th grade. 

“My focus is on helping you create strategy and tactics that consistently generate more revenue, lead to freedom, and do it all with balance,” she shares.

Propagating a unique system that prizes learning and results, among others, the lauded entrepreneur’s winning curriculum has been adopted nationally by hundreds of public, private, and charter schools.

Seeing an opportunity to further her reach with this curriculum, Lisa Collum is pouring 16 accomplished years of boosting women up the ladder into providing free marketing strategies online. 

Taking advantage of the digital space to connect to a broader audience worldwide, Lisa has been a key figure in numerous successful ventures. By helping women draft a roadmap tailored to their businesses, Lisa helps women tap into their power and claim the life they want to live. 

“There are challenges to building a business, especially if you’re starting your business as a side hustle.” These challenges, outlined and identified by the brilliant entrepreneur herself, include responsibility, understanding one’s path, adopting and developing a proven strategy, and taking the first step into the industry.

Having overcome these hurdles and flying past obstacles, Lisa Collum is more than capable of guiding others to do the same and is considered one of the go-to mentors for entrepreneurial success.

Under her tutelage, aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs can achieve clarity, accomplish goals, fulfill their vision, and craft an ongoing, long-term strategy. “The strategy is a strong female boss’ most valuable asset, and it’s not fully harnessed,” Lisa reveals.

“There is no shortage of stories from women who ended up sacrificing their mental and physical health for the growth of their business. They may have achieved success, but it’s not sustainable – it’s bittersweet,” and CEO Lisa Collum knows precisely what will sweeten that taste.

Get to know the fantastic entrepreneur and learn her secret of balancing blissful family life and a million-dollar venture on Top Score Writing, Inc.’s Instagram profile. Reach out to Lisa Collum and be a part of her journey as she guides women to success by following her on Instagram and her official website

Bryan Gorrita Is the Mentor Everybody Needs to Unlock Their Potential for Financial Freedom

Attaining overall success as an entrepreneur often means not going through the journey all alone. For many business moguls, mentorship plays a huge role in becoming successful in the industry. Business coach Bryan Gorrita points out that mentors serve as the guiding light for entrepreneurs, helping them avoid pitfalls in their journey towards success and elevate their mindset to see things from different perspectives. 

The role of a mentor is one that Bryan Gorrita has humbly taken on throughout the years in several industries. This leading real estate investment advisor and business coach has had his fair share of enhancing the performance of many business owners, helping them build more effective and efficient teams in their respective organizations. 

Most rising entrepreneurs are clueless as to their maximum potential as a person or professional in the industry, and this often limits their prospects and opportunities. Ultimately, Bryan Gorrita seeks to bring light to these individuals and unlock their capabilities to achieve business success and financial freedom. 

Bryan Gorrita is a seasoned professional who has made enormous strides in various industries, including business, real estate, and finance. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and he has a background in different programs and initiatives ranging from team building, individual development, financial management, and real estate acquisition. In the business realm, he has experience in working with both startup businesses and established companies. Moreover, he is also notable for his unique approach towards social media strategies, digital program development, and advanced digital sales tactics.

His mentorship focuses on turning unprofitable businesses into companies with high revenues and training employees to unlock their maximum potential and productivity levels. In light of the pandemic, his services have become sought after as more entrepreneurs struggled with their transition to the online world. Through various social media marketing methods, Bryan Gorrita has guided clients in adapting to the new normal in the business industry. With this, he has helped clients see a significant decrease in overhead costs while increasing revenues. Moreover, clients have also gained the ability to scale their companies at a rate previously unimaginable.

As a mentor, Bryan Gorrita focuses on attaining high-level customer service and implementing or executing strategic organizational objections. “My methods consist of conventional and unconventional strategies to reach specific objectives,” says the business coach and advisor. Bryan Gorrita hopes to help individuals discover their limitless potentials and, ultimately, achieve financial independence through financial literacy.

In the future, Bryan Gorrita hopes to establish one of the top financial consulting firms across the world. Along with this, he hopes to share his knowledge and expertise in financial literacy with more people as he believes this is one key to overall success. He also hopes to become a motivational speaker for entrepreneurs who are exploring the business environment. As of today, the rising mentor continues his programs and initiatives in helping businesses and organizations quickly adapt to the ever-changing business world.

To know more about Bryan Gorrita and his coaching and mentorship services, you may check him out on Instagram.

MJ Consulting Group: The Road to Financial Freedom Through Credit Building and Repair

When Malik Hall learned and mastered the art of building and repairing credit, he knew he would make it his mission to help improve credit for the masses. After understanding how vital credit can be and how it significantly affects personal necessities, he was determined to turn his vision into a reality through MJ Consulting Group. Today, the credit guru lends his expertise to clients from all over the world who need to build, improve, or repair their credit profiles.

MJ Consulting Group is an Atlanta-based credit repair company assisting clients from all over the United States and Canada. The company is spearheaded by Malik Hall, a self-taught credit guru whose expertise has led him to become a renowned celebrity credit consultant. He assists clients with extremely low credit scores as well as those with high credit scores. “I always tell my clients that there is always room for improvement,” says Malik. “I do not sugarcoat anything with my clients. I let them know the plan ahead of time so we can both have an understanding of how we’ll achieve success,” he adds. He takes pride in following a straightforward and transparent approach with the people he works with. Over time, this approach has helped him gain the profound trust and confidence of clients. 

What keeps MJ Consulting Group stand out from the rest is the connection it establishes with its clients. Malik Hall makes sure to connect with clients on both professional and personal levels. Fortunately, it is easy for him to relate to the day to day problems his clients face when it comes to credit since he has experienced credit challenges himself.

The company was established by Malik Hall after he overcame his credit challenges in the past. In an attempt to settle personal credit issues on top of other personal problems in life, Malik took matters into his hands and went as far as learning the fundamental ins and outs of credit. From credit repair to credit improvement and credit building, he passionately researched and studied everything related to credit. His hard work and persistence paid off when he finally got three major credit bureaus to remove the negative items in his credit report. From that experience, MJ Consulting Group was born.

Today, Malik Hall is best known as the celebrity credit consultant working alongside celebrities and public figures. More than this, MJ Consulting Group strives to serve not only famous personalities but also clients from all walks of life. Malik ensures equal treatment for all clients through his signature approach of “no sugarcoating.”

Malik Hall has high hopes for MJ Consulting Group. In the future, he hopes to launch the company globally and serve clients from different parts of the world. With a strong and reliable team of credit repair specialists at hand, it is evident that this ultimate goal is not so far ahead as the company consistently moves forward day by day. 

To know more about MJ Consulting Group and Malik Hall, please check them out on Instagram.

Debt Solutions Service Leads the Road to Financial Freedom

Having a multitude of debts is very stressful, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the economy down. Experts say that while paying one’s debts can be overwhelming, it is wiser to tackle it one step at a time, even when it seems impossible. One of the best ways to keep track of a person’s debts and credit balance is partnering with companies specializing in paying debts such as Debt Solutions Service.

Debt Solutions Service is a business consulting firm that prides itself in offering practical solutions for the clients’ debts. This company strives to provide its partners with real solutions. It helps alleviate debt-related problems.

This company is composed of highly experienced and competent staff and representatives. They are quite knowledgeable in the ins and outs of debts, loans, and financial management since every employee has an outstanding level of expertise in the industry. They have undergone rigorous training to nurture and cultivate their skills and work ethics. 

What is even more interesting about Debt Solutions Service is the fact that their deals are quite affordable. Since they are dealing with people who are already indebted to other companies, they understand the need to provide quality services without breaking the bank. As a matter of fact, the owner of this company is no stranger to debt and financial losses. He also had rough times that made him spiral into depression. Bearing this experience in mind, Philip started the company to help resolve the debts of his fellowmen.

The company specializes in paying debts of any kind, including payday loans, credit cards, and debt settlements. The company’s offers are extensively accessible since they are available in fifty states, which is an incredible feat in the debt settlement industry.

In line with the company’s mission, the goal was to democratize and establish a process where a new rampart existed to strengthen the financial system. Debt Solutions Service is a company that not only aims to settle the client’s financial problems but also help them attain financial freedom. The company is willing to give free consultation on the first meeting to taste what it’s like to live debt-free with Debt Solutions Service and prove their competence and efficiency. It is truly a company with a heart.

Looking forward to a brighter future, the people at Debt Solutions Service always strive to cater to businesses from all over the country. The company is willing to help different entrepreneurs ranging from small, mid-size to large businesses. With the help of their hired legal representatives, the solutions presented by the company to aid their clients make use of the preexisting laws of the state that a lot of people may not be fully aware of.

Priding itself for being experts at negotiating and settling debts, Debt Solutions Service aims to continue serving the people even until after five years. With their partners and clients’ help and patronage, achieving financial literacy and freedom from debts is now one step away from someone’s home. 

Visit the company’s official website for more details and information.

Marlo Richardson Shares Tips on Prosperity and Financial Freedom

Marlo Richardson is a visionary leader in the world of business. She is the founder and CEO of five companies in the Los Angeles area. As a significant player in the LA business scene, she has a natural intuition when it comes to understanding the community around her. Realizing the need for financial literacy and business mentoring, she established Business Bullish.

Business Bullish is a free comprehensive resource that discusses pertinent real-life issues surrounding business and finance. Geared toward people looking for insight into starting a business and investments, the site explores relevant topics such as monetizing hobbies, money-saving techniques, and steps to take to achieve financial freedom.

“What I have essentially done as a business is to give free information and advice to people that have always wanted to invest. I actually show them what I do and have done through the platform of my podcast and blog. I use the platform for the blog and podcast to generate money through paid advertisements to give free, needed information,” she said.

Marlo Richardson was motivated to establish Business Bullish after seeing a lack of people genuinely helping others to save and invest. She has made her name as a dynamic leader and groundbreaking business professional in several industries. As a Black businesswoman, she is a regular disrupter, often carrying the title “first African American woman” to gain an achievement. Marlo is an accomplished keynote speaker and business advisor, and she is often invited to speak with local business groups and universities regarding her personal story and experiences in the business world.

As a young girl, Marlo knew that she wanted to help others in her community when she grew up. She was able to accomplish this through roles within charitable organizations, law enforcement, and politics. As an adult, Marlo Richardson quickly learned that she also had a love for the finer things in life. However, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to achieve the lifestyle she wanted working a typical 9-to-5 office job, even with a generous six-figure salary. Her desire for the finer things in life was what made it easy for her to fall in love with the idea of entrepreneurship. Knowing that she could do something that she enjoyed, created, could potentially generate wealth which made entrepreneurship the perfect fit for her.

Marlo Richardson has since owned business franchises, restaurants, a home health care agency, a real estate investment company, an insurance agency, a retail clothing company, a travel agency, a security company, a production company, a distribution company, a manufacturing company, and a marketing company. She has also created several successful brands.

Her success has led to her widespread recognition within her community. In 2015, Marlo Richardson was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to be a part of the Contractors’ State License Board, and she was reappointed in 2016. In 2018, she was unanimously selected to be the board chair.

Now, she has taken those skills and has used them to consult with other business entities and individuals to continue to create opportunities for others. As founder and CEO of several companies, Marlo Richardson has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of men and women and altered their course of business opportunities.

In the future, she hopes to see Business Bullish upgrade into a world-renown resource for everyone who is looking to free themselves from financial hardships and into financial freedom.

Learn more about Marlo Richardson on her website and listen to her podcast on Anchor.

Michael Jenkins, Leading Forex Coach, Guides Hopefuls Toward Success

People are often told that financial success will naturally result from working hard enough at one’s job. However, with the changes in today’s economic landscape, millions of people worldwide can testify to how misleading, at some point, that particular advice is. This reality became one of the primary drivers behind the move of forex authority Michael Jenkins to branch out and dominate another market. 

Even when some people have already dedicated years on their nine-to-five jobs, they still have to address the challenge of providing their families a comfortable life. Admittedly, landing a place in the workplace does not immediately entail financial security, as evidenced by the countless individuals who are still living paycheck to paycheck. In the case of Michael Jenkins, even the mastery with which he performed his roles as a professional could not make him indispensable in the commercial space. 

Raised by a single parent on the Eastside of Detroit, this financial coach was exposed early to opportunities that would allow him to develop the skills he would need to become an authority in forex years down the road. He participated in the marching band at Spain Elementary, learning and adopting the military-style discipline and leadership skills that would prove instrumental for his future accomplishments. And although Michael Jenkins dropped out of college after two years, he made a mark as an exemplary staff, going all-out and advancing his way up to the top charts for T-Mobile USA and various Home Security companies. 

However, these commission-based jobs proved to be immensely restricting. On top of that, they also did not afford him with much-needed stability. And after getting laid off due to economic hardships, Michael Jenkins decided to opt for a greener pasture — the foreign exchange market. 

Demonstrating that he is a force to be reckoned with regardless of the industry he is in, this esteemed coach managed to grow a massive trading account and gain a base of over seven hundred students in just nine months. The numerous milestones Michael Jenkins reached in a short amount of time fueled him to take on the mission of teaching his effective strategies to people and helping them break the nine-to-five routine for good. 

Currently, this dedicated and passionate wealth builder is supporting and guiding clients to success. He banks his extensive knowledge and mastery of strategy building, risk management, and trading plan education to pilot aspirants toward realizing their financial goals. Through the Free Life 101 Investment Group, Michael Jenkins, along with his colleagues, offers over-the-shoulder strategy coaching via Zoom, daily live training sessions, and a three-tiered support system. These provisions are designed to equip people with the tools and knowledge necessary to obtain financial freedom. 

As a coach, Michael Jenkins is driven to stand as a valuable resource for others who pursue their financial dreams. Passionate about seeing his students thrive, he showcases admirable proficiency by delivering practical hands-on training, 24/7 support, and professional services. 

The zeal with which he educates people on financial literacy and the alternative ways to guarantee a future for one’s family helps Michael Jenkins and his team hit their goal of impacting a million lives. And he does not plan to slow down anytime soon in his mission to aid people in achieving financial freedom and secure generational wealth.

Learn more about Michael Jenkins by visiting his website