Authority Titans Helping People and Brands Get on the News for Free

In this new era, where starting a business or brand is relatively easy to do, launching is no longer the problem. Instead, it’s getting the word about your offering that becomes the clincher. Many entrepreneurs, artists, and companies have failed miserably because of a lack of awareness. One company is changing that situation for thousands of brands and personalities by helping its clients build credibility and exposure by getting on the news without paying for ads. The company is Authority Titans, a public relations firm that has become one of the go-to people for marketing and authority building.

Authority Titans works with people who want to create personal or corporate brands and reach a larger audience through proven PR tactics. Over the years, it has helped companies get into publications like Forbes, Yahoo, Thrive Global, New York Weekly, CEO Weekly, Los Angeles Wire, Business Insider, Music Observer, and many more. 

Accordingly, Authority Titans has come to king-maker levels for entertainment, business, politics, and many other industries through its expert consulting and placement services. At the heart of the company’s mission is a desire to push forward ideas, talent, innovation, and value by helping people with inspiring stories tell their tale through some of the world’s most prominent publications. 

Behind the company’s success is its founder and CEO, Dillon Kivo, a leading PR and marketing expert who has himself appeared on some of the most significant publications as a thought leader and influencer in many respects. His tale begins with a humble start, Dillon referring back to the days when he worked at a McDonald’s branch in his hometown in Riverside, California. He would work entire shifts those days then come back home only to run his business until two in the morning. 

For years, he hustled hard only to fail at keeping his business afloat. But fueled by a passion for business and the desire to succeed, Dillon kept pushing hard. Later, he would land a job in Nashville, Tennessee, in public relations working for a CEO averaging over $300 million in revenue per annum. That point would become pivotal for him. Dillon started mingling with people in affluent circles and started learning from entrepreneurs and networking with entertainment giants. 

The opportunity would become golden for Dillon, as he would begin working with celebrities like Ice Cube, Spectacular, NFL coach Ron Rivera, NBA player Chris “The Birdman” Anderson, and many others. Today, his company, Authority Titans, leads the pack at getting news placements and pouring in traffic, leads, and revenue into companies, musicians, agencies, and other companies. 

Authority Titans thrives for one main reason—it’s good at elevating brands and people’s authority. The company currently places hundreds of people on the news monthly and hopes to add thousands more. The company’s signature program has already helped hundreds of musicians, startup businesses, non-profits, and social media influencers create more growth and popularity through its proven formula of getting successful media exposure without paying a single dollar for publication ads. 

Authority Titans and Dillon Kivo hope to massively grow their reach over the next few years and take over the global PR scene as one of the top firms in the world. Learn more by visiting the company’s website and Dillon’s Instagram profile.


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