Apostle Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir Expands the Influence of God’s Kingdom and Promotes Universal Positive Impact

In contrast to the growing trend toward a more secular society, people are starting to recognize the value of spirituality once more. Perhaps the increasing variety and frequency of social issues and global crises are causing people to think more deeply about the meaning of life. Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir is boldly taking on the challenge of enlightening people on spirituality.

Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir is a sought-after conference speaker, preacher, and philanthropist. Empowering others characterizes his ministry. Given his accomplishments, Dr. Mondesir knows firsthand how faith provides individuals with the strength to pursue self-improvement. His keen insight into human nature partly stems from his academic and professional background. Dr. Mondesir has a PhD in theology and psychology. Before serving full-time in his ministry, he also served as a college professor, counselor, and life coach.

Rising above his circumstances, Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir became the first millionaire in his family. He is the owner of New Generation Preparatory School and NG Records, home to some of the top artists in South Florida. However, beyond these achievements, Dr. Mondesir is best known for his humanitarian efforts worldwide.

His philanthropic work includes single-handedly helping over 700 dropout students access a college education. Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir also built a private school in his father’s hometown in Haiti. In addition to his efforts to promote education, Dr. Mondesir also runs a program that raises AIDS awareness in the community. Specifically, he is educating members of the community about prep and pep pills, which helps protect people from contracting the disease.

Among his peers, Dr. Mondesir is recognized as an apostolic general. He is the senior pastor of New Generation Intl Ministry and carries the mandate to manifest the kingdom of God on earth. Apostle Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir guides his audience in exploring the present-day role and reality of miracles, signs, and wonders through this calling. This perspective provides a framework for his commitment to empowering individuals.

Serving and enriching the community is a natural extension of his goal to advance leaders in the kingdom of God and recognize evident manifestations of divine power. As an apostolic figure, Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir has developed a reputation for his unapologetic preaching style. And his audience has come to not only expect but also rely on his forthrightness. This quality perfectly matches the goal of those who seek higher powers—to discover universal truths and how these apply to daily life.

When asked to sum up his work and ministry, Apostle Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir quotes biblical passage. He considers that his commission is “to bring good news to the humble and afflicted,” “to bind up the wounds of the broken hearted,” and “to proclaim release from confinement to the physical and spiritual captives.”

Dr. Dabf A. Mondesir is an all-around philanthropist trying to influence all the sectors in the community. His devotion to God is an inspiring testament of faith’s influence in driving people to promote goodwill.

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