Accelerate your Sales With Automated Call Software

 Automated call dialling plays a huge role in improving the efficiency and productivity of sales teams to a great extent. Automated call software makes it easy to place calls to so many prospects within a short time thus increasing sales. Whether you mostly handle outbound or inbound calls, this software comes with features that help to accelerate sales and grow your revenue. 

This software can be quite handy when you need to make cold calls to multiple prospects as part of your marketing campaign because your reps will not waste time on the line thus being able to make significant contact only. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using this software compared to dialling phone numbers manually:

Cut on idle time. When sales reps make calls to lead by dialling the numbers manually, they have no choice but to wait on the line until the call is connected. This amounts to a significant waste of time spent listening to answering machines, busy tones and getting disconnected. Enter the automated dialler; reps can only respond to connected calls. 

The software strategically eliminates any calls that show signs of wasting time thus reducing idle time. Thus, you are guaranteed that reps will only respond to calls that are connected so that they can speak to the prospects. The result of this is that agents can handle a large volume of calls as opposed to if they were to dial the numbers. 

Better operational efficiency. Time spent waiting in line or following through a misdialed contact can take a toll on the operational efficiency of your business. Using software that is designed to automatically place and route relevant calls will result in better operational efficiency because sales reps only get to attend to calls that are connected to leads. 

Automated call software’s ability to detect busy tones, non-serviceable numbers and even voicemails helps in increasing the call connect ratio significantly. When you have reps attending to more connected calls on any given day, you can expect to record increased productivity and better operational efficiency. 

Improved lead conversion rate. You can rely on the auto dialer to increase your lead conversion ratio. Since auto call software is reliant on artificial intelligence to simplify a process that would in most cases be time-consuming. This technology introduces agility to the calling process by giving you a preview of the prospect contact before you are connected. Having a glance into the prospects details provides sales reps with the opportunity to prepare adequately for a personalized conversation with the prospect. This is important to the success of the call because when a conversation is personalized, it becomes a lot easier to engage the prospect thus increasing the chances of converting the lead significantly. 

More talk time for sales reps. It is obvious that when sales reps no longer have to spend time waiting for their calls to prospects to connect they can spend more time talking to prospects and customers. The improvement in call connect ratio means an increase in talk time per hour. This translates to better customer engagement and an improvement in morale and productivity for the reps. 

Better call monitoring and reporting. Automated call software is driven by artificial intelligence making it an asset for sales teams that desire to post significant results. Having access to a platform that captures vital statistics and insight into calls made helps sales reps to make informed decisions and take actions whenever necessary. The opportunity to review recorded calls also means managers can monitor the performance of their sales teams for quality and to identify coaching opportunities. 

The value of using an auto dialer for sales teams goes beyond saving time. Businesses can use this software to generate more leads and grow your revenue. The ability to  analyze calls and offer visibility into customer touch points for cold calls will help to drive more business because reps can tell when to make an offer or upsell thus promoting higher win rate. By just looking at recorded conversations, sales reps are able to craft irresistible offers that resonate with the prospects’ pain points making it easy to win a sale. 

With auto dialler software, you can be sure that even your most recent hires will be able to onboard within a short time because they simply need to follow through the sales process while taking advantage of automated dialing. Businesses that use this software enjoy many more benefits most of which contribute immensely to revenue growth.