A Star Is Born: Sarah Kpossa on Her Social Media and Modelling Rise

Social media influencers heavily populate channels nowadays, but some stand out and shine amid all the noise. One star that has stood out is Sarah Kpossa, a french model, influencer, and social media personality who has been quickly growing as a professional spokesperson and brand ambassador. 

The influencer broke through the barriers of the mundane after catching Steven “Chance” Breter’s attention on Instagram. Chance is best known for his international streetwear brand CHANCE PARIS, which has become one of today’s most luxurious brands in the world of rap, street culture, and the urban lifestyle. After crossing paths with the fashion icon and entrepreneur, Sarah Kpossa received the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to have an international business owner represent her. 

Chance started managing Sarah’s career, further growing her influence and helping her win the hearts of tens of thousands of fans and followers from all over the world. The manager would also sign her on to his embroidered luxury streetwear brand and hire her as an official ambassador. Sarah Kpossa would also take on a managerial role in her company and start receiving mentoring and coaching as she hopes to also launch her brand of clothing and fashion in the future. 

Ever since her career began, Sarah has worked with many of the biggest fashion names, including brands like Sixth June, Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly, and Lounge Underwear, among many others. Today, she is also working on a unique cosmetic product line under the brand name KPOSSA BEAUTY. “I want to expand myself and do a lot of things with my life,” shares Sarah Kpossa. Sarah is highly passionate about building her empire and her brand. She has the drive to become a prevalent force in fashion in France and the world.

Sarah Kpossa is also a hard worker with a knack for customer experience. As an influencer on Instagram and other platforms, she takes time to answer many of her followers herself. “I think it’s important because some of them look up to you and want to get advice,” shares the social media personality. Most importantly, Sarah makes it a point to remain humble despite her fame and exudes a down-to-earth disposition to people she meets online and face-to-face. She is natural and authentic and puts a lot of emphasis on being herself on social media, especially when people tend to bloat their lifestyles on their profiles.

Sarah believes all she has received today has been a gracious blessing and never takes any of their privileges and responsibilities for granted. She hopes to do more in the next few years, including grow KPOSSA BEAUTY into a massive makeup brand and start other business ventures simultaneously.

When she isn’t taking time to grow her social media channels, working on her business, or modeling for some of her clients, she takes time to give back to the community and volunteer in various social causes. Sarah Kpossa also loves basketball and plays center in her local town of Walbourg.

To learn more about Sarah Kpossa, visit her Instagram account and website.